Since childhood, you've probably dreamed of a wooden house next to a pretty small garden, right. You can join with MOIVAONHATOI to refer to the bungalow below and find more ideas to realize your dream!

Panoramic design of a wooden house in Texas

This 2-storey bungalow is located in Austin, Texas, with a total area of up to 223 m2. This is a place you can retreat to relax, calm down after stressful working days. This warm, peaceful wooden house has: a living room, kitchen, dining room, private bathroom and dressing room, 2 bedrooms including the main building in the front, and a large building in the back. Fully furnished

Space outside the wooden house

From outside, you can see the space around the house in the shade of green trees.

The garden is shaded by trees at a chalet

In harmony with the beauty of nature, the exterior of the house is also covered with solid wood, able to withstand the rain and sun of the weather. Besides the two fertile plots of palm trees and greenery, there is an entrance filled with asphalt and gravel. Is this a wooden house you used to imagine as a child?

The living room is fully furnished with wooden houses

Inside the house we feel a cozy space with a wooden beveled ceiling, and a solid wooden floor. The walls around the house are also painted elegant and modern white, creating a feeling of airy and wide open.

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The interior of the living room exudes modern, rustic beauty with an idyllic gray fabric sofa combined with a one-seater lounge chair made of leather. With that, the tea table is simply made of glass, while the TV shelf is made of bamboo with attractive brown paint.

Dining room with simple and rustic furniture

The highlight of the coziness in this space is the fireplace system made of bricks. The fireplace base is stretched and also made of brick material. The design of this heater has been featured in European countries since decades ago. Although the heating system is quite big, this space is not worried about being secretive because adjacent to it are 2 toughened glass windows with black steel frame, overlooking the large street.

Modern kitchen, luxurious

The kitchen table of this bungalow also has a very rustic beauty, which is modern with a long table, and 4 small wooden ones. Especially, the chandelier is made up of round cubes that bring light light, with a string of lights connected from a wooden beveled ceiling to help light the area.

The glass doors in wooden houses help the indoor space always bright and airy

Kitchen has kitchen cabinets combined with island tables made of clean stainless steel, good heat resistance. The surface of the island is made of light-weight granite with good water resistance, and part is made of wood to create accents in the design. This space is also very airy because it is located near the doors made of tempered glass, overlooking the wooden porch.

The bathroom of the chalet with the decorative brick wall

This wooden house also takes advantage of wooden items, when drawers containing floating lavabo are also made of this material. The restroom wall is made of white tiles that are both luxurious and clean. The horizontal doorway above, combined with the bright white tone of the toilet also makes this space become brighter and more elegant.

The staircase leading up was filled with natural light

The entrance to the stairs is also paved with wood. Along the path there are 2 large windows always welcome natural light.

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Outdoor bath area right next to the chalet

Outside the wooden house there is an outdoor bathing area. The faucet is mounted above the block of brick wall. The floor and the adjoining walls are also covered with wood.

Part outdoor lounge at the chalet

This bungalow also has a large hall made of similar wood material. This is the place where the family organizes the friendly outdoor bbq meals.

The wooden house behind the main building

The house behind the main building also has a surface covered with wood. The roof is also made of thin wooden sticks that allow light to pass through easily.

See an overview of the chalets from a distance

Let's see from a distance the wooden house made of corrugated iron roof and admired by its warm beauty.

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