Industrial style is one of the trends office design are popular in Vietnam recently, especially small companies that have low cost design needs and want a luxurious workspace.

Office architectural space design industrial style

Architectural space office Expressed through 2d and 3d space, it is easy to visualize the layout and design space of the office

The hallway to the office is full of lighting and lighting

Corridor to the office is designed with 5-level stairs and industrial wood paneling. The large lighting system at the end of the hallway is where the office logo is placed next to the exquisite painted bicycle.

The lounge has a dark green sofa set and a lazy chair

The waiting room has a set of dark blue sofa tables and chairs and an eye-catching wall-mounted lazy chair decorated with purple and red fruits.


Working area of staff with large office furniture and industrial ceiling

To the right of the office is the staff's common work area with 4 sets of desks office chair large, above is the rough part of the original ceiling of the building, this is a typical design of industrial style.

hallways of meeting rooms and separate living rooms use glass partitions and plastered ceilings

On the left side is the meeting room space and private room to receive guests.

The meeting room has glass partition, the surrounding area is covered with marble tiles

The company's meeting room is designed upscaling and the system of glass partitions provides an open and spacious space, around the glass door is covered with marble tiles, the top is luxurious yellow led strip.

Tables and chairs for meeting room, ceiling lights and air-conditioning

Inside the spacious meeting room can accommodate 16-18 people, the ceiling is fitted with square aluminum panels to conceal the old rough part of the ceiling, this design brings originality and creativity.

The studio room, featuring striking green furniture and furniture, and a large amount of light

The office has a small studio room with a striking red and blue sofa, and above is a spider-foot ceiling light system that provides a large amount of light to meet the company's advertising video recording needs.

Industrial style toilet design full sanitary equipment

One corner of the office restroom features industrial style with raw wall system, floor is carpeted with waterproof and push enough Sanitary equipment basic.

The passageway has glass partition and plaster ceiling, underneath is glossy white plastic floor

The industrial-style office is not only cost-effective, but also uniqueness, honoring the raw materials, the original, exuding minimalism but extremely unique.

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