Small bedroom furniture


Address: Nghia Dung street, Hanoi

Acreage: 17m2

Construction time: 11 days

— 2010 —


Upgrade house Old, much harder to build. However, with this bedroom furniture, the old house has been renovated to an interior no less than a new home. The article will bring you the experience from the old house to repairing and renovating the bedroom interior decoration - beautiful wedding room.

Small bedroom furniture

Situation of the house - small bedroom furniture when not renovated:

Small bedroom furniture

Interior design narrow town house, with only 25m2 of space, on the 2nd floor, and the room has not been separated from the stairs. Design requirements 25m2 including 1 bedroom, wc, stairs.

The status of the bedroom is not designed:

Small bedroom furniture

For a good house, nice house, reasonable arrangement of furniture is already difficult. However, in this project, dealing with the deterioration of the house plus the arrangement of various purposes, decorating beautiful bedrooms in a small area is a problem that is many times more difficult.

Perspective 3D design of bedroom interior decoration:

Small bedroom furniture

Wardrobe corner - Bedroom TV:

Small bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture consists of 3 main spaces:

- Wedding bed

- Orchestra (DJ music corner)

- Japanese sitting floor (Seat for listening to music, playing cards, smoking ...)

Bedroom plan:

Small bedroom furniture

The outstanding advantage of the bedroom decoration plan is that the spaces are arranged with opposite properties so they do not affect each other (Wedding beds need peace> <Japanese floor is gambling, smoking, noisy places ...).

It took a lot of time, the design of the bedroom in the living room was only 17m2 to find the idea. Due to special requirements, the host - who is playing Djay music, needs a floor to sit and play music and smoke. Narrow space but need separate space, so this sitting area does not affect the sleeping space, but also a very important role - the wedding room.

And after renovating the beautiful bedroom interior:

Old variable:

Small bedroom furniture

Is a 17m2 tight bedroom furniture (even tighter The house is narrow, 21m2 old town), with many uses, and a frequent visitor, Gypsum Wall was brought in to create a buffer space between the WC and the master bedroom, creating privacy. Not only that, this plasterboard is also a solution to "beauty salon" to return the old aluminum and glass array of the house ... the fastest, most effective way of constructing.

Nice small bedroom furniture:

Small bedroom furniture

Turn bad: into a nice bedroom furniture:

Japanese floors and thicker wall tiles prevent moisture from the WC. A corner of the bedroom furniture has been transformed.

Variable No: The yes:

Different from the play space, the sleeping space, decorating the bedroom with a warm and peaceful light.

Some other views of the bedroom look to the orchestra, the TV "small bedroom furniture":

The DJAY profession requires space for making music and orchestras. The house is small, but the plaster ceiling is also very good music pro - looks like a reproduction of the sound of cinemas, theaters ...


The TV hanging wall panel can be viewed from two sides, sitting floor and bed:


Impressive floor sitting with light grooves

For bedroom decoration with a small area like DJ Tjt Anh room, Japanese Sitting Floor is the optimal choice. Due to the minimalist nature of the area, maneuverability of the seats when used for the purpose of listening to music, playing cards, smoking.

Here is also a space for display of wines, vases for professional career and hobby of DJs.

And finally, almost fit and fit in a nice bedroom corner where peace is needed ...

Bed with ceiling light and drywall "small bedroom furniture":


A bedroom combined with other spaces, in the post Nice bedroom instant living room will suggest more ways to decorate your bedroom ...

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