The house is inspired by classic style combined with modern style. A combination full of elegance, tasteful and aesthetic enhancement. Does this lavish beauty completely conquer the souls who love beauty? Let's explore with MOIVAONHATOI this house of fine classic interior design mixed with modern.

Living room – kitchen

Classic interior design

The house design mainly uses white and light gray colors typical of modern style. Luxurious double-layer curtains are hung on the ceiling and floor, creating height for the room. The fan-shaped folding curtain frame creates an elegant look for the window.

living room

The highlight of the room is the bold red sofa placed in the center position. Next to it is a luxurious and sophisticated sapphire-colored lounge chair of classic interior design. A large painting of a Chinese girl is hung on the wall to create art for the room.

classic dining area furniture
classic dining room interior design

The dining area is decorated with 2 classic pendant lights, creating a cozy atmosphere. The furniture focuses on quality and space harmony. So the interior of the kitchen and dining area is fully equipped, modern without being extravagant.

kitchen design with classic furniture
classic kitchen interior design

Light-colored wooden floors tile meticulously, interwoven very carefully, skillfully. The walls are edged in the classic Nordic style. The overall dining area shows the sophistication and elegance of classic interior designs.

luxury entrance
classic shoe change chair
modern shoe cabinet

At the entrance, there is a shoe cabinet combined with large storage space and a very prominent lighting system in the cabinet. A bold red shoe change chair adds color to the space.

Master bedroom – extra bedroom

master bedroom
king size bed

The master bedroom is glued with a layer of blue patterned wallpaper. Design a classic chandelier to add elegance to the interior of the room. There is also a baby cot for families with young children.

classic bedroom interior design

The clean white TV wall is contoured to create a modern look for the room. The large bed is upholstered in gray to match the overall look of the house.

elegant classic table

The modernity of the master bedroom is evident in the dressing table area. A fancy vanity mirror and gray armchair create a synchronized elegance.

youthful extra bedroom

The children's extra bedroom is decorated in brighter and more colorful colors. Green is combined with warm apricot accents and contemporary shapes.

modern desk
blue extra bedroom

This room no longer keeps the classic interior design details but instead is youthful and fun. Equipped with a comfortable study desk area arranged symmetrically.

Changing room – bathroom

Classic interior design of the dressing room
Large storage room

The spacious storage area is equipped with a large wardrobe for storing clothes. A large window to create ventilation, avoid mold for the room.

large bathtub
Classic bathroom interior design
laundry area

Bathroom furniture is very luxurious and modern. The large bathtub in the middle is a place to relax for the owner. The gold details help the room have more accents. Combined with the washing area to save space.

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