Acreage: 530m2

total cost of construction: 1xxx million (details at the end of the article)

Construction time: 30 days

— 2021 —

For a business no matter how big or small, office Work is always very important. The office will show professionalism and help improve employee morale. However, a question arises, how to design a working space Beautiful and cost effective. Then we would like to invite you to visit the office of Fabbi software company designed by MOIVAONHATOI's architects.

Perspective of 3D design of corporate office space from above:

corporate office design fabbi

The detailed 3D perspective shows the office divided into several areas very clearly. From the outside, there are 2 lobby areas: the main lobby for customers and the auxiliary lobby for employees. When entering from the main hall, you will encounter a spacious stage and relaxation area. Occupying the most area is the working area with 14 rows of desks, enough for 100 employees. Besides, there are 2 meeting rooms with two opposing themes. In addition, Fabbi office is designed with 2 pantry areas to be able to serve a large number of employees and customers. And finally two internal rooms: storage room and server room.

Design the corporate office lobby area:

corporate office design fabbi

The first impression when entering the office is a large backdrop with the name, logo and slogan of Fabbi company. The rear has a bright LED system to help the backdrop become more prominent. Next to it is a large screen to introduce the field of activity or decorative seasonal themes. Since the location of the office is located near the common elevator lobby of the building, we have come up with a design that can catch everyone's eyes when passing.

Main lobby during construction:

office lobby construction

Main lobby after completion:

beautiful lobby decoration

The LED strip is designed to run straight on the ceiling and wall to form a precise right angle. The part that runs along the wall helps to create the feeling of a higher ceiling. The lamp body is designed from aluminum alloy with strong impact resistance. This makes the LED luminaires long-lasting and has long-lasting aesthetic value. When the office started operating, it was almost Christmas. Therefore, the company's staff has decorated a lovely Christmas tree and a small banquet table to create a happy holiday atmosphere.

company entrance design

To the left, the ceiling LEDs are split in two directions: one is curved into the office, the other runs down the wall in the shape of an arrow. This part of the light forms the tail of the light, making the arrows more vivid. The design of additional arrows to guide not only instructs guests who are not familiar with the layout of the building, but also shows the hospitality of the company's office. The arrow part is taken in the company's trademark blue and orange, this is an effective way to impress customers.

corporate office design fabbi

In the main hall is arranged more cabinets to display the company's products, trophies and awards. The cabinet is designed in the shape of an L to take advantage of the corner space, without creating any cramped or inconvenient during use. Cabinets using cores Wood Industry MDF and coated with a layer of Melamine on the surface to increase durability and aesthetics. In addition, the lower white painted cabinets are designed as shoe cabinets for customers.  

Design the large stage area of the corporate office:

Stage construction for the company

LED lights on the plaster ceiling are the highlight, connecting the space and leading the viewer to go from one space to another. The construction of this ceiling light system is very laborious and requires precise coordination between teams of electricians, plaster, paint, a team of workers such as plaster that tilts, skews, cuts not straight, or arranges bare bones. reasonable will lead to gaps, deviations for lights. The straight light is a 50mm wide 30mm deep aluminum profiled bar light. The curved part is a flexible silicone lamp, 50mm wide. Two types of lamps of different materials need precise craftsmanship to connect without revealing defects. This LED part is a rather difficult and complicated technique, we cannot share it all right in this article. So we will share in detail how to do this technique with you in another article.

stage and relax zone

Corresponding to the curved ceiling LED light is the rounded floor to help enhance the flexible effect. The floor is divided into two parts and separated by material. The inner layer is a wood grain plastic floor with a 4mm thick lock to create a solemn feeling, helping the stage stand out more. The outer layer is a faux-concrete vinyl floor that brings youthfulness and personality to the office.

corporate office design fabbi

In this area, it is designed in the shape of an L to create a square layout for the company's office. This structure links the stage podium with the Japanese-style seating area on the left wing so the spaces are seamlessly connected.

