Tropical interior design style is attracting great attention in recent times. Appears with a typical tropical green appearance. And bring a sense of peace and comfort to the owner. Let's find out the highlights of this style with MOIVAONHATOI.

What is Tropical design style?

Tropical interior design style

Tropical style or tropical style is a style inspired by tropical lands. An endless, mysterious green of the sesame area, peaceful and poetic coast. Details such as palm leaves and coconut leaves are commonly used and become recognizable signs.

tropical living room design

When designing a house in the Tropical style, you will be extremely impressed with the sound of nature. Potted green plants, the colors bring harmony in the space.

The main features of the design style Tropical

Use blue as the main color

Tropical interior design style

The first feature of this style is the frequent use of blue as the main color. Be it the green of the wall, the object or the potted plants and it expresses the tropical feeling perfectly. In addition, bright colors are also used to balance the space.

Use bonsai to decorate

tropical furniture

To express the feeling of the tropics, green pots are indispensable. Lots of pots of different sizes are used in the Tropical design style. The plants used a lot are: ornamental banana, ornamental coconut, ornamental palm, ...

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Using natural materials

Tropical interior design style

Most of the materials used in this style are of natural origin. Furniture from wood, rattan and bamboo is very popular. In addition, the carpets and curtains are woven from silk yarn, jute yarn is also skillfully made. However, there will still be metal or concrete items to enhance function and utility.

The small designs show the Tropical style

Tropical decoration

Some small decorations are added so that the tropical feeling is brought to the house to the fullest. These decorations can be paintings, photographs, souvenirs. Even the statues of tropical animals are very special.

MOIVAONHATOI has just introduced to you some characteristics of Tropical interior style. If you want to design a house in this style, please contact us for a consultation.

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