Address: Northern Diamond Apartment, Long Bien, Hanoi

Acreage: 110 m2, 3 bedrooms (2-room interior only)

Construction time: 1 month

Cost of construction Interior part: 190 million

- 2019 -

The trend of choosing a place away from the city center to enjoy a quiet, airy, spacious and close to nature with reasonable prices is increasingly being chosen by many people. One of the ideal locations that readers can refer to to build their own home, which is Northern Diamond Long Bien Apartment, Hanoi

Northern Diamond Apartment located at the corner of the intersection where is located supermarket Aeon Long Bien. This is a new apartment building, modern and beautiful architecture, with a prime location, located in the spacious Long Bien district, convenient transportation to move to central districts of Hanoi city such as Hai Ba Trung , Hoan Kiem District.

Moivaonhatoi Company had the opportunity to design and execute the interior of some apartments here, and today would like to share with you one of those works.

Interior design and construction of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment building


Apartment design has an area of 110m2 with 3 bedrooms but homeowners only choose to complete furniture for 2 bedrooms, the remaining room will be a warehouse. The attractive thing is that all bedrooms, kitchens, guests have windows, cool bungalows, ventilation & natural light.

The design ground of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment apartment 110m2
3D perspective design of Northern Diamond apartment 110m2


The living room is considered as the face of the house so this is the most important position, when a guest comes to play, the homeowner will invite everyone to enjoy tea, relax, and live in this space. Therefore the MV company tried Interior design of Northern Diamond apartment the most perfect way.

Interior design of the living room is selected by the owner Scandinavian style with the basic tone of White - Remember - Typical oak gold, in addition to the highlight will be the chestnut brown color of the TV wall, the lower kitchen cabinets, suede sofa set and a few other decorations.

Apartment design 110m2

Colors in the apartment are gently and in the same tone, from wood color wall tiles, brown sofa sets, or fake concrete wallpaper, giving the user a soothing and relaxing feeling

Living room interior design

The sophistication in harmony with the deep brown color creates a pleasant feeling in Northern Diamond Apartment Design

One of the highlights of the house is the wooden wall panel for the dining table, as a way to divide the default space, while creating a link with the clever living room space without a partition, making the living room still get the natural light from the balcony into the house. The change of material from wallpaper to veneer, delicate wooden stripes, also makes the dining area more luxurious.

Next to that is the back of the sofa with round dots on the rectangle shape that feels strange, impressive and interesting at first sight.

Array on back of sofa before execution:

situation of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment building

Interior construction design Northern Diamond apartment

And that piece of wall after finishing:

Interior design and construction of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment building 110m2

Existing plasterboard ceiling Northern Diamond apartment building only 2.6m, but the MV has designed to "expand" the height in the ceiling of the living room, the ceiling fan is installed but still feels very reasonable, there is no feeling of entanglement, low ceiling.

living room interior construction

Looking closely, you can see on this TV wall array that there is a set of doors. That's because it was disguised with Japanese wood grain wallpaper. This camouflage makes the TV array wider, more seamless and not dominated by the bedroom door.

A view from the living room to the kitchen CONSTRUCTION PROCESS and after completion:

Interior construction of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment living room
Interior construction design of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment apartment 110m2
living room interior instant dining room

View from inside - dining table, living room, before and after finishing:

Construction of living room kitchen interior apartment Northern Diamond Long Bien
Dining room furniture

Additional plasterboard ceiling, lights, interior design, Northern Diamond apartment as bright, makeover, with construction costs of less than 200 million.

You can compare photos before and after the construction to see the perforated ceiling of the living room is more perforated to increase the height of the living room, installing ceiling fans in a suitable and deliberate way.

Sample dining table


Interior design of the apartment Northern Diamond quite reasonable, the baby bedroom is adjacent to the living room, with the advantage of being large and open, receiving a lot of natural light, which is beneficial for children living here.

The chosen style is still Scandinavian, but to suit boys architect MV Company has chosen the solution of using Wallpaper with boat motifs on the cool blue background, along with the Blinds of the same color with the wallpaper, creating your own style and personality.