Construction process of the stage area:

Construction of the stage for the office

After finishing:

stage design and relax zone

View from pantry 1 position can observe the entire stage area and main entrance. The ceiling is designed in an industrial style, bringing a sense of freedom along with a sense of freedom. The space between the stage, if there is no event, will be used as a place for yoga and aerobic exercises for the staff. Since Fabbi company specializes in software design, this is also an opportunity for employees to exercise after a long day of work.

corporate office design fabbi

In the center of the stage is a large LED screen that replaces the bulky projector and projection screen. The surrounding is inspired by the traditional Japanese ceiling and wooden door design. Accompanying the natural wood yellow interior are the artificial grass cells on the wall to help the space harmonize and have a higher aesthetic value.

corporate office design fabbi

Next to it is a large wooden cabinet displaying traditional lanterns, cultural publications and Japanese books. Each drawer is fitted with a reflector to highlight the exhibits. This area is not only for decoration, but also for those who want to learn Japanese culture and learn Japanese.

relax zone design

A special feature of Fabbi's corporate office is the podium seating designed in a Japanese style. This different sitting podium creates a variety of sitting styles for the office. Arranged tables are also convenient for group meetings. Because changing the meeting environment regularly will help employees have more inspiration to be more creative. The blue and orange colors of the seat cushions are chosen based on the company's brand colors. This interesting contrast helps the space become more cheerful and youthful.

stage design

Fabbi office is designed along a vertical axis, and the stage is the main highlight of that vertical axis. When in this position, it is possible to observe the entire working space of all employees and vice versa. When the stage holds an event or activity, the staff can sit in place to watch the program.

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Pantry 01 – customer service & relaxation area:

Japanese style pantry

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Fabbi company is one of the companies that cares and understands its employees. The pantry area is fully designed by the company with comfortable equipment and meets the requirements of office workers. In addition, this can be the place to welcome partners who want to learn about the company's culture and working environment.

Pantry area during construction:

corporate office design fabbi

Until completion:

pantry design

Pantry is the area for employees to recharge after tired working hours. Therefore, our architects had a lot of "headaches" in the design to be able to create the most convenience and comfort. This area is used lights with yellow light to bring soothing and relaxation. The bar is designed with wooden corrugated walls to create a rhythm that helps the appearance to be natural. Besides wallpaper 3D imitation concrete is also used to increase the depth of the space.

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Design a private phonebooth area

corporate office design fabbi

The next special feature of Fabbi's corporate office is the phonebooth area designed in the shape of a cube like a matchbox. The ceiling was lowered and the floor raised to accentuate the space. The walls are made of gypsum board with glass wool core. The structure of this panel consists of a high-quality gypsum exterior, reinforced inside with glass wool and special additives. With the ability to retain heat, prevent fire, and prevent noise, it is suitable for small spaces. Wall surface uses imitation wood grain wallpaper to save costs and shorten construction time.  

phone booth design

The four phonebooth rooms are designed to correspond to the typical four-season image of Japan. Each small room is meticulously designed to each lettering and photograph. Outside each room, there are season names in Japanese and Vietnamese to represent the company's identity.

corporate office design fabbi

This space is used for meeting small groups from 2 to 6 people, so it should be equipped with soundproof glass doors. However, with thick and multi-layer characteristics, the glass door makes the space quite mysterious and stuffy. That's why, Invite into my house, I used 4 small ventilation fans to air-condition the space, making the space more airy.

phone booth area

The selected images are all classic Japanese images. In the picture is the white crane castle Himeji in the background of brilliant cherry blossoms representing spring. This is also an ideal space to rest, read a book or even take virtual photos with colleagues.

