With a small pointed roof house, you can still design it stylishly, stand out, and impress with industrial wood furniture. MOIVAONHATOI would like to introduce to you such a house with a pointed roof and special industrial wood furniture.

Exterior view of a pointed roof house with industrial wood furniture

Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, this house with wooden furniture industry has a width of 6.1m and a length of 34.4m. It was built on a beautiful strip of land that anyone dreamed of.

The entrance to the house is paved with bricks and industrial wood

The house has a lush garden with young grass, tall coconut trees, and many other green plants. Thanks to that, this living space is always cool and peaceful. The entrance to the house is made of bricks, with the surface covered by industrial wood. This road is designed to fold very beautiful, impressive.

Outside the house with one side made of steel, the other side is modern industrial wood cladding

The outside of this pointed roof house is tile with one side made of industrial wood, and the other side made of steel, which evokes a warm and modern beauty; both solid and certain.

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Common living space in pointed roofs filled with white tones

The indoor space is filled with the white tones of the wall, and the ceiling. Because of its pointed roof, it has a beveled ceiling with a large glass window to catch the sun.

Living room with fabric sofa, and exquisite, minimalist small tea table

Interior of the living room is gentle and delicate with: sofa with small fabric, mossy green velvet sofa, and a small round tea table made of industrial wood.

The floor space of the common living space of the pointed roof is also covered with industrial wood

The floor is also made of industrial wood that looks very natural, and elegant. In the living room is also lined with a gentle, clean gray wool carpet.

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The corner of the dining room of the pointed roof with floor, ceiling, walls are all covered with industrial wood

Right next to the living room is the dining room. Dining room furniture is luxurious with a table made of mossy black marble. 6 dining chairs with a simple design, with stainless steel legs are bent into a subtle "C" shape, while the seat cushion is made of rustic rattan.

The large glass doors overlook the yard to catch the sun

This dining table is located right on a large glass window with black steel frame. So this place is always bright thanks to the natural light from outside. The dining room is also located in a special space covered with industrial wood on both floors, ceilings and walls. It has a low ceiling designed in a special square triangle.

The design of the double beveled ceiling is covered by very special industrial wood of the pointed roof

The ceiling structure of this house is very unique. From the entrance, there are two ceiling sections that are beveled up. If you look directly, we will see that the two ceiling parts are like two square triangles lined with laminate wood. The walls next to the ceiling are also covered with wood, suggesting a artistic connection.

Ceiling and kitchen table tops are covered by industrial wood

The kitchen has a kitchen cabinet combined with a very practical and modern bar. The horizontal ceiling kitchen is also covered with industrial wood. This is the place to install ceiling lights to illuminate the kitchen area. Kitchen cabinets made of polished white aluminum glass looks very luxurious, and modern. Part of the bar has a rustic wood paneling, but the surface of the bar is made of noble white marble.

Kitchen cabinets are made of aluminum and glass

Smart furniture in this house is shown in the shelf connecting the kitchen to the living room. This cabinet is also designed specifically to accommodate a beautiful small modern black fireplace.

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The large garden has an industrial wooden wall behind the kitchen

Looking out from the kitchen, you can see the large back garden space with the surrounding walls made of industrial wood.

The bedroom is minimalist with glass aluminum interiors, and bamboo and rattan

Bedrooms also feature minimalist beauty. The bed has a headboard that is woven with delicate and simple rattan. The entire floor is lined with clean, soft gray carpet. In particular, this space also has a comfortable chair with cushion, with drawers at the bottom. It is located right next to the window frame. This is where you can comfortably relax, read a book, and admire the beautiful scenery outside.

The bathroom has beautiful terrazzo floor, with view overlooking the garden

Going to the bathroom, we will be impressed with the space here. Right above the tub was a large, black-framed glass window, overlooking the garden, where there were rows of lush greenery. Imagine you take a bath in a tub, and looking at this garden is so relaxing, so comfortable. The bathroom also exudes an elegant and luxurious beauty thanks to the eye-catching white cream terrazzo floor.

The bathroom wall is tiled with clean ceramic tiles

The walls of the room are also covered by harmonious small beige tiles, which are clean.

The lavabo cabinet is made of industrial wood

Lavabo floats on a wooden cupboard, with a marble top. There is also a round mirror for you to enjoy yourself.

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From the locker onwards, all furniture is wooden

The ceiling is also a big highlight when painted in black, and there are pillars made of solid wood. From the locker onwards, doors, floors, walls and ceilings are all made of warm, modern wood.

Overview of a pointed roof house with wooden industrial furniture

Looking back from afar the outside view of this pointed roof house, and admiring its beauty together.

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