People's interest in home design along with environmental protection is increasing. What's better if the house is both eco-friendly and minimalistic. So how to make your home both create positive green energy and be simple and comfortable? Let's learn the steps to create a house following the trend of Eco-Minimalism with MOIVAONHATOI.

Organize and rearrange your home

Eco-Minimalism trend

The first thing you need to do is definitely clean and organize the space of the house. Consider which items should be discarded and which can be reused. To reduce the generation of waste, do not rush to throw it all away, but think about how to recycle.

Use solid and safe materials

green minimalist home design

Instead of shopping for beautiful and cost-effective items, the quality is not good. Then you should invest in durable and sturdy furniture. Because the characteristic of the Eco-Minimalism trend is recycling, a poor quality item cannot be used for a long time. Durable natural-based materials are also more environmentally friendly and safe.

Open window design

Eco-Minimalism trend

A room without windows will be very gloomy and secretive. So let's allow natural light into the house as much as possible. Sunlight will make your room brighter and more airy. In addition, warm natural light also helps reduce the cost of the home's lights.

Decorate the room with green plants

green house design

To create a space following the true Eco-Minimalism trend, you need to add trees to your home. Trees create a soothing atmosphere, significantly impact the design and make the house more natural. Plants also help to purify the air and make the house environmentally friendly.

Maximize space

Eco-Minimalism trend

Maximizing space is the core value of Minimalist design style. It promotes, creates a more airy and friendly atmosphere. Prioritize the use of furniture with many functions and utilities. Integrating spaces in a reasonable way makes your home more spacious and "smarter".

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The Eco-Minimalism trend encompasses more than just changing the interior decoration. An eco-minimalist home requires you to change your own lifestyle as well. Although it will be difficult to adapt right away, the change will be well worth it. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact MOIVOAONHATOI immediately.

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