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Today, we invite you to visit the new Sunshine City apartment that has been redesigned by MOIVAONHATOI in recent times. When undertaking interior design for this project, our architects have tried to take advantage of the spacious area, open space to add furniture, appropriate decorative accents, catch eye. We want homeowners as well as distinguished guests to feel the beauty of luxury, modernity and comfort in the furniture when entering this apartment in Sunshine City.


Design the overall ground of Sunshine City apartment

According to the overall interior design, Sunshine City apartment includes: common living space with living room, dining room and kitchen, separate space with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and loggia.


Status of kitchen in sunshine city apartment

Looking at the current photos we took, you can also see that the apartment has a floor full of luxurious white granite tiles. This is an existing advantage of Sunshine City apartments that we will take advantage of in our interior design.

The status of bedroom apartment sunshine city

The bedrooms have floors lined with deep brown industrial wood that bring a warm, modern beauty.

Status of kitchen in sunshine city apartment

System kitchen cabinets are also installed before. Our job is to add aesthetic accents, and create new facilities for this kitchen.

The corridor at the sunshine city apartment

Wooden doors between rooms were also installed before handing over to us.

Sunshine living room apartment city

Gypsum ceiling and electric lighting system, though constructed, is still quite simple. Therefore, our challenge is how to make the ceiling more lively without being too ostentatious, providing the most comfortable feeling for homeowners.

The status of bedroom apartment sunshine city

The toughened glass door facing the large urban area is made of aluminum frame xingfa. This is the new interior design trend applied to apartments in Sunshine City.

Bathroom with white granite tiles

The most special thing, the bathroom is surrounded by white granite which has been finished with full bathroom kits.

Bathroom with white granite tiles

Standing bath is surrounded by tempered glass, the bathtub is located in the granite block to create a luxurious and comfortable overall.

Bathroom with white granite tiles

Wooden cabinets supporting lavabo, along with taps, gold-plated stainless steel rails further enhance the regal beauty of this bathroom.

It can be seen that apartments in Sunshine City are inherently shaped in modern and luxurious interior design. This requires us to take advantage of existing interiors and elevate it to a new level.

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When designing 3D for any project, we also rely on the existing situation, make analysis, sketch ideas and then create designs to suit the living space, as well as aspirations and preferences of the owner. Please take a look at our interior design images to see how the Sunshine City apartment has evolved.


Status of the living room - kitchen sunshine city

If the former living space at Sunshine City apartment was just a pure white from floor, wall to ceiling, then after the redesign, it has become more warm and classy than brown, beige , black from the furniture. When you enter the living room - kitchen, you will be impressed immediately with the wall array surrounded by layers of ribbed wood on both sides.

living room interior kitchen brown cream cream

But not only that, the wall hanging on the TV is also emphasized by 4 colored stone tiles written along the vertical porcelain that add to the vivid beauty of the living room. We take advantage of the spacious space in the common living area to integrate the living room with the reading room. The small reading room is located on the wooden floor, which we further designed to distinguish it from the living room. This wooden floor material also makes us feel warm, more comfortable every time I step barefoot into the reading room.

Status of the living room - kitchen sunshine city

To give homeowners more options, we have come up with two design options for the living room to integrate with the reading room.

Interior design of living room in sunshine city apartment

With Option 1: the living room sofa is placed back against the 2-story bookshelf with many drawers. This cabinet is also the place to divide 2 spaces together. A book room is indispensable for a large bookcase, right? We designed ceiling-mounted bookcases and ceilings to create a great storage space for homeowners. Next to the bookcase is the altar with a small but solemn wooden altar.

Interior design of living room in sunshine city apartment

Option 2 is similar to the first option, with only a slight change is that the altar will be moved in the opposite direction, placed near the shelves for TVs and windows. With this option, the reading room space will become more spacious.

Status of the living room - kitchen sunshine city

Both of these 2 options for furniture in the living room - kitchen of Sunshine City apartment in terms of design have not changed much. The living room still exudes modernity with a velvet sofa with clean black and gray tones. Combined with it is a simple wooden tea table with a square surface. Living room is equally warm if equipped with large bright gray carpet as in our design. In particular, the bookcase behind with many dividing compartments, and the LED lighting system at each compartment adds to the surface beauty of this space.

Interior design of living room in sunshine city apartment

The two options in the blueprint for the Sunshine City apartment only change the position of some furniture but also make a relative difference in the feel of the viewer. Therefore, we plan two options for homeowners to freely choose and modify depending on their beauty and needs.

