The Japandi style house design craze has not shown any signs of cooling down yet. If you love Nordic elegance, traditional Japanese simplicity then this is the style for you. The interference between Eastern and Western cultures will definitely bring a new uniqueness to the house. What if two most sophisticated styles come together? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI.

What is Japandi interior design style?

Japanese design style

Japandi is an interesting fusion of Japanese and Nordic architecture. The two designs are geographically and culturally separate, but harmoniously combined. Each style has its own gentle beauty and always retains elegance. Therefore, Japandi style brings sophistication, succinctness and distinct aesthetic value.

beautiful living room design

The name "Japandi" is actually a combination of two words "Japanese" and "Scandinavian". From the unexpected and new similarities of these two styles, a new style was born. When they work together, it helps to elevate the emotional level.

Highlights of Japandi interior style

Neatly arranged space

beautiful living room design

The first feature of this style is that the space is arranged very neatly. Because the Japanese and Nordic way of life love to be short and orderly. All selected furniture has standard lines and is very carefully arranged. The areas are clearly divided, so the living space is quite streamlined and airy.

Main color tone and color scheme 7:3

Japanese design style

To make the house simpler and neater, the main colors of Japandi style are black, white, beige or neutral colors. These colors are the perfect backdrop for all the furniture to stand out. In addition, the colors are used more quietly with the color scheme in the ratio of 7 light - 3 dark. As a result, the overall oriental space is expressed more clearly with peace and quiet.

Interior with sophisticated lines

Japanese design style

Japandi furniture blends original Japanese and Nordic modernity. The fine lines make this style more authentic and elegant, softer. Furniture is mainly made of simple, natural and liberal wood materials.

Japandi style decorations

Nordic living room interior design

Both Japanese style and Nordic are not too many decorations to avoid the frills. Accessories such as lights, fans, flowerpots, clocks, etc. have slim and neat designs. To avoid clutter, these items will have the same material and tone as the larger furniture, creating a spatial connection.

Take advantage of natural light

Japanese living room interior design

The space is often designed to be open to receive the maximum amount of natural light. Light helps to make the house airy and bright, contributing to saving more resources. Large windows or skylights are easy to find in the Japandi house.

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If you want to change your living space in Japandi style, please contact MOIVAONHATI for advice.

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