Acreage: 78.6m2, 2 bedrooms

total cost of construction: 180 million (Before construction: had wooden floors and plaster ceiling)

Construction time: 20 days

- 2020 -


This time, I invite you to Come to My House to visit an apartment in Park Hill urban area, 11th building, to visit the interior design, the renovation steps from an old apartment to just VND 180 million, and have a video of the apartment after completion.

Overview of Park Hill 11 apartment building:

Overall design of Park Hill apartment complex 11

This Park Hill apartment has a nice interior layout design, the bedrooms have airy windows. Apartment is just over 70m2 but quite fully functional utilities: there are 2 lots, 2 wc, separate kitchen ...

Current Status:

The situation when handing over Park Hill apartment

The situation when handing over Park Hill apartment has basic furniture such as plaster ceiling, wooden floor. The mission of the architects is to arrange the space (position of furniture) to design wooden furniture, decorative wall panels so that they are fully functional, optimal use area and beautiful.

PARK HILL APARTMENT After interior construction:

Interior construction of Park Hill apartment

Park Hill apartment like molting, completely changed after being designed interior construction. It can be said that a high-class apartment like Park Hill 78m2 bought about more than 3 billion, the investment of 180 million to completely change the aesthetic, optimizing the use of the image as above is very reasonable.

Interior design and construction of Times City Park Hill apartments

Here, homeowners want to arrange a bar area, wine cabinets, to serve the needs of entertainment activities, reception of the whole family.

After the owner presents his wishes, interests, and young architects MV company With many creative ideas, will give homeowners the optimal design. Achieve aesthetic value, functionality, as well as the optimal price than buying a piece of loose-fitting furniture yourself.

From the status quo:

Current situation of interiors in Park Hill apartment 11

The status of the apartment with loose furniture is arranged freely, making the apartment not show its beauty.

Come to reality through the hands of the architects:

Interior design of Park Hill Times City apartment

And after completion, it was a major change, the apartment was completely transformed with only VND 180 million. Do you remember feeling excited when traveling and relaxing at a beautiful hotel? So why not make your house beautiful, to feel comfortable, enjoy every day, when returning from work?

View from inside to outside, before and after the interior design of Park Hill apartment building:

The status of Park Hill apartment dining room

Status of Park Hill apartments with loose furniture. It's wise, the landlord after buying the apartment had a very reasonable thought: "Do not take advantage of the old furniture, rebuild the entire apartment, to have the most uniform". And Hiring Architects To Come In, I made my wish come true.

Design and construction of the dining room of Park Hill Times City apartment

That desire of the owner has been successfully fulfilled the MV. The photo above is the dining area after the furniture has been installed. Next to the dining table, we designed the homeowners array of tea-colored mirrors (gold copper) paired by many small squares, making the apartment more luxurious and spacious.

Designing a modern apartment table for Park Hill Times City

Park Hill apartment is designed in a youthful style. The copper yellow dining table mirror creates the depth and the catch when stepping in from outside, making anyone step in and find the beautiful apartment attractive at first sight. In addition, sitting next to an array of mirrors also brings a sense of spaciousness and airiness for the occupants. Good food is also duplicated, more beautiful.

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Master bedroom current status:

The status of bedroom apartment Park Hill 11

And after completion:

Bedroom furniture of Park Hill apartment 11

Looking at the pictures on the current situation, we feel the bedroom is a bit small, a bit tight, do not know how to arrange clothes? But looking at the finished image, why do we see everything so neat and in place? That's thanks to the arrangement, optimizing every centimeter of the Architects. Come to My House.

The bedroom is small, but the Architects have cleverly arranged 2 wardrobe / storage room, catering for fashion lovers. The dressing table is also widely displayed cosmetics. Let's go into the MV with details of each item in this room!

Bed and modern headboard

Interior design of Park Hill apartment Color plays a very important role. The main color of this room is gray. Just 1 color when, do not need too many colors, but also need to add highlight details to make the room not be bored. Melamine patterned wood-lined wooden paneling, combined with irregular copper bands, is a highlight for the headboard. The choice of color of the bed sheet and pillow is also very delicate.

Status of handing over Times City apartment

The bedroom on the status quo looks quite tight, and angular (with 1 extra niche in the wall), but after packing, it becomes very reasonable, making the most of the area:

Bedroom furniture Times City apartment

Sliding wardrobes to save space. In addition, it is designed very smart when using glass wings, helping homeowners easily select items without having to open the search box.

Park Hill apartment's bedroom changed after interior design and construction process:

Bedroom status of Park Hill apartment
Design and construction of bedroom furniture of Park Hill Times City apartment

Jewelry cabinets, watches, bags, designed with luxurious tea-colored glass wings. This is a closet as well as a corner decoration, collectibles of homeowners love fashion. Inside the cabinet is decorated with decorative lights.

Architects, Workers of the Invitation How did I work?

Construction of electricity to sink

The MV engineers are editing the sinking electrical system, moving sockets, switches according to the new design corresponding to the items.

Engineer moivaonhatoi

Design process of interior construction of Park Hill apartment

Interior construction
Supervision of interior construction

The architects of the MV are always closely monitoring the work that takes place during the day, arrange the workmen reasonably, accelerate the progress.

Construction and installation of wooden bed furniture

Some images in the installation of wooden furniture.

Installation of wooden furniture
Installation of apartment bar

The furniture used for this Park Hill apartment is made of moisture-resistant MFC material of An Cuong Firm, melamine-covered surface.

Installation of decorative cabinets
Construction of decorative cabinets
Mirror on the wall
Installation of glass shower walls

Installing mirrors, glass, etc.

Cleaning industrial park Hill apartment apartments

And clean up the building every day ...



Above are the pictures and Video clips of Park Hill 11 apartment designed and constructed by the MV construction company - Come in My House. Along Park Hill urban area, please see more: Interior design of Times City apartment Park Hill building 5, only 190 million, 90m2

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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