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Status of the living room - kitchen sunshine city

As mentioned, the ceiling has been made but still quite monotonous, so we have designed a unique cubic chandelier system as a fascinating highlight. The light system of the buffalo eye shines light on the TV and highlights the charming black granite shelf.

Interior design of living-room kitchen in sunshine city apartment

Kitchen cabinets will remain the same as the current situation but will be decorated by other furniture.

Status of the living room - kitchen sunshine city

The rectangular wooden dining table with U-shaped legs made of stainless steel gilded, enough room for 6 people to sit is where the family reunites, dining, chatting. In particular, the wall where the living room has been tiled with brown beige granite is both noble and clean. We also designed a perpendicular LED system connected from the wall to the ceiling to divide the dining room with the bar and the kitchen. The lights here are not only functional lighting but also an interesting highlight that everyone must pay attention.

integrated dining room bar design

The small bar area has a table surface and table legs covered with charming black marble. This bar table is connected perpendicular to the wine cabinet including many drawers. It is so convenient to sit at the bar area where you can reach for your favorite bottle and sip, enjoy it. At the same time, the interior design of the bar in Sunshine City apartment is also considered to be smart and space-saving.

Interior design of kitchen in sunshine city apartment

We noticed that there was an empty space from the kitchen cabinets. So why don't we take advantage of this place to add something meaningful to the house? So we decided to turn this place into a compact storage space.

Modern stylish kitchen room furniture

Sandwiched between two white-glass aluminum cabinets with lots of cabinets, a long mirror. You can look at yourself, and get dressed right here. The empty compartments on both sides of the cabinet are equipped with LED lighting, which makes the small space more decorated and more splendid.


Status of master bedroom apartment in sunshine city
Interior design of master bedroom in sunshine city apartment

In the bedroom, large glass windows have been furnished. To adjust the lighting appropriately, we chose the 2-layer curtain pattern to shield and decorate this window. The white chiffon lining is inside, and the outside is a luxurious, elegant beige velvet curtain.

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Status of master bedroom apartment in sunshine city
Luxury master bedroom furniture

Our warm, elegant gray tones have been pre-configured for this room. Behind the bed is quite simple design is the headboard is made of black gray wood combined with a wall of tiles paved with eye-catching bright bricks. This is a very attractive highlight in this bedroom. This wall plate is especially suitable for the metallic decorative motifs. Therefore, you can look up photos and refer to some of the wall decoration patterns that we have selected.

Status of master bedroom apartment in sunshine city
Interior design of master bedroom in sunshine city apartment

If the bed and table work In the master bedroom of Sunshine City apartment, the furniture has a rather minimalist design, the wardrobe part is a bit more sophisticated. Cabinets are empty spaces with many vertical bars to hang clothes hangers. The small drawers are also made of wood to provide a unified, durable cabinet. The cabinet is designed with high ceilings according to the new trend of the era that also ensures hygiene during use.The open cabinet design will help the owner of this apartment to easily control or take out clothes and items. necessary.

Status of master bedroom apartment in sunshine city
Modern master bedroom furniture

Just like the decoration in the living room, the wall where the TV hangs in the master bedroom is also decorated with wooden lines with longitudinal lines. Wood makes the bedroom become warmer than ever. At the same time, such wall decoration also creates uniformity in the design of the entire apartment.


The status of guest bedrooms at sunshine city apartment
Interior design of guest bedroom in sunshine city apartment

The guest bedroom is also available with a large glass window, overlooking the lavish urban area. We continue to use the same curtain type as in the master bedroom. However the change here is that the furniture has become more compact to fit the area of the room. The guest bedrooms at Sunshine City apartments have well designed furniture with main colors of white - brown wood. This color creates a gentle, relaxing for the guests to the room.

Luxury bedroom furniture

The wooden bed connected to the simple chalkboard was leaned back against a glossy black aluminum block. The highlight behind this bed is to create a balance in the room as well as to bring a sense of superficial and luxurious feeling even in the guest bedroom. Perpendicular to the aluminum and glass blocks is a wooden cabinet with a white painted wing. Cabinets are also designed with 4 ceiling cabinet ceiling length and 4 small wing overhead to help guests or homeowners can comfortably store items.

The status of guest bedrooms at sunshine city apartment
Bedroom furniture for guests

Home bedroom looks like a 5-star hotel with luxurious and classy design that we want to bring. The living room wall background is painted warm and elegant light gray.

Above is the interior design for the Sunshine City apartment by the architects of MOIVAONHATOI. Are you interested in our designs? Let us know!

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