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In 2020, MOIVAONHATOI has the opportunity to design - build furniture in neoclassical townhouses. Neoclassical style which is called the style for the elite because it expresses the luxury and class of the entire interior of the house. But unlike the classical style with many elaborate decorative motifs, the neoclassical interior style for townhouses has a design fault that tends to be more convenient and simple. In order to balance modernity and classic, our architects have designed a reasonable design to harmonize those elements in the interior. Invite you to see the images of interior design and construction of neoclassical houses below by MOIVAONHATOI.



neoclassical style shelf design

In the living room, the place for TV is most important. Therefore, we have designed separate cabinets to highlight the luxury and convenience. 2 vertical cabinets and horizontal shelves are connected to close the wall to the TV. The vertical cabinets include many empty storage compartments, designed to reach the ceiling so that homeowners can store their favorite decorations or necessary items.

Living room interior construction for neoclassical townhouses

The horizontal shelf consists of 6 small drawers with a smooth roller system and a long drum lined with wood with eye-catching vertical ribs. The TV hanging wall in this townhouse is covered by 4 white granite tiles which are familiar materials of neoclassical interiors.

Neoclassical living room furniture for town houses

The style of neoclassical furniture in townhouses in particular and houses in general is indispensable, characterized by eye-catching floats. Therefore, the wall where the sofa has been designed with the plaques on the bottom looks impressive, without being overly flashy.

Living room interior construction for neoclassical townhouses

L-shaped sofas made of light gray suede are probably the most suitable furniture for this neoclassical space of this townhouse. Accompanied by indispensable 2 small tea tables are interlocking with the table made of attractive marble stone. This is also the table design that many families choose the most today.

Neoclassical living room furniture for town houses

A luxurious space like this is indispensable for noble golden decorative motifs. But we show this decor in a subtle way through the outline of the 3 murals or the 3-story circular chandelier.

Interior design design neoclassical townhouses

In addition, we still maintain the status quo window of this house because this is also a characteristic of neoclassical interior in townhouses. We just added a curtain of white chiffon and satin silk to control the light.

Neoclassical kitchen room furniture for a town house

The landlord has a hobby of gathering friends and drinking alcohol, so we designed a drinking area to meet the needs of the landlord. Wine cabinets are attached to the 2-seat bar.

neoclassical kitchen interior construction for town houses

Wine cabinets are paved with blocks of glass. As a result, homeowners and friends can sit and drink here but can still look back at themselves, or look out at other dimensions. Cabinets also have many empty compartments for storing precious wines. The simple yet sophisticated wine cabinet design harmonizes with the overall interior of this neoclassical town building.

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neoclassical bar interior design

The bar or wine cabinet is made of warm brown wood. The bar has a table top and table top covered by luxurious white marble.

neoclassical bar interior construction

Illumination for this area is also a rectangular drop light surrounded by a uniform layer of wood. Indeed this space makes us think of a place for real gentlemen.


neoclassical kitchen interior design for a town house

Kitchen cabinets are also the furniture in the neoclassical town house that we pay special attention to. We decided to choose 2 tones for the kitchen cabinets: white and brown wood.

neoclassical kitchen interior construction for town houses

The white cardboard used for the upper cabinet includes a lot of cabinets to help homeowners can comfortably set dishes or cooking spices. Wooden brown bottom cabinet is designed specifically to fit in a microwave and dishwasher.

neoclassical kitchen interior design for a town house

Connected to the cabinet system is a vertical cabinet made of wood designed to fit in a 2-wing fridge.

neoclassical kitchen interior construction for town houses

The upper and vertical cabinets of the refrigerator are designed high ceiling to ensure hygiene and take full advantage of the size of this room.

neoclassical kitchen interior design for a town house

The simple dining tables and chairs with an elegant brown log color have enough room for 6 people to sit.

neoclassical kitchen interior construction for town houses

The ceiling in the kitchen - dining room is the plaster ceiling that had existed before but now we have assembled a modern buffalo eye lamp system. Besides, the small 3-drop light in the dining room could not be more reasonable.

neoclassical kitchen interior design for a town house

The wall of the living-dining room is also decorated with eye-catching floats. White walls further emphasize the elegance and elegance here.

constructing kitchen

We also do not design decorative accents as beautiful pictures as making this space more lively, more alive.


master bedroom furniture

Arriving in the bedroom, we chose the blue - white tone as the dominant tone. The wooden bed has a quite simple design with a softly-lined headboard in light gray. The foot of the bed includes many drawers that homeowners can take advantage of to store more items.

master bedroom construction

The headboard is connected to the wooden plinth that runs along the width of the room. Next to the bed are 2 nightstands, of which 1 large tub includes 2 drawers. Homeowners can leave nightlights or lovely pictures at these plates.

neoclassical master bedroom furniture overview

Part of the bed walls in this townhouse is once again decorated with flats which are characteristic of neoclassical interiors. But this time when the road with the green wall record is striking, extremely attractive.

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master bedroom interior construction

Next to the bed is a closet with a familiar high-ceiling design. One side of the capacitor is designed by us, the shelf is beveled into soft corners. This can also be considered as empty spaces for homeowners to delight in ordering favorite decorations to adorn the room.

Furniture cupboard shelf for master bedroom

Once again the area for the TV is especially concerned. Now the TV and TV shelf include lots of drawers mounted directly on the wall to save space.

bedroom construction

Next to it was a locker made of deep brown wood with lots of drawers. The special thing is that the empty cabinets are equipped with modern LED lighting string system.

neoclassical style shelf system

On the other side of the TV shelf is a cabinet with 4 cabinets: 2 long cupboards and a small cupboard with 2 drawers. This is a space to help homeowners can store more clothes or necessary items.

basic construction master bedroom

We also suggest that the owner put a small soft sofa near the window so that when they are tired or want to read books, they can come here and enjoy.

You see the blueprints of MOIVAONHATOI have turned up the noble neoclassical quality without too splendid and cumbersome for this townhouse? Let us know!

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