Eco-style interior design is the perfect solution for people to immerse themselves in nature. Aim to build a living environment for relaxation and comfort. So what is Eco style? Let's find out the features of this style with MOIVAONHTOI.

What is Eco interior design style?

eco . interior style

Appeared in the early years of the twentieth century, in the context of people increasingly emphasizing the spirit of environmental protection. Eco style is designed according to green eco trend. The design principles of this style create a space that is close to nature.

green dining room design

At the same time, the Eco design style reinforces the use of ingredients of natural origin. Appreciate the careful use of energy and resources. Such as solar panels, recycled items and utensils.

Features of Eco interior design style

Using materials of natural origin

eco . interior style

True to the name, the style focuses on showing the natural elements in the house. Therefore, the furniture used is of natural origin. Materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan or trees, etc. are used very often. For those who love simplicity, rustic will be very interested in these materials.

Decorate with green plants

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When it comes to Eco interior design style, it is indispensable for green trees. This is the biggest advantage of this trend, trees are both decorative and air-conditioning. The presence of green trees will help the space become more friendly and closer.

The color of the interior style Eco

eco . interior style

The style mainly uses monochromatic colors, white, beige, brown, green, ... to simulate natural elements. These colors create a very peaceful and close feeling to nature and have high sophistication.

Light element

Eco-trend living room

Another very important element of Eco interior style is light. To minimize the abuse of lights, this style aims to make use of natural light. The large windows are designed to let in sunlight, creating warmth for the house.

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Above is some information about Eco design style synthesized by MOIVAONHATOI. Hope the article will be of help to you.

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