Acreage: 40m x 5 floors

total cost of construction: 600 million

Construction time: 2 months

— 2021 —

Neoclassical style is one of the most popular design styles today. Because of the elegance and nobility, although not crammed with too many classic details. In this article, we invite you to visit the townhouse made by MOIVAONHATOI from the status quo, construction process and completion. Let's watch the unexpected change of townhouse design What would this neoclassical style look like?

The process from status quo to completion

1/ design of the living room – kitchen of the neoclassical townhouse

Current status of living room and kitchen when MOIVAONHATOI receives the handover:

Status of the first floor of the townhouse

And when the living room and kitchen are complete:

neoclassical interior design

Phòng khách và kitchen khi chúng tôi mới nhận bàn giao ngoài chiếc tủ bếp lỗi thời thì gần như trống trơn. Tuy nhiên không gian đã được thay đổi hoàn toàn chỉ sau một thời gian ngắn. Những mảng tường của phòng khách được nhấn vào các ô phào chỉ mang hơi hướng của kiến trúc Châu Âu. Chúng tôi lựa chọn loại phào chỉ con sơn làm từ chất liệu PU có kết cấu cổ điển và có khả năng co giãn khi gặp nhiệt độ cao. Vì thế không lo bị nứt, vỡ khi va đập và bền chắc theo thời gian. Phía sau TV là mảng tường được ốp đá tự nhiên có khả năng chống xước, độ bền cao, và tăng tính thẩm mỹ.

neoclassical living room furniture

A set of tables and chairs in neoclassical style with 1 button-down beige sofa, 1 matching ottoman and a long wooden tea table. This is a reasonable design for the space, both creating an airy and exalting neoclassical elegance for the townhouse.

Below are carpet tiles with vivid patterns, creating a unique aesthetic for this area. The “carpet” is made up of small bricks that are sketched with delicate patterns and arranged in perfect order. Corresponding to the square on the floor is a plaster ceiling that lifts the light to a square, this design creates a very unique light from the inside out.

View from the living area towards the kitchen:

living room furniture - townhouse kitchen

Kitchen area before construction:

neoclassical interior design

Neoclassical style kitchen area after completion:

neoclassical kitchen design

Designed to connect with the living room, the kitchen is designed in an L-shape to optimize space. The kitchen cabinet consists of two parts, the upper and lower cabinets, separated by the 60cm high kitchen counter space. The upper kitchen cabinet size is designed with a height of 90cm and a depth of 35cm. This part of the cabinet is made from Wood Industry which paints a white coating to both protect the wood, prolong the life of the cabinet, and bring aesthetic value to the neoclassical style townhouse. The lower kitchen cabinet is painted yellow with a height of 85cm and a depth of 60cm, this is a size suitable for the height of Vietnamese people.

neoclassical interior design

There is a special highlight in the cupboard area, instead of using the traditional horizontal opening door which is inconvenient and easy to collide. We have chosen to install the modern push-up cabinet style. For this way, when opening, there is no need to avoid or be afraid of hitting the door. The accessory to raise the cabinet door is a "Blum lifter" that helps, so the cabinet door opens very gently and does not make any annoying noises. In addition, the bowl rack is also a lifting and lowering bowl that can be pulled down to make it easy for homeowners to store and retrieve dishes. The bowl rack is divided into two parts: the lifting rack is made of 304 stainless steel and the bottom is a plastic tray to catch water.

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2/ Design the bedroom of the neoclassical townhouse

Master bedroom from current status image:

master bedroom status

To the finished images:

neoclassical master bedroom

Bedroom master được sử dụng toàn bộ diện tích tầng 2 nên không gian rất rộng rãi. Đây cũng là căn phòng thể hiện rõ nhất lối thiết kế tân cổ điển của nhà phố này. Phần sàn là sàn nhựa giả gỗ được lót theo kiểu xương cá và có hèm khóa. Khi sử dụng loại sàn này sẽ không lo bị cong vênh, rất êm chân và chống nước nên rất dễ vệ sinh.

neoclassical interior design

The wall is painted in dark green and the panels are just classic. To create accents for the wall, there are metallic U-shaped aluminum braces on the surface. In addition, PU ceiling panels are used to cover the rough defects of the walls, making the space more beautiful. The dressing table and bed are designed with neoclassical inspiration with meticulously carved patterns combined with luxurious black tones.

master bedroom living area

At the end of the room is a living area with a long sofa and a white marble table. Opposite this area is a wardrobe made from engineered wood that is painted white and has openings to display bags or ornaments. Besides, the TV cabinet, the living room and the bed are designed vertically to create a sense of synchronization for the space. With this appropriate layout, the space is completely ventilated and convenient to move.

Having the advantage of area, the main bedroom is designed with a luxurious self-contained toilet:

neoclassical interior design

In the hidden corner of the bedroom is a toilet clad in natural stone with luxurious gilded veins. Large rectangular LED mirror is polished with soft edges, bright mirror material and does not absorb water vapor. To separate the wet and dry spaces, we used 12mm thick tempered glass walls. The glass panels are linked together by accessories that are resistant to rust and waterproof. With this design, the space is always clean and dry.