Co-working space design:

work area design

The central location is a working area with 100 seats for employees. The design of the corporate office's common work area does not need to be fussy, but focuses on the optimal space layout, standard power lines and network wires for each desk. The desks have a moderate distance to help employees operate easily and the space is more open. The furniture is basic but ensures to meet the needs of professional work.

corporate office design fabbi

Viewed from the bottom up, you can see that the office's workspace is designed to look directly onto the stage area. Floor mats are used with two different colors to create separation in the space. Gray marks the hallway, and blue is spread under the desk.

shoe cabinet construction

On the side of the office there is a side lobby designed for the company's employees. All travel and timekeeping activities of employees pass through this area. Next to it is a shoe cabinet made of MDF wood. Shoe cabinet at first glance seems simple, but construction is quite difficult and laborious. The cabinet doors are designed to be assembled together into a complete cross, that's why we used CNC cutting technology to divide each wing evenly. Each cabinet compartment is designed to be spacious, so it is divided into two small compartments to meet the needs of two people's shoes.

Designing corporate meeting room space:

Large meeting room design:

luxury meeting room design

The large meeting room of Fabbi corporate office is designed for important meetings and brings seriousness. The glass door is covered with a clear UV-printed decal with a bright orange color, full of energy and outstanding under the theme of "heat". This is a special design designed by the company Invite In My House, so it is impossible to find any similar models outside.

luxury meeting room design

This meeting room space is mainly made of glass, so there will be sound reflections causing the sound to be reverberated. Therefore, we have installed an additional sound-absorbing foam surface that effectively prevents the sound from bouncing back. In addition, the ceiling of the meeting room uses alu sheet, which is a type of aluminum-plastic alloy sheet made of two layers of aluminum glued together with a layer of plastic core with super-durable glue. This plastic core layer is a recycled plastic that both reduces the weight of the ceiling and has good fire resistance.

Small meeting room design:

small meeting room area

It can be noticed that the two meeting rooms of this corporate office are designed according to two opposing themes. Contrary to the heat of a large meeting room is a small meeting room with a "static" theme that can accommodate short meetings or few people for departments.

small meeting room area

This room is designed more youthful when using the company's trademark blue color. This color brings positive energy, stimulates creativity and lifts employee morale. Similar to the large meeting room, this meeting room is also installed with gray felt fabric acoustic panels. We choose this type of sound-absorbing sheet because it has a 3-layer structure including: 9mm thick MDF board, 20mm thick sound-absorbing flat foam layer and a layer of sound-absorbing felt fabric on the outside. With such a thick structure, when installed in a small space, it will bring very good sound absorption effect.

Some interesting pictures during the construction process of the staff of MOIVAONHATOI:

project protection

Inviting into my house is very important to the safety of the work, so the work of protection and shielding is strictly implemented. The floor is covered with canvas to avoid scratching the general floor of the building. The inside is also covered with a tarpaulin to avoid dust or distract people passing by.

office construction

Initial image of the office when handed over to us for design and construction. At this point, the coworking space is almost empty, but it will change completely within a few days.

corporate office design fabbi

Next is the process of constructing electrical lines for the project. The office is quite large, so it requires careful calculation during the construction process. Supervisors are closely monitoring the process so that the work can be completed in the best way.

office construction
corporate office design fabbi

Next is the image of workers installing plasterboard ceilings. We have selected for the office a stone-printed ceiling model that both helps absorb sound and make the office more professional. In addition, Invite to my house has carried out construction of many items at the same time, so there are many employees working together so that the project is soon handed over to customers,

office construction
office construction

Because this design project is located in the building, the construction must not cause noise during office hours. Therefore, our construction time is quite limited and we have to take advantage of every hour to keep up with the schedule. The workers have to take advantage of each meal, each nap. However, the workers are still very active and full of energy when working.

Project office design work of software company Fabbi designed by MOIVAONHATOI has met the requirements for a work room: fully functional interior; The arrangement and layout of space is very scientific and clearly shows the characteristics, style and field of operation of the company.


2M&E CATEGORIES250 million
3FURNITURE290 million VND
4VAT96 million
TOTAL COST 1,056,000,000 VND 

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