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– 2020 –


Invite you to visit the high-rise buildings by MOIVAONHATOI drawing ground, 3D design and direct construction in the past. With a high-rise building on the street that is used for living, business and for rent, the problem for us is how to design an attractive and eye-catching facade that also makes people passing by. impressive.

According to the wishes of the owner, this project must also bring a luxurious and elegant neoclassical style to affirm the regalness and class of the host. All these problems we have found the solution through the designs below.


The high-rise townhouse we designed with 6 floors and roof as the owner wishes. With a high-rise building like this, we have painted detailed floor plans for each floor with the exact specifications.

1 / FLOOR 1

Design drawings of the ground floor of a high-rise building

The ground floor includes: rolling door, parking area (37 m2), business floor (54 m2), bathroom 1 (5.7 m2). Our elevator system (3.1 m2) and staircase are designed throughout all the grounds of this high-rise townhouse.

2 / FLOOR 2

Design drawings of the 2nd floor of a high-rise building

2nd floor includes: corrugated iron roof (20 m2), 2nd floor (74 m2), 2nd floor hygiene (3.2 m2)

3 / FLOOR 3

Design drawings of the 3rd floor of a high-rise town building

Lên đến tầng 3 ta sẽ thấy: Bedroom 1 (20 m2), phòng ngủ 2 (36 m2), phòng khách – bếp (26 m2) và phòng vệ sinh 3 (5.6 m2). Phòng khách – bếp có bộ bàn ghế sofa, bộ bàn ghế ăn và tủ bếp. Mỗi phòng ngủ trong căn nhà phố cao tầng này đều được chúng tôi thiết kế với: 1 giường ngủ, 2 táp đầu giường, 1 tủ quần áo và 1 bàn phấn. Riêng phòng ngủ 1 còn được trang bị thêm kệ để TV.

4 / FLOOR 4

Design drawings of the 4th floor of a high-rise town building

The fourth floor consists of 3 bedrooms: bedroom 3 (24.5 m2) with additional shelves for TV and L-shaped wardrobe, bedroom 4 (17.4 m2) and sleeper room 5 (8.8 m2). The corridor in the high-rise building was designed by us in the middle of the 4th floor with an area of 13.5 m2. In addition, the 4th floor has 2 bathrooms: toilet 4 (3.2 m2) and toilet 5 (5.2 m2).

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5 / FLOOR 5

5th floor design drawings of high-rise buildings

Tầng 5 có lô gia (6.3 m2) cùng khoảng sân rộng lớn (17 m2) để gia chủ trồng những loại cây mà mình yêu thích. Phòng khách (21 m2) và kitchen – phòng ăn (32 m2) gồm: bộ bàn ghế ăn, tủ bếp và quầy bar cũng được thiết kế và xây dựng tại tầng này. Tầng 5 cũng không thể thiếu một phòng vệ sinh nho nhỏ (3.2 m2) nhưng đầy đủ tiện nghi.

6 / FLOOR 6

6th floor design drawings of high-rise buildings

The 6th floor has a large yard (21 m2) so that the host family can hang clothes or have fun. At this site of a high-rise town building also altar (12.6 m2), storage room (13.6 m2) and a private sports room (16.2 m2). The technical room for the lift (8.4 m2) is also located on this floor.

7 / ROOF

Design drawings of the roof surface of a high-rise building

The top roof is covered with many different materials such as corrugated iron (24.3 m2), concrete roof (40 m2), concrete roof of technical room, roof and glass roof to get light from nature.


3d design high rise city building

Capital in the neoclassical style, the facade of the high-rise townhouse has been selected by us in a luxurious white paint color that stands out in our 3D design. Neoclassical features are also expressed in the ribs running along the column, along the subtle flap lines.

3d design high rise city building

The luxurious and classy character of the house is also reflected in the garage with modern rolling doors and the outer wall covered with noble black granite.

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3d design neoclassical style home

The balcony of the building has a handrail made of exquisitely carved black electrostatic iron in true neoclassical style - the style of nobility. Looking back, this high-rise town house really stands out and attracts the eyes.


The design of the high-rise townhouse satisfies the taste and needs of the homeowner, so MOIVAONHATOI was honored to receive this construction according to the designs drawn by us with all our heart.

demolish the house to get ground

Starting from an old house, we demolished it to get a large land for construction tall building more beautiful and classy.

constructing high-rise town houses

We use wooden scaffolding to support the reinforcement of the first and second floor.

House construction process

At present, the project has been built on the 4th floor. Our scaffolding system, core reinforcement ensures absolute safety when executed by experienced and skilled workers.

House construction process

High-rise buildings are still in the process of construction as our design drawings. To update more information about the project, please read the next articles of MOIVAONHATOI on our website and fanpage!

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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