The Nordic style design for apartments has been raining recently because of the minimalist, economical but extremely modern. Combined with glass tiles for Nordic space will bring a new space that many families choose today. Discover right away.

The architectural architecture of the apartment is divided into scientific living spaces using glass tiles

The apartment architecture is divided into scientific living spaces, helping to maximize the use area with 2 bedrooms, 1 multi-purpose room, living room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

the corridor of the floor is covered with shiny stone glass tiles, industrial wooden cabinets and large mirrors

Corridor leading into 1 house is tiled with polished glass and stone tiles. On the right is a closet shelf with many smart sinks that turn on and off automatically on the right, a large mirror on the right for you to look at yourself as well as increase the sense of area for the corridor space.

The living room uses Nordic style sofa sets combined with wall paintings

The living room uses a Nordic style sofa set that is designed to be slender, but still creates the necessary sophistication. Paint on the wall is a picture designed with a simple, lightweight material that helps create fun accents.

The common living area is covered with glass tiles and plaster ceiling with black leds and ceiling lights

The use of glass tiles in combination with the LED lights running along the house helps the light to spread evenly into the space, giving a luxurious and comfortable feeling.

Lazy small orange sofa can sit relax reading book

A small orange lazy sofa adds energy to the entire space and is also very useful, you can sit back to read and enjoy tea.

TV cabinets and cupboards decorate the living room using opposite colors white and black

TV cabinets and living room décor use opposite colors of white and black, seamless design forms a whole to help partition the space pleasant, free from clutter.

Standard dining table for 4 spacious people, polished glass-tiled floors

The dining table is a standard dining table for 4 people in the family, but it can still be arranged for 6 more people if the owner wishes to welcome the late guests thanks to the dining table and spacious space.

The dining table with decorative art lamps combined with glass tiles create reflective light to help the apartment sparkle more

Above are three decorative lamps thanks to the white space, and the glass tile floor creates reflective light to help the apartment become more sparkling.

The kitchen is designed with L-shaped wooden kitchen cabinets, the floor is covered with polished glass tiles and fully equipped with cooking facilities.

The kitchen is designed with the familiar L-shaped wooden kitchen cabinets, with all the necessary cooking facilities, neatly arranged, and the floor and kitchen walls continue to be glazed with tiles to be clean and easy to clean.

The master bedroom has a minimalist design with a large bed, two shelves for small decorations, and a wall mural

The main bedroom minimizes the furniture to accommodate a large bed, two small closet shelves to decorate the space.

The main bedroom has a large bed, decorative wall murals, light colored nightgowns


Industrial wooden cupboard with black door handle large storage space, bedside hanging an entertainment TV screen

Industrial wooden closet with black door handle brings large storage space, the bed is hung an entertainment TV screen. Above is the electric light system and harmonious wiring equipment that brings high aesthetics.

The master bedroom in master bedroom is fully equipped with scientific and comfortable sanitary equipment

The bathroom in the main bedroom is small, but thanks to the scientific design, it still has enough amenities and has a luxurious glass shower.

Bedroom for girls, with 1.2m2 wide bed headboard design silhouette cloud and next to the bear lamp

The 1.2m2 wide bed is placed in the girl's room, the headboard is designed in the shape of a cloud and next to it is a bear-shaped night light as the daughter's preference. Pink and white curtains create a dreamy space for your baby.

Multifunctional rooms are lined with laminate flooring and large windows

The multi-function room does not use glass tiles, but is clad in industrial laminated wood. You can make a 3rd bedroom when needed or also design a room work With large windows fully responding to natural light.

Innovative design storage cabinets can be turned into a desk

Innovative design shelves run side by side on the wall, and can be turned into a small desk. Above is the clear bookshelf, you can also put personal decorations or souvenirs.

The common room for all members of the family uses white color and full sanitary equipment

The common room for all members of the family should be more spacious than the master bathroom, using the white color from the tile floor to the Sanitary equipment At the same time, the mirror cabinet and glass wall are also equipped with modern and comfortable facilities.

Overview overview of Nordic interior design apartments using glass tile floors and plaster ceiling

Overview, interior apartments Nordic style Combined with glass tile floor, it brings a new experience for homeowners, comfortable space and is full of light.

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