For any business, whether the operation is large or small, the face of the office work is always the top concern. Interior design office In recent years, it is receiving careful investment from many project owners because it has a great impact on the morale of work, as well as leaving a good impression on customers.

Let's explore the office interior design model designed and constructed by the KTS team MOIVAONHATOi at Bui Thi Xuan street!

overall design of the office

At this office space, we design 3 main spaces: living room - director, staff room, kitchen with full amenities and meet the essential requirements for office furniture.

Designing the living room - director

current office entrance status

This is the current status of the entrance to the office. is designed from the first floor of the old dormitory to be designed into a professional and modern working space. The front yard is spacious, bright, easy to navigate and for many car equipment here.

look in from the door

Design style office furniture With luxurious lines, dark tones, luxurious materials with sophistication, giving a whole full of vitality. The living room space is highly appreciated for its functionality and aesthetics. The parallel design of the extended I-shaped sofa, placed in the middle is a long tea table that creates convenience in living, while increasing the aesthetic beauty with mysterious and noble black tones. The highlight of this room is a small wooden bar designed in parallel, simple and compact, but brings a very luxurious interior space. Designing more zig zac shelves at the entrance creates an eye-catching by a new design, placing pot plants around is a reasonable choice to increase the airy and vitality of this space.

construction of the front door of the office

Step by step construction and installation of zic zac cabinets for the living room are similar to the proposed 3D design. White wall paint combined with open design; help this small office space become more spacious and airy

construction of the front door of the office

Make the most of natural light for a bright and well-ventilated office space, so we designed the furniture at the front desk and the zigzag decorative cabinet is located right at the entrance.

corner overlooking the door

Small stone tea table with gold-plated stainless steel legs enhances the luxury for the whole space. LED down light system creates a pleasant feeling and gives this space a more modern and eye-catching feel. Arranging more ornamental plants increases comfort, bringing a delicate office picture.

construction of living room and office

Image MOIVAONHATOI team is remodeling the entire office from paving, meticulously painting and carefully the smallest details to create a modern and most comfortable office here.

living room - director

The front desk is luxuriously located at the end of the main entrance, convenient for later work. Using large wooden slats designed parallel to each other to separate the living room and the director's room, both increase the aesthetic value and also create comfort with their own space, helping them get the most concentration. at work.

Director room is fully furnished with comfortable furniture: desk, chair, compact computer but extremely important floor. The highlight for this space more attractive is the closet system and carpet under the feet, providing the most comfortable and convenient feeling for the user.

staff room design

The employee's office is simply decorated, using the middle partition to ensure privacy, separating but still unifying the overall space. Harmonious colors, simple but still enhance the beauty and reasonable arrangement in this small space. Use the type of desk with integrated additional partitions and drawers, shelves for documents. This will contribute to solving the problem of expanding corporate office space.

construction of office office

The status quo from the level 4 house can be seen that the walls and the interior are old, musty and overall, lose the aesthetic value when entering this space, will not create the most comfortable and concentrated. In the work.

Bright beige interior combined with mysterious black color, along with long drop light system, bring an objective overall effect to the office space. From there, productivity is improved, quality is improved and a professional culture is created in your company. Although the area of office space is narrow, the above interior design will help the room to be more spacious with full amenities.

construction of office office

The current status of the room makes the space become secretive and stuffy, unable to create high concentration and comfort for the staff.

Beautiful layout, convenient moving corridor, ensuring the environment and stimulating the working spirit of employees, thereby improving work efficiency. Install desks and bookshelves for the convenience of staff working here. Take beige white tones to highlight the whole space of this place, creating a closer and more airy.

kitchen design

This space both serves the needs of customers and meets the needs of employees to eat and drink. Using a long rectangular running table, with all the necessary furniture of the kitchen space, both saves space, while helping to balance the balance for the small space of the office.


Current status of the small kitchen, this will be the place to cook for the employees in the company. But it is necessary to redesign this space to bring more convenience and neatness to the staff in the office, creating the most convenience with the above design.

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