Interior design and construction of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment building

All furniture is also using yellow oak wood synchronized with the living room, adding a few cabinets are white, youthful and modern.

The choice of architects for the homeowner is a "oversized" bed of size 1.6 × 2.0m, the tail end is a Wing Wing Wardrobe, thus saving living space, reducing the corners and openings admit, just created 1 more play space on the podium for babies.

Installing Northern Diamond bedroom apartment furniture
Interior design of child bedroom

Bedroom of Northern Diamond apartment

The desk, bookshelf, bedside tab are all designed according to the standard, both suitable for the use, ensuring the learning space for the baby, and optimizing the size, to ensure room space. Reasonable when living, even adults can stay in the room and still feel extremely convenient.

Installing child bedroom furniture

Some pictures of the installation process of wooden furniture for child bedrooms. Melamine industrial wood has beautiful color, high surface hardness, no surface moisture.

Installation of bedroom furniture industry
Interior design of Northern Diamond apartment Long Bien 110m2

For children's rooms, reducing the corners, ensuring safety is essential. Bookcases on the side of the wardrobe are also rounded with circular lines with the same criteria.


Interior of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment

As you can see, the master room currently has only 1 small window opening to the balcony, so it is a little lack of light, the first feeling will be stuffy & a bit mysterious. So this is a big challenge for the architects of the MV company

We advised homeowners to make the most of the window light with wings to make a lounge chair here, so as not to block the light, and homeowners can sit here to read books every day.

Situation and bedroom image after completion:

Interior of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment

Interior construction design of Northern Diamond apartment 110m2

Interior of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment

Next to the lounge chair is a wardrobe with 5 wings, containing all amenities: clean clothes, unfinished clothes, small drawers, safe deposit boxes, all are closed neatly & optimally. storage space

The colors of the wings are coordinated between yellow and white, which is also very reasonable, creating a line connecting the resting chair and table. work next. Synchronization - that is the advantage of designing and constructing synchronous wooden furniture for the apartment.

Interior construction bedroom furniture parents
Install drawers and drawers in your bedroom closet

Workers are installing drawer drawers

Interior of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment

Bed 1.8 × 2.0m follow the standard but more ways out is the headboard. The entire wooden panel is high and close to the ceiling with random splits to create the subtle - creative. The beige leather shoulder bed is very smooth & helps homeowners can sit and watch TV without back pain

110m2 apartment design

In particular, the entire space of the master room is the highlight of the Canvas painting with cool Mediterranean sea content, the Triangle motifs with 3 main colors: Burn - Blue - White, Strictly following the original Scandinavian style. It all goes together, creating a unified whole & extremely harmonious ... 

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One point that Moivaonhatoi company always focuses on, taking care of the wishes, needs of customers and also the strong point of our company is to always optimize the area and use of wooden furniture. in the home.

Invite you to see how we have designed the construction of wooden furniture inside the Northern Diamond apartment.


Structure of beds with drawers

The bed has drawers below to optimize the use, containing the items that make the house more tidy.


Structure of beds with drawers


Structure of a wardrobe with wings

Child bedroom wardrobe is close to the bed, so the design of a sliding wardrobe is optimal. There are drawers inside for small items.


Structure of open wing wardrobe

Unlike the normal wardrobe with small wings close to the ceiling, this wardrobe has long wings close to the ceiling, easier to open and close (not too high).


1 Rough repair (plaster, wall breaking)20
2Repair electrical system, wallpaper, air conditioner 30
3Furniture (hotel, 2 bedrooms) + curtain140
TOTAL VND 190 million

The above is the actual picture, and the detailed construction cost of interior design of Northern Diamond Long Bien apartment apartment 110m2 designed and constructed by Moivaonhatoi in 2019, with the desire to give you a detailed view. Most, inside the apartment, inside each product and specific prices.

If you have just purchased an apartment, please contact us to beautify and enhance the living value for your family.

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