The current decorative lamps are very diverse with different characteristics. So which is the most suitable decorative lamp for your home? MOIVAONHATOI will list in this article the most popular decorative lamps today, with the characteristics of each type so that you can easily choose the type of lamp that meets the needs and interests of your family.



Chandeliers are the type of lights that cannot be ignored in the decorative lamps for houses, and big constructions. This type of lamp is usually installed in the central position of the house or room. It contributes to creating accents, adding light to the whole space, attracting the eyes of anyone when entering. If you intend to choose chandeliers for the dining room, living room, bedroom or waiting room, you should choose the style and size to suit each style of interior design.

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2. Ceiling light

The characteristic of this lamp is that it is embossed on the surface of the ceiling, has decorative and lighting effects, helping the space of the family and office become more impressive. Currently, ceiling lights are used a lot because it looks quite simple, easy to install and especially not too high prices like drop lights, chandeliers, less outdated.

Ceiling light

To install the ceiling lamp is quite easy, it is not picky space, can be arranged in the living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony. Currently, many units use led technology for ceiling lights, this brings more convenience in lighting, helping to save electricity, ensure safety for health.


Drop light

This lamp is also known as a suspension light, a new product appearing in the market of decorative lamps today. Usually it is suspended from the ceiling by a wire, chain or metal rod with a size of 0.5 to 3m. You can use multiple at the same time and easily hang in a straight line. Suitable drop lights hang many different spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, landing stairs, bars, dining tables, bathrooms ... Thanks to it that light the entire surrounding space is provided adequately, appropriately with the personality and interests of each homeowner.


focus headlights

In decorative lamps, this is a light with impressive accent lighting, striking exactly at the position that the installer wants. The lamp has two types of light for customers to choose, one is yellow to bring luxury beauty and the other is white to create elegance. Although the light is able to focus on spot lighting to make the space more prominent, its light is not bright or dazzling, but it is very natural and comfortable.

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Downlight decorative lights can be installed in a variety of positions such as: above the ceiling, or can be mounted concealed or mounted. The light beam of the light is oriented or diffused, because it uses led technology, it feels soft and radiates a relatively spacious space, lighting up a large area or meeting as a spotlight. Nowadays, many people often use downlight to light or decorate their home, restaurant, supermarket, bar…

Above are the decorative lamps being loved by the homeowners. Reading the characteristics of each lamp, have you found the most suitable decorative lamp for your home yet?

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