Deluxe nail salon 1: 70m2 in the city of Duisburg, Germany

Nail salon Deluxe 2: 65m2 city of Düsseldorf, Germany

Deluxe nail salon 3: 75m2 in the city of Köln, Germany

- 2017 - 2019 -


Fortunately and predestined with the design of nail salons, Come Home I have had the opportunity to design more than 30 large and small shops in the country and abroad. In particular, the chain of Deluxe nail salons in Germany is one of the quite special chain of stores that today, Please Come in Home I want to introduce to everyone.

Deluxe Nails Spa is a chain of nail shops in Germany, designed by the MV starting in 2017, opening 1-3 new stores each year. So perhaps, to introduce each store, an article is not enough, today the MV will introduce before the first 3 nail salons of the Deluxe system opened in 2017 - 2019


No. 1 Deluxe nail salon is opened in Duisburg, Germany

from 3d design to image of nail salon completion:

3D design nail salon interior

The nail salon is designed to look like 3D images indistinguishable from reality, giving customers the most realistic view of the store after it is completed.

To the left of the store is a cashier bar, welcoming guests. On the right is the seat waiting for guests to do the nail. Inside are 2 rows of nail tables.

3D design nail shop

Shop with an area of 70m2 we arranged about 10 nail tables. If you pay close attention, you will find the design of our nail table is also quite special. On the stone table, there is a round box collecting small trash and nails during the process. Below the table, on the guest side, there are 2 rectangular holes, inside there are ultraviolet lights and a drying fan to help nails dry quickly.

nail structure table

Actual photo nail salon after finishing:

3D images are so realistic and detailed, how about reality? Invite you to see the image of the nail salon after the construction is completed:

Nail salon design - nail salon facade

Many customers often ask me, "How much will % be designed for?" I also don't want to be considered arrogant, but honestly I always feel that the actual images after construction are much better than 3D.

nail salon design in germany

All details are constructed exactly as the design drawings. If you change a small detail, maybe the nail salon will be very different.

nail salon design after construction

Nail salon design Beautiful and eye-catching thanks to the light system. If you pay close attention, you will see LED lights are arranged in many of the crevices, from under the cashier bar, the wooden walls on the walls, under the table.

Designing and decorating nail color scheme

Color scheme is also important. Nail salon design The main color is warm brown wood and painted walls, combined with glass mirrors, crystal chandeliers, creating the luxury as the name Deluxe.

Nice nail salon decoration

Manicure tables and chairs for nail clients are listed in the middle of the store, so it was chosen in white tones to help the room more spacious and airy.

nail salon walling furniture

The wall is decorated with mirrors, wood and lights, also makes the nail salon more spacious, beautiful and eye-catching.

nail salon model in the mall

Deluxe nail salon with prominent design in Königsgalerie Duisburg business center, Duisburg city, Germany.

nail shop furniture

It can be said that, thanks to the fairly thorough and detailed design, the construction process is not difficult. The investor is knowledgeable and quite respectful of following the design, creating the first nail salon of the chain that is much nicer than 3D designs.

Some other pictures taken by customers:

Decorate the design of the nail salon front in the mall
Guests are nail salon
Design nail spa salon


Unlike the No. 1 nail salon opened in a commercial center, the No. 2 nail salon was opened in Friedrichstraße, Düsseldorf, Germany.

The front of the nail salon billboard

Nail shops are also quite prominent on the street. Certainly the guests walking through here, even without need, will always glance.

nail shop street face

3d image of interior design nail salon:

3d nail salon design

Please see the 3D design nail salon image first, to feel the difference after the construction.

Photos of nail salon after the construction is completed:

Interior inside nail spa shop

The image of the nail salon after the construction is really much better than 3D drawings. Maybe we're not good at 3D rendering? Or do standard construction workers only elevate the design?
The opinion of the MV company since its inception has always emphasized the FINAL PRODUCTS created, not important 3D drawings of advertising nature. Therefore, in design, we always focus on practicality, pragmatic, construction ability, price, durability to create the best quality final products. 3D drawings may not need a good visual representation, but when drawing, we have to orientate what the actual product will look like.

interior of nail salon

Different from No. 1 nail salon with brown tones, No. 2 nail salon is predominantly designed with white tones, combining black lines and youthful modernity.

reception bar spa salon

The cashier and reception are located outside the reception door and cover the entire store. The bar is designed simply with industrial wood, beautiful, practical and small investment.

nail spa shop furniture

Small nail salon with neat layout. This nail salon is simpler than the No. 1 salon to reduce costs, but the store interior is still very nice and elegant, according to the standards of the chain Deluxe brand.

nail salon billboard

Deluxe nail spa light box with Deluxe Nail Spa, highlighting the brand name.

Complete nail salon construction

The mirror-panel details are also repeated to synchronize the brand's identity throughout the chain, but to be simplified, without rear lamp slots, to reduce investment.

nail spa shop furniture

It can be said that the same brand identity style, however, with any level of investment, MV can transform to raise or lower to suit each investor and different business premises. This is also practical and pragmatic Architect MV always understands to meet each customer.

Manicure table

Manicure tables are designed in detail, which helps to fit nail equipment and supplies, such as nail dryers under the table surface, garbage holes in the middle of the table, leather armrest for customers, and drawers. furniture for staff ... It can be said that the details are meticulously designed, giving investors satisfaction during the long-term operation.

Manicure table
Nail spa shop model

deluxe nails spa salon no.3 - construction image:

The third nail salon was built at Pfeilstraße, Köln, Germany, with an area of 75m2. Because it is located on the street, the shop floor is quite narrow, deep and zigzag

nail shop design

However, we have designed everything to fit the status quo.

nail salon bar design

The colors and lines have changed a little bit compared to the two above salons, but still show the overall style of the Deluxe Nails Spa brand and create familiarity and closeness to customers when visiting any nail salon. same in the system.

nail salon

A number of cosmetic display corners for manicure - nails

Design nail display rack nail salon

Thank you for visiting the Deluxe nail salon chain. There are many other nail salons and spa salons, please visit the website Come to My House. And if you have a need for nail salon design with reasonable cost, optimal beauty and function, please contact us:
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