Acreage: 75 m2

total cost of construction: 180 million

Construction time: 1.5 months

– 2020 –


Trong năm 2020, MOIVAONHATOI đã có dịp được thiết kế – thi công nội thất cho nhiều công trình lớn nhỏ. Trong đó, chúng tôi rất tâm đắc khi được interior design cho căn hộ Parkhill 5, Times City. Hiện trạng căn hộ Parkhill 5 đã có sẵn đồ nội thất nhưng gia chủ mong muốn có những điểm nhấn nổi bật hơn, sang trọng hơn vì thế họ đã tìm đến chúng tôi để thiết kế lại nội thất theo tiêu chí đẹp – hiện đại – tiện dụng – thông minh. Nắm bắt được tinh thần đó, đội ngũ KTS của MOIVAONHATOI đã cố gắng để cho ra bản thiết kế hợp lý, giúp căn hộ này như được khoác một lớp áo mới. Rất may mắn, những thiết kế của chúng tôi đã thỏa mãn được gia chủ và họ tiếp tục tin tưởng giao cho MOIVAONHATOI quyền được thi công công trình này.


parkhill interior layout design drawings 5

Bản vẽ mặt bằng bố trí nội thất của căn hộ Parkhill 5 đã cho ta thấy không gian phân chia giữa các phòng cũng như những đồ nội thất mà chúng tôi thiết kế và sắp xếp cho từng phòng. Căn hộ Parkhill 5 bao gồm: phòng khách, kitchen cùng phòng ăn, Bedroom master cùng phòng vệ sinh riêng, phòng ngủ con, phòng vệ sinh chung và lô gia. Căn hộ Parkhill 5 chỉ rộng có 75 m2 nhưng nếu ta biết thiết kế nội thất hợp lý, ta vẫn sẽ có một không gian sống vô cùng sang trọng và thoải mái.



Current status of park hill apartment 10 handed over

Before designing for any project, we must consider the status quo very carefully. Especially with an apartment that already has furniture like Parkhill 5, we have to calculate more carefully to come up with an improved design than the previous situation. In general, the living room of the apartment has sofas, TV shelves and wall brackets, and electric lighting. However, the design is quite simple, the furniture is not synchronized and turned up the modernity that the owner of the apartment wants.


When redesigning, we kept some interior details suitable for the new design such as: TV shelf, laminate flooring, plaster ceiling. Although the shelf mounted on the TV wall array was previously designed quite sophisticatedly, but nothing unique, so we replaced it with a new shelf system with staggered horizontal wooden slats. . Those horizontal price bars are connected to each other by crossed wooden slats. Thereby, creating a close connection for this wall-mounted system and turning it into an interesting decorative highlight in the living room.

Living room tv wall panels decorative cladding:

Earlier, the apartment was painted cream color. But in our opinion, this color is not strong enough to help the space become larger and more luxurious. In addition, the yellow light chandelier in the status quo has an outdated design and makes the space darker.

Determining the shortcomings from the old condition of the apartment, we decided to repaint the entire living room - the kitchen with pure white tones. This is the color that will make every space become brighter and more open. The TV hanging wall is also pasted with a small white brick patterned wallpaper. Besides, we also choose a chandelier with a simpler structure consisting of many light bulbs placed in the branches of stainless steel painted black electrostatic. This is the type of lamp you can see in modern designs today.


The status of beige sofas in the living room reminds us of a sense of calm. Meanwhile homeowners want something more new and younger. Moreover, this chair is quite long in size so it occupies quite a lot of space in the living room.

So we boldly removed the old sofa to order a new sofa with 3 seats with a smaller size. Sofa mattresses are covered in blue pastel fabric, and the color is an increasing trend in the interior world. We also did not forget to decorate the sofa's wall area with special items such as: pretty pictures, round bowls made of rattan. We have also designed a small hanging rack so that homeowners can place more beautiful small plants to enliven the space.


Before, between the living room and the kitchen outside the dining table was an empty space. To add more animation. we have further designed the wooden wine cabinet system with lots of free compartments and drawers. Especially in the glass cabinet, we also install a led strip light system in each cabinet to increase the elegance, modernity and convenience of this furniture.

a finishing kitchen corner:

The white painted wooden shoe cabinet has cabinets that can open and close easily thanks to the hinge system. The cabinet has an empty compartment underneath to store slippers. The cabinet surface is also the counter of the bar covered with fine brown wood. It is great that this shoe cabinet is also where you sip your favorite wine glasses, right?

We also design custom-sized kitchen cabinets to fit the refrigerators, ventilation, microwave and ovens selected by the homeowner. According to the design, the wall in the living room is also covered by white ceramic tiles to prevent odors and cling to the plate. In particular, MOIVAONHATOI also designed an integrated bar area with shoe lockers perpendicular to this kitchen cabinet. This integrated interior is considered to have a smart design and suitable for small spaces.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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System of kitchen cabinets is also carefully designed and constructed by us. Accordingly, the cupboard is located at the corner of the apartment L. The cabinet consists of 2 separate parts made of high-quality mdf wood, with smooth white melamine paint.

