Located in the center of the big urban area, at the same time, Ngoc Trai is the only subdivision surrounded by rivers and lakes. This is the subdivision with the most suitable location for business model of commercial townhouse - shophouse. So let's explore with MOIVAONHATOI the overall design of the shophouse of Pearl sub-area Vinhomes Ocean Park Please.

Choose MV, you will get many benefits:
1- Fast application (less than 60 days)
2- Competitive price (best price in the whole area Vinhomes Ocean Park)
3- And High Quality (construction supervisor is 100% time on the project)
Thanks to mastering the construction techniques of Vinhomes Ocean Park, knowing the location, drawing data, applying for construction permits, and a team of abundant and highly technical human resources.

Shophouse design in Pearl area

Shophouses in Pearl area own a beautiful location along the 52m road - dubbed the "silk road" of Vinhomes Ocean Park. This is the most important street of the urban area and has a very busy daily traffic volume. Therefore, the business potential in Ngoc Trai shophouses is huge.

Vinhomes Ocean Park
Shophouse design in Pearl area

Shophouse in Pearl area is designed according to Mediterranean style with European accents in elegant white. Metallic accents and black glass make the whole house very liberal and homogeneous.

commercial townhouse premises

Pearl sub-area has all 116 shophouses with common areas from 60m2 to 101m2. Each apartment has a height of 4.5 floors, including an open surface with a size of 5-8m.

Shophouse design in Pearl area

The uniform overall design of the shophouses in the Pearl sub-area viewed from above.

sand background inside commercial townhouse
handover status

However, the raw shophouses handed over by Vinhomes Ocean Park to customers usually only have a frame. Going deep inside, you will see that the new shophouse only has a sandy floor and even has no stairs, but only a wooden ladder to go up to the floors.

tarpaulin to protect the construction

MOIVAONHATOI has experience in construction and completion of many shophouse projects in Ngoc Trai sub-area. So we fully understand the construction techniques of Vinhomes Ocean Park, from locality, drawing data to applying for construction permits. We are committed to providing the best quality service and competitive price in the market.

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