Address: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Acreage: 60m2 x 2 floors

Cost of construction300 million

Construction time: rough part 40 days, interior part 20 days

— 2008 —


Welcome to the country-style mansion in the heart of Hanoi, designed by the MV company - Come in my house. This is also a project with photos taken after 2 years & 6 years of use, and has been filmed by many film crews, please see more at the end of the article!

Nhưng trước hết, mời các bạn tham quan ngôi nhà từ quá trình trước khi sửa chữa, quá trình sửa chữa và hoàn thiện nhé!

Turn into a small alley on Ta Quang Buu, p.Bach Khoa, Hanoi, you will be surprised to visit a garden house with a modest scale but still exudes charm not inferior to the design Beautiful expensive villas in Viet Hung area. It is the house of uncle Tam.

Beautiful garden villas after renovation:

3d design garden villas

Looking at the outside appearance I think you will like it, but it will be even more attractive if you understand the design process and the handling is more meaningful than merely the aesthetic of the house.

First of all, this is a renovated one-story house built in 1985.

RENOVATION - That means strict adherence to the old walls and beams of the house. It is very difficult and constrained. Different from the design of a completely new villa from the vacant lot.

Layout of mini garden villas - 1st and 2nd floor:

garden villa floor plan

3D perspective drawing:

Garden villas

This house has an area of only 60m2. But you are about to see the process of transforming it into a beautiful 60m2 mini villa not inferior to the Viet Hung Vincomvillage big villas (even more than them in terms of location - in the heart of Hanoi)

Old ground floor 1:

status of garden villas

As you can see, this is a one-story house, the upper terrace has a balcony that runs all the way, just like the one-story houses in rural areas now. And the mission of the architect is to make it a 2-storey house, a beautiful villa with the merging between the new (2nd floor) and the old one (1st floor), as well as the integration with the garden landscape.

Front view of the existing house:

The old house

Looking at the balcony corridors, the windows on this door are reminiscent of the old days when building a house was very valuable, and everyone was stereotyping the same shapes and strokes. It is a one-story house with flat roofs, and on the roof, there are corridors and long-running balconies.

Overlooking from the gate of the garden villa before the renovation:

status of garden villas

In Hanoi, it is not easy to get a wide area like this. And with this house, it has not been used optimally.

And after renovating the design of garden villas:

after renovating the garden villa

And the optimal solution here is to fix a few, but much more effective. The most effective here is the integration with the common space, the integration with the house not plastered behind.

Front of the house:

Construction of bare brick villas
Villa corner countryside in the heart of Hanoi 2 floors

Not only is the garden merging, but it seems that the non-plastered brick wall of the house is quite consistent with the overall.

Cropping the old one:

Construction demolition of old houses


Countryside mansion with rustic bricks

A pretty lucky point of this project is that it is located in a garden. Landscape design This garden will enhance the background of the building, how it fits in, it all depends on the shape and architectural details I use. For that reason, Come to My House, I chose the style of designing a classical villa, with bold Vietnamese architecture, countryside, Garden Villas ...

Asian oriental classical villa design

Details of garden villas design:

That is Garden villa design Vietnam countryside with red-roofed roof tiles with rafters, non-plastered tiles, and flower-hole tiles.

Model of garden villas Asian characteristics with wall paint color are warm, warm tones, door painted with cockroach wings ...

And the small details, the garden is polished. From areca tree, banana tree, jar jars… the plot of soil on the wall, how to arrange the tiles on the yard ...

All these details fit in, creating a peaceful, fresh, cool garden house, a beauty that makes visitors, as well as the owner of the house, feel relaxed ... different from the beauty. Modern style, square block…

Interior construction process of 2nd floor and 2nd floor garden villas:

Interior construction of the villa
Construct mini landscape balcony 2nd floor villa

Construction of facades made of bricks not plastered:

Brick not plastered in the front wall array running from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor creates a healthy look and emphasis. It is also synchronized with the flower holes on both sides of the balcony, tile roof, creating a garden architecture, classic Asian

When completed, the villa blends with the garden:

Front view of garden villa design when completed - striking beauty:

It is much more difficult to renovate an old house, to build a new house, and to renovate it to become a 2-storey house than a 3, or 4-storey house. Because 3, 4-storey houses can use many large blocks of blocks, or repetitive details etc.