View from the outside:

neoclassical interior design

The top of the stairs on the 2nd floor is also invited to my house, which is designed in sync with the master bedroom, including: console table, decorative mirror and European-style umbrella. The neoclassical style console table is designed, carved with delicate gold leaf patterns, bringing value over time to townhouses.

Children's bedroom before construction:

Status of the child's bedroom

Child bedroom when completed:

neoclassical interior design
boy's bedroom

The room for an extremely active boy should be designed very modern and lively. At the head of the bed is an array of plaster panels painted in blue, matching the wardrobe, and behind is a reflector system. The bed is designed with built-in drawers. Because the space is quite modest, this smart design helps to increase the storage area while ensuring the ventilation of the room.

3/ Designing comfortable classrooms

Next to the child's bedroom is a classroom during construction:

classroom construction

until finished:

boys classroom

Different from other rooms of the house, the ceiling of the classroom is designed sunken plaster ceiling plane. This type of ceiling has the advantages of aesthetics and space optimization, so it is appropriate whether the area is large or small. The flat sunken gypsum ceiling is easy to cut and combine, combined with LED lights, so I have designed a reflector system on the ceiling to create a delicate beauty for the room. In addition, the ceiling with light weight, good sound and heat insulation, is very safe for users.

neoclassical interior design

Tables and shelves are made of industrial wood material Melamine coating with two colors white and blue. The coating has effective anti-scratch, fire and termite resistance properties, and is very aesthetically pleasing. To make the room more balanced we used gray-blue paint for the walls. It can be seen that the classroom is designed very simply so that the children are not distracted and can focus on learning. However, this space is still focused on equipping the necessary equipment to facilitate the children's learning.

4/ Design a church room for a neoclassical townhouse

The worship room when about 70% has been built:

church room construction

The altar room after finishing:

wood paneled worship room

On the 4th floor of the townhouse designed in neoclassical style is altar of the homeowner. The wood paneling on the wall, ceiling and altar are designed to match and harmonize with each other, creating a cozy oriental style.  

5/ Design – construction of the rooftop for neoclassical townhouses

From the status quo when receiving the handover:

neoclassical interior design

To completion:

neoclassical interior design

The rooftop of the townhouse is designed by us as a place to hold house parties and relax at night. This space is designed in the form of a tiger cage, creating a closed space to ensure safety. MV chose black paint for the iron rods to enhance the aesthetics. The roof of the terrace is made of tempered glass to help take advantage of natural light. 

We used string lights to transform this space into a coffee shop. Because the light string is 10m 15 poles, it is necessary to connect the two sets of wires together. When connecting, workers had to inject glue to seal the contact parts, then tightly wrap black insulating tape to ensure water resistance and avoid electric leakage.

terrace floor construction

The floor is wooden plastic blisters assembled together by convenient available joints. This type of floor has high durability, does not warp or crack in outdoor conditions such as terraces, especially very good anti-slip.

beautiful terrace design

The stairs lead up to the gold furnace area, because the stairs are left outside, there are facades to prevent rainwater from falling on the floor.

Even in the sink area, patterned tiles and grindstone tiles are also used to make cleaning easier.

gold furnace construction

Stepping on the highest area is the gold furnace area. The construction of the gold furnace here helps to ensure two factors: convenience and privacy. The worship room is located on the 4th floor, so it will be convenient for the owner after worshiping. Next, the house is designed in a neoclassical style, so it is not appropriate to place the gold furnace below, which will avoid reducing the aesthetics and the smoke will not affect the surrounding households.

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Pictures of the construction process of neoclassical townhouses

Although in the process of construction everything is very messy, but the results that the owner receives will be extremely worthy. Please take a look at the construction process of the townhouse designed in neoclassical style through the images below.

neoclassical living room construction

This image was taken when the construction was about to reach its final stage. A lot of furniture for the living room and kitchen is brought. At this time, the space is very messy but will change unexpectedly after only a few days.

kitchen cabinet construction

Workers are installing lifting bowls for kitchen cabinets. During the installation process requires very high care because if a mistake occurs, it can cause the entire bowl to collapse, endangering the user.

master bedroom construction

The process of constructing the herringbone floor for the master bedroom is very elaborate and requires a high degree of meticulousness in order for the tiling to meet the standards. Thus, the new floor ensures that the edges are tightly tiled, the floor is flat and not warped.

neoclassical interior design
master bedroom construction

During the construction process, supervisors always closely monitor so that the stages go according to plan. Thanks to that, when many workers work at the same time, they can still work well together. It was already very dark outside the window, but the workers of Invite in my house were still working very hard to deliver the goods to the customer in time.

neoclassical interior design

The workers took advantage of a light dinner to quickly return to work.

Construction of wooden plastic floor blisters

Image of workers constructing wooden plastic blister floor. This plastic sheet is favored by many customers of Invite In My House because it is easy to assemble and can be customized according to the space. We combine the blisters horizontally and vertically to increase aesthetic value.

spray paint rooster bar

We use a paint sprayer when we paint the rods black, so the paint is smooth. Because there are many rooster rods in the terrace area, with this machine, workers will be more leisurely than manual sweeping, the paint layer is thin, light, but evenly colored and beautiful.

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