Living room interior townhouse

CONSTRUCTION DESIGN Renovation of the city interior 40M2 X 4 FLOOR

Acreage: 40m2 x 5 floors

Construction: 285 million

Construction time: 30 days

Address: Cam Hoi Street, Hanoi

— 2015 —


A / 3D ground of the kitchen kitchen - Level 1:

3D interior plan of town house

On an area of 40m2 x 5 floors, townhouse design arranged on the first floor - kitchen, 2nd floor - living room, 3rd floor - parent bedroom, 4th floor - baby bedroom, 5th floor - altar.

Actual picture and interior construction of the townhouse kitchen:

In order to expand the kitchen area as well as make the space more open, the dome wall near the stairs has been removed.

Kitchen, kitchen, dining room furniture is nice after finishing the construction step:

Kitchen and dining room interiors

The sophistication in the design of this Cam Hoi town kitchen is the kitchen cabinet system connected to the stairs to form a perfect matching block, from the white color with brown borders to the points intersecting very accurately. That not only made the kitchen more spacious as it was extended to the second floor, but also increased the beauty of the normal, separate staircase that now becomes an integral part of the kitchen.

Improving larger space for townhouses:

The dining room area was also widened to the maximum of the door after constructing the brick wall.

Panoramic view of townhouse kitchen after renovating the interior:

The first floor is a kitchen and a dining room with townhouse

Interior design and construction of townhouses. After finishing, the whole rough iron door was initially replaced with a modern system of plastic doors and rolling doors, this change makes the townhouse safer, more beautiful from the outside but just angled. look airy as you pull up the iron door.

Different from the kitchen area, which is neat and space-saving, the dining table is prioritized in the middle of the room, this shows that the homeowners value the moments when families gather together, especially during meals. .

Let's prepare delicious meals from the beautiful kitchen:

townhouse furniture kitchen

Featured in the entire interior of this townhouse is the banana green color in the kitchen, which not only makes the room accent, but also makes the space here become clean, fresh, inspiring every time you enter the kitchen. for housewives. The design of a townhouse kitchen right on the first floor also helps the ladies to go shopping in the bag, the other basket can be placed on the kitchen or in the refrigerator to prepare family meals quickly and conveniently. convenient.

B / 3D plan of the living room - 2nd floor:

3d ground floor plan townhouse interior

Going up the stairs is the 2nd floor, with an area of 40m2 living room arranged quite comfortably with sofa, TV shelf, wine cabinet, piano ...

Situation and construction of interior rooms of town houses:

Situation iron flower windows look outside and after being demolished to make doors to spacious balconies.

Interior construction of townhouses after completion:

Living room furniture has finished the town house furniture

Using a large cloth curtain to cover the balcony door, the interior design of the townhouse's living room has cleverly brought softness and elegance into the entire reception space. A special highlight that makes the difference in the interior design of this townhouse is the granite wall trim around the back of the living room chair which is very eye-catching. Granite tiles are often used in reception areas and large hotel halls to bring modernity and class to the space, so beautiful living room furniture becomes more valuable after completion. Fort.

Old kitchen area is built into the living room:

On the second floor was the family kitchen and was later renovated into a living room. The opposite wall of the ascending staircase was demolished to create a larger and seamless space.

Impressive beauty from the model of a modern townhouse living room:

townhouse furniture

After finishing, the edge of the stair railing is separated with the main space of the living room by a large glass wall combined with a CNC texture, which creates the necessary security as well as exalts the exquisite beauty. for plaster ceiling in particular and the entire living room in general. The synchronization in the living room interior is also quite focused by the owner through choosing floor mats with sofa pillows or television shelves with wine cabinets ...

Break walls to turn. kitchen cabinets into wine cabinets:

The partition walls up the stairs were skillfully turned into kitchen cabinets. Making the most of the floor space of the 2nd floor, the specially designed wine cabinet lies throughout from the living room through the glass wall to the staircase landing area. The design of such a wine cabinet has made the living room larger, while helping the staircase landing area look vivid, with eye-catching souvenirs such as inviting, attracting anyone to play at the house to visit the living room. sightseeing, chatting ...

C / 3D parental bedroom ground - 3rd floor:

3d bedroom parents house town house

Located on the 3rd floor, the parents' bedroom is arranged quite scientifically with the bed in the middle, on both sides of the headboard is a wardrobe, a chalkboard with a uniform design together.

Current status and construction of townhouse bedrooms:

The space of the 3rd floor originally designed a large room separated by a wall with round old windows. And to renovate into a master bedroom, that wall will be removed, the sides of the balcony window will also be closed just to open a door to the balcony. "Townhouse interior".

Bedrooms have ample space after being renovated and designed:

complete the house interior

With the advantage of area after joining two rooms into one, the master bedroom furniture was able to comfortably "put on a new coat" in classic style with aristocratic curves in the design. Hidden similar to Western palaces, the couple's bedroom has designed the wall divided into cells combined with patterned wallpaper to hang art paintings, beautiful and unique wedding photos. 

Turn the door of the WC room to the closed space:

The current situation of the 3rd floor of the townhouse is located near the stairs landing, and to have a closed space for the master bedroom, the WC door has been closed and protruded from the direction in the room.

Classic and noble features in constructing 40m2 townhouse bedroom furniture:

Classic interior townhouse furniture

A beautiful interior space is a space when you can clearly see the style, the design intention as well as the arrangement of furniture in a reasonable way, matching from objects to the array of walls and ceilings. together. To bring out the classic appearance according to the preferences of the host, the plaster ceiling is designed elaborately with fine flower lines combined with a chandelier of noble and luxurious style.

Do you realize where the bedroom closet is? In this master bedroom design, the closet is quite cleverly placed using the ridges, just to enhance the noble beauty of the space. The private makeup corner of the sisters is also quite carefully taken care of with a chalkboard set with lights around the mirror like in professional make-up rooms.


2THACH CAO - SON BAY40 million
3WALL PAINT15 million
5LAYOUT WOOD 140 million
6LAYOUT WOOD 240 million
TOTALVND 285 million

In addition to the interior style above, invite you to see more interior design of Scandianvian style of newly completed MV through the article: Interior design and construction of townhouses

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