Attached to the wall is also a wine cabinet made of wood. The 4-compartment cabinet is designed with a high ceiling, attached to the wooden ceiling with drop lights. You can comfortably sit here drinking and enjoying tea with friends under the rich light from the eye-catching lamps designed by us.

When finished, the cabinet looks shimmering and blends with the overall living room - kitchen. Comes with a cabinet that is a set of dining tables and chairs for 6 people. The rectangular wooden desk has a simple yet modern design.

Wine cabinets are also designed high ceiling to create the best storage space. When constructing this cabinet, our workers carefully assembled the parts together.

When installing and assembling cabinets, we also installed light systems for the kitchen and dining room.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need for design and construction of apartments, apartments, villas FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
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Master bedroom is available with large tempered glass windows xingfa aluminum frame. So this is a space to receive lots of sunlight. Thanks to that advantage, we decided to create a highlight for the room with a wall array painted pink-brown tones.

After construction according to the design, the master bedroom includes: a bed, a dressing table, a shelf for TV and a wardrobe.

These furniture are made of high-quality industrial wood with good resistance to warping, termites and termites. Like the other furniture in the Parkhill 5 apartment, furniture in the master bedroom is designed with white tones - light yellow wood.

Blending with that furniture, accents of brown or pink accents are suitable. When choosing the pink wall array as the owner wishes, we also give advice on choosing and arranging the art styles of white-pink-brown tones to suit the best.

The most prominent interior design in the master bedroom of Parkhill 5 apartment is the wardrobe and the chalkboard. The wardrobe is designed with 2 sliding doors and 2 drawers. The cabinet is a harmonious and delicate combination of white and natural wood colors. In particular, the cabinet also includes open empty compartments with a rack system designed with beveled edges to create aesthetic effects.

The chalkboard also has a quite different design. The cabinet includes a large rectangular mirror mounted right at the cabinet frame system. The cabinet has a horizontal drawer, 2 large drawers and 1 small drawer. In addition, the system of 3-compartment cabinets connected to small drawers is also an additional space for homeowners to store or display decorative items.

You can see, the cabinet in real life looks no different from the design. All because we have followed the design and production, construction and assembly of cabinets very carefully. The chalkboard placed near the window will create a positive energy source for you when sitting here.


The shared bathroom in Parkhill 5 apartment basically has furniture designed quite modern. Room has: standing shower area is separated from the outside by toughened glass doors, toilet toilets, lavabo and cupboards and mirrors.

But we realize that the current state of the bathroom is paved with beige brown tiles that doesn't really highlight those Sanitary equipment Modern here. And we can fully visit the new details to make the space where this ancillary work becomes more comfortable.

With that idea, we replaced the entire wall in the restroom with white ceramic tiles with eye-catching Chevron motifs. We were also impressed by the floor and bathroom shower tiles made of black and white geometric tiles. Obviously, this new design makes the shared bathroom more classy and more vivid.

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The lavabo table in the master bathroom has a design like a drop of water. At the same time, the lighting system here is also paid special attention. In addition to the recessed ceiling lamp, the perpendicular groove in the bathroom is also equipped with a modern, smart led system.

We have also completely changed the lavabo system. No more bulky cupboards anymore, but instead a more compact one with a luxurious white marble surface. Cabinet drawers made of wood material with good water resistance. The oval lavabo is placed on top of the cupboard and is placed under a round wooden mirror.

When constructing this toilet, we are very careful in paving the bricks to create the best aesthetic and certainty.


Basically, the shared bathroom of Parkhill 5 apartment has a fairly stable design with full bathroom furniture. But again, the ceiling, floor and walls are smooth cream brown, making this space become monotonous, less prominent.

Để tạo ra tính đồng bộ với phòng vệ sinh master, chúng tôi cũng thiết kế phòng vệ sinh chung của căn hộ Parkhill 5 với phần tường được lát bởi gạch men trắng họa tiết Chevron. Nhưng phần nền và mảng tường trang trí lại được chúng tôi ốp lát bởi gạch bông màu xanh trắng với đường viền gạch màu đen bao quanh. Thiết kế này gợi ta nghĩ đến interior style Đông Dương pha nét hiện đại rất cuốn hút.

Electric light system is the groove of led lights or ceiling heaters we also installed as in the design.

Especially as shown in the blueprint, the interior of the Parkhill 5 apartment's shared bathroom is also decorated by 3 large wooden tables mounted on the wall right above the toilet. With 3 shelves of 3 large wooden surfaces, homeowners can store towels, toilet paper or necessary toiletries.

Above is the interior of Parkhill apartment designed and constructed by Invite In My House. Do you love the designs of MOIVAONHATOI? Let us know now!

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need for design and construction of apartments, apartments, villas FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
Phone: 0908.66.88.10
Website: https://moivaonhatoi.com

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