Acreage: 350m2

total cost of construction: 350 million (see details at the end of the article)

Construction time: 15 days

- 2020 -


We invite you to visit office furniture Fabbl 350m2 company has all the criteria: Beautiful, fast, economical, has just been completed by MV design and construction in 2020. Please take a tour from the design to construction process, refer to the process of choosing materials that have made the office beautiful without spending a lot of money. fee!

Wall logo corporate office background

when the interior design văn phòng này, yêu cầu quan trọng nhất của Fabbl đưa ra là minimize construction costs and execute in the fastest time, so that the company will come into operation soon. Therefore, the ideas of the MV Architects are quite narrow. Every employee position, each power line drawn, must also be balanced costs before thinking how to beautify. However, the end result, the investor and we are quite satisfied with the cost just stopped at 1,000,000 VND / 1m2.

Cost office construction include:
- Glass partition dividing rooms for meeting rooms
- Running new electrical systems, networks, cameras
- Curtains
- Wooden floors, carpets
- The interior shelves, wall decoration
- Decorative wall paint
And invite you to take a step to look at this office offline!

Wooden spokes design company logo

The company's office is 350m2 of floor located in the center, directly with the elevator lobby, thus taking advantage of the large glass array decorated with the brand logo. The background wall of wooden spokes is decorated with mica logos, maps and locations of representative branches in the world.

Office furniture after construction design

Inside is the workspace 64 seats, is separated from the traffic hall by the shoe cabinet system and wooden spokes.

Design and construction of company meeting room furniture

The interior images of Fabbl's meeting rooms are also decorated not too fussy but still beautiful, bright, helping the spirit of working comfortably and is a polite space to welcome partners.

Modern meeting room

The walls are designed to paint in Blue and Yellow pieces, according to the dominant color of the company's brand. Wall paint is a fast and cheap construction material, but thanks to the rationally designed Architects, it makes the office furniture come alive, stimulating the creative work spirit of the company.

Company meeting

Office design Simple but bringing youthful colors, highlighting the staff image and working spirit of everyone.

Group company meeting

"Dynamic", "creative" is the main topic that architects want to include in the interior design of these workspaces.

Company office furniture

The hallway outside is lined with wood to create a clean, easy-to-clean shoe. Inside the working room is carpeted to help reduce the sound and prevent noise when people walk.

Design and construction of company office furniture

Design and construction of office furniture There are many styles, there are elaborately decorated offices, or little light (slightly dark like the coffee shop), but personally I still prefer to work in Bright space, minimalist furniture, little decoration.
Simple space will make the spirit of working people comfortable, neat and tidy office. Just like when you need to focus on thinking, facing a pure white wall is better than facing a wall with a lot of troublesome drawings.
And in particular, the minimalist decor style helps satisfy investors: Cut the cost, Shorten construction time!

The company designs and constructs modern office furniture


3D perspective view of corporate office furniture

3D design images viewed from the top of the company's interior layout, showing the clear division of spaces.

3D design office furniture

From the entrance door is the common living space, entertainment, on the left is Large office room 64 tables, on the right is 2 meeting rooms and server technical room.

From the construction design stage to when the office furniture is FINISHED:

Construction of electricity to sink

Construction process of the electrical system and the Internet on the floor. Each desk will have a separate floor outlet.

Design and construction of office furniture for large companies


Construction office wall paint

Painted the interior walls, according to the main color design that identifies the brand identity of the Fabbl corporate office. These bright and strong colors are also helpful in stimulating creativity and creating a playful atmosphere.

Common corner of company office

Step by step image of office furniture construction:

Construction of electrical network to sink the company's office

The photo above is the process of submerging the power line. Because this is a software company office, the electrical and network construction work is done very carefully, and takes a lot of effort. Each employee needs a separate power line and internet, which is directed to the server technical department. If done a little wrong, the network cable is broken underground, it may have to be made out again.

Construction of company office floor carpets

Next is the construction process of office furniture. With such a large area, the most important requirement is to create tension, flat, neat intersections, not exposed. The under-floor drive locations are also beautifully handled.

Interior construction of office carpets

Unlike other constructions, in this office, the construction images you have just seen, are usually Shoot at night or late afternoon, Do you know why?
An important feature of office interior construction in building buildings, it is not to make noise during office hours. Therefore, in order to keep up with the request schedule, we often Overtime work until 4-5 am. However, the workers of the MV are always working with high spirit, tirelessly.

Design and construction of office furniture professional company

After the construction time of night and day, the image of the construction work after completion, always makes us forget the fatigue.

SOME OTHER PICTURES OF OFFICE OF fabbi software company IN the process of interior design and construction:

Executing office furniture
Construction of office furniture
Construction of company office furniture

The construction process is always done at night, leaving a neat image in the morning.

Construction process of office furniture


Fabbi office entrance

The lounge area for shoes looks very shallow, leading into the work area.

From the outside look at the office workspace

The working area is open, airy, can see all working atmosphere, but also very neat and tidy

Design brand logo background
Fabbi company team

Photos of dynamic staff working professionally in the new office.

Team of female office workers

It can be said that, only with cost saving and construction time, limited construction conditions, the office of FABBl Software company has been designed and constructed with high results, satisfying the goals of the owner. proposal. This is also the third office that FABBl company entrusts to MV for interior design and construction. Hopefully, with the work day and night work of the team of workers, MV Architects, will contribute a part to the success and development of the FABBl Software company to become more and more powerful.


1Plasterboard, wall paint20,000,000 VND
2Electrical system, network, cable waiting for camera, moving air conditioner ...70,000,000 VND
3Glass wall, glass door70,000,000 VND
4Curtain20,000,000 VND
5Wooden floor, carpet70,000,000 VND
6Furniture (all except work furniture):
- The pantry cabinets
- Wooden wall paneling backdrop decoration
- Lighting system, font backdrop
- Shoes Cabinet
- Waiting seat
v ... v ...
100,000,000 VND
(Excluding furniture)
350,000,000 VND equivalent 1,000,000 VND / m2
7Tables + chairs for 80 people112,000,000 VND
(Furniture included)
462,000,000 VND equivalent 1,320,000 VND / m2

If you want to design and execute office furniture: FAST, BEAUTIFUL, CHEAP, contact us: MV Construction Company
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