Midcentury modern decoration is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. However, many people have the right layout, but there are also many people who decorate it wrong, making the space not have many imprints of this style. So what are those mistakes? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI through the article below.

1. Use only dark colors

midcentury modern decoration

There is a mistake that almost everyone who is aiming for this style also makes. That is thinking Midcentury modern always goes with the decorative accessories deep colors. In fact, colors such as dark brown, dark wood brown are not too common in this design. Instead: buff brown, light brown, mustard yellow, orange even red, green, etc.

2. Midcentury modern decor accessories are too small

beautiful living room design

If you have a small space, you will often look for small items. However, this is not always true. Items that are too small can get lost in the room. Midcentury furniture often has a very reasonable sizing. Try to find objects that are the right size for your space.

3. Buy some decor just for the sake of Midcentury modern

midcentury modern decoration

The next mistake is to see any Midcentury-style piece take home right away. Think twice before buying any furniture for your home. Because sometimes that item is in style, but it's unnecessary and doesn't fit the room. If you keep buying regardless, it will make your space really messy and chaotic.

4. Midcentury modern decoration according to a certain pattern

beautiful living room design

One thing that not everyone realizes is that the Midcentury style is quite flexible in terms of expression. You don't have to squeeze too much feature furniture. By just keeping the simple silhouette, typical shapes and lines, and not needing too elaborate decoration.

5. Don't take advantage of antiques

midcentury modern decoration

Many people think that their heirlooms will disrupt the overall design, so they often do not reuse furniture. However, this is really a very wasteful and expensive direction. Midcentury style always carries a nostalgia so it is great with some antiques to decorate. If the color of the item doesn't match or it's already showing signs of damage, have it lightly repaired or wrapped to create a unique piece for you.

6. Too much metal material

beautiful living room design

 One of the hallmarks of Midcentury style is metal. But not because of that, so we get caught up in these details, but we need to know how to be restrained. You don't need to look for an all-metal piece, just one in a small combination. Chair or table legs are the most common choices. However, you can also try your hand at clocks, lampstands, ...

7. Using too much of one tone

midcentury modern decoration

A common color tone when decorating in the Midcentury modern style is brown. Brown for wood materials, cowhide brown for leather seats, etc. However, please expand the color range more and don't be afraid to challenge. Sometimes your impromptu combinations are what make your home special.

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When designing in any style, balance is paramount. And so is the Midcentury, if you put too many details in it, it will become too much, too fancy, less aesthetic. Through this article, MOIVAONHATOI hopes to help you have a better view of Midcentury style.

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