Moreover, this is a "super small villa 60m2", however, this 2-storey house also has a very unique shape and beauty is not inferior to all types. Garden villa design There is another large scale.

Non-plastered bricks are also applied in Dang Xa Gia Lam apartment's interior:

Rustic tiles not plastered in the interior

See more pictures of Interior design of Dang Xa apartment building Gia Lam, Hanoi

Mini villa with green garden:

Design and construction of Asian garden villas

Rural look from banana flower:

Side view from the garden:

Imitation steel frame, an integral part of the garden floor 2 - A relaxing space with hanging baskets, bird cages and views of the garden below.

Sitting on the 2nd floor playground with a view of the garden, it's like relaxing at a restaurant cafe So expensive.

Under the garden is also a corner of the cafe with green walls:

Around the house, there are greenery everywhere, the green wall created by this lizard tree and snail

Office furniture - Reception on the first floor:

The interior of the house is simple, but it suits the appearance.

A corner to celebrate the old house:

As someone who cherishes memories. And also very carefully, he laid the first bricks for the house back in 1985. As well as supervisor, elaborate every detail in the newly renovated work. Attention Tam will make you more surprised when visiting the house, it is a picture frame of the old house.

REVENUE (AFTER 2 YEARS OF USE) - 2008 - 2010:

Every building has its own life, just like people do. There are also changes, from size, growing, shrinking, to appearance, and also the relationship with people and animals around them. They can also be beautiful thanks to the care of the owner. If you have a favorite house, a favorite room, you will feel these gradual changes, just like a living body.

And certainly one thing, the works of the moivaonhatoi will always be beautiful and beautiful with time of use. Definitely so, so you can always invite more guests into My House.

Please come into mind after 2 years of using The work is still the same, from wall paint color, door paint, still as new as durable. Only plants, gardens make the building more beautiful.

Pictures of villas in 1 family party day:



REVENUE (AFTER 6 YEARS OF USE) - 2008 - 2014:

Not only photos taken after 2 years, now also invites you to visit the following house 6 years of use. Amazing, an interesting experience that hardly any website has !!!!

A cafe corner in the yard:

The cafe space in the front yard is very airy, and also can watch the whole house ...

Should we move the living room out?

Country villa after 6 years of use

Why not move the living room outdoors to just welcome guests can show off the beautiful house and show off the natural space that covers the house?

The house is surrounded by nature:

The garden next to the old days was a brick wall without plaster, now covered with tree scales, forming a beautiful green wall !!!

Living room number 2:

Living room number 2: the living room is tiled with moss and painted with walls by trees ...

Green spaces are especially rare in the heart of Hanoi:

With Garden villa design This green, sitting at home is also romantic, just as beautiful as luxurious cafes, right?

Also the place to take photos of the models:

This place is most likely a place for Model to come and take photos? It's hard to find a big green wall like this in the space of Hanoi capital ...

8 years, 10 years, 20 years later will be more beautiful ???

Moivaonhatoi goodbye everyone! And in the future, the house (this living individual) will continue to grow, become more beautiful, renewed, and more transformative, and hope that you will always come back to visit the website moivaonhatoi to witness this change. , after 8 years, 10 years, or even 20 years !!!

Hope this will be Garden villa model Many of you love and reference.


1NEW CONSTRUCTION 2, ROOFING TILES, AREA 60M2 equivalent 4 MILLION VND / 1 M2 (IN 2008)240 million

The villa has an equivalent area, with a cost of 500 million, you can refer to: Nice mini villa in the countryside 2 floors 500 million Thai roofs

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