• Project: Apartment Mipec Long Bien
  • Style: Modern, luxurious and sophisticated

Apartments at Mipec Riverside are considered "unique - strange and rare" apartments in the Capital. If you take the factors seriously Feng ShuiAs well as love a modern life, both classy and poetic, choosing for yourself a living space here is perfect.

Design apartment interior Mipec Long Bien has been meticulously and studied by the architects of MOIVAONHATOI to create a perfect living space and high aestheticism. Below is a picture of our design project, please refer now!

overall design of mipec riverside apartment

mipec apartment overall design

The living space is invested and designed and equipped with the best interior in an apartment, at the same time, the interior minimalist and the use of multi-purpose smart furniture is the perfect choice. Therefore, here, MOIVAONHATOI has chosen the minimalist style so that the spaces are always airy and most comfortable. The house includes 4 spaces: living room - kitchen, 2 bedrooms, shared bathroom.

living room design - kitchen MIPEC RIVERSIDE APARTMENT

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

The entrance is beautiful, impressed by the multi-purpose wooden cabinet system located here. Both shoes and important items can also be decorated with green pots, making this space more attractive and beautiful every time you pass here.

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

The entrance to the house is airy, spacious and eliminates the furniture making the space become secret. Take advantage of the large balcony to design the living room here, giving the space to relax when receiving outdoor light. The dining table is placed in the middle to separate and highlight the space.

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

Highlights of Interior design of the apartment Mipec Riverside is an extremely beautiful way to coordinate colors and interior products. With a modern style, overall, the apartment will be combined with black and white with decorative equipment, making the room more spacious, luxurious and fancy. Using a spacious L-shaped felt sofa set and a unique polygonal-shaped coffee table brings modernity and comfort.

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

The front is paved with white veined stone tiles to brighten up this whole space. Book shelf design Storage space with interwoven black-and-white compartments creates a unique design, making this space more harmonious. Arrange the small altar above to bring convenience, and also save space in this room. Don't forget to decorate a few pictures of trees that will bring the space more vitality and much more beautiful.

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

The dining table is designed in a dining room for large families, and 6 chairs are designed with gray felt to create more convenience and appeal. The white stone surface design creates an impressive feeling. The design adds drop lights with stylized bulb branches to bring a luxurious and cozy space when gathered.

design living room - kitchen mipec apartment

Kitchen partitions are designed with a unique pattern, making operating here easier. Small kitchen interior, with the most versatile design. White wooden industrial cabinets make full use of the space for the storage area, and the built-in fridge saves space.


mipec apartment master bedroom design

The bedroom is modern and has a lot of furniture but with a white-gray tone creating a sophisticated and luxurious living space. The built-in wardrobe system creates convenience, while also helping to expand the space. Bedside shelf, decorative bookshelf together industrial wood material make the room more attractive. The headboard is covered with high-quality felt with interwoven threads to create a delicate and aristocratic look. Placing the dressing table in a place with lots of light makes living here more comfortable and pleasant.

mipec apartment master bedroom design

bedroom furniture Reasonable arrangement to create harmony in space, contrasting black and white arrays are used very well in interior design. Do not forget to decorate the picture, the carpet with the main color will make the room more harmonious and more beautiful.

mipec apartment master bedroom design

Do you love the interior design of this modern and sophisticated Mipec Riverside Long Bien apartment? Please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately for consulting on design - construction of apartment interior!

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