When it comes to Metallic style, people often think of luxury and comfort. In countless interior design styles, Metallic appears as a different stop. Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI the special features of this style.

What is Metallic style?

Metallic style

Metallic or metallic is widely used in interior design. Metallic colored furniture always brings its own luxurious and classy beauty. This style is expressed by its application to decorations and furniture made of metal. These objects combine to create shimmering and sophisticated elegance.

metallic design

Many people will be afraid of too many “shiny” objects in the house. However, Metallic style has very perfect coordination principles. But these principles are still applied in interior design today.

Material used in Metallic style

Metallic style

To make metallic furniture, only metal can be used. Sparkling light from shiny metal, gilded, bronze or silver shows luxury. Metal materials with high durability will help space become more timeless. Let's combine this material in a harmonious way so that the space is not too dazzling.

Proper lighting design

metallic design

For metallic furniture, light plays a very important role. Light determines the shimmer for these items. Metallic substance catches light and reflects into the space to help brighten the house. Arrange the appropriate lighting equipment so that the space is evenly lighted. The chandeliers, ceiling lights with yellow and white light will help the interior stand out more.

Pay attention to decorative objects

Metallic style

Using all the furniture in a room will make the space extremely heavy. To make the Metallic style more sophisticated, decorative objects make a big contribution. Instead of using metal furniture, you can replace it with metal decorations such as picture frames, mirrors, etc. These highlights will make the space more elegant and luxurious.

Metallic style is a luxurious and modern design, showing the class of the owner. If you have a need for construction and design of apartments, please contact MOIVAONHAOI.

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