What are the most popular types of floor tiles today? As you know, the foundation is an indispensable part of every house. A beautiful floor will enhance the aesthetics, and make us feel comfortable in our own home.

So let MOIVAONHATOI immediately discover the types of floor tiles that are the trend of the year 2o20. With these types of tiles will definitely show off the overall beauty, harmony in your home.


At present, households believe in using ceramic tile for flooring. This is a decorative tile with low water absorption, anti-slip, easy to clean, providing a cool and comfortable living space.

Decorative ceramic tiles with outstanding features do not fade due to color mixed with aggregate. The gloss achieved is due to polishing rather than the enameling process, so the enamel layer is not removed after a long period of use. Due to the compact structure, the bone is hard, without holes and not cracked and stained over time. Just gentle cleaning to remove the stain. There are dry, rough surface glazes available to reduce the risk of slipping. Minimize water seepage from the bottom up better than other products.


Not covered with an enamel layer on the surface like ceramic tiles, the main component of the glass floor tiles is stone powder. Therefore, in terms of color, glass ball tiles are not as diverse as ceramic tiles, however, glass tiles are not less valuable. The biggest advantage of the glass ball tile is its high surface hardness, great bearing capacity, scratch resistance, anti-fouling, and limited openings, so it is highly appreciated for its aesthetics and durability and longevity.
Glass ball bricks are also known as quartz bricks, homogeneous bricks ... with the selling prices ranging from 170 to 180 thousand VND / m2. Due to the above outstanding advantages, glass ball tiles are preferred for use in areas with many people traveling or spaces that require luxury and modernity. In addition, it is recommended not to use glass ball tiles for locations near or to water.


Granite is an unburnt floor tile, manufactured based on the vibrating and compressing technology of natural stone powders. All tiles are one block of the same material, so the surface color with the color of the skeleton is the same, creating a high aesthetic. Brick motifs and patterns are created thanks to modern advanced 3D printing technology as well as colors created right in the brick pressing process, so the problem of color flight is completely absent.

Good staining resistance and easy cleaning allows the user to erase all stains in the space, leaving the space as new. In addition, Granite tiles are not discolored by detergents, so it is possible to use mild detergents to remove stubborn stains.


Also known as "ba Tau" brick, ceramic tile with the main ingredients is clay (70%) and stone powder (30%). Due to possessing features such as color diversity, no cracks, mold, etc., ceramic tiles are ideal for front yard, backyard, or terrace spaces. However, due to its high water absorption, ceramic tiles are susceptible to yellowing after a period of use. The price of ceramic tile is quite high, about 300,000 VND / m2, depending on the model and size.


Types of wooden imitation floor tiles always create great attraction to customers. With a variety of colors, tiles bring a warm and luxurious beauty, no less than natural wooden floors. Wood grain bricks do not fade over time, so the color you choose for the space will always look new after using it. Aesthetics are undeniable benefits of wood grain bricks. With a delicate design, wood grain brings a luxurious and modern beauty to the space, attracting the attention of the viewer. With wood grain background tiles used to bring a luxurious space and close to nature, bring a sense of relaxation to the space.

Wood grain bricks are resistant to dry climates as well as high humidity, are not scratched and will not be moldy, termite over time, not fouling, easy to clean, anti-slip, Suitable for both families with children and the elderly.



Encaustice tile gives you a lot of benefits that make it the first choice when choosing floor tiles. Each pattern is unique and bears the imprint of the hand of the craftsman. Therefore, choosing which type of brick is the way modern Vietnamese homeowners want to express their personality, ego and personal taste. Unlike other types of bricks, the construction of encaustic cement tiles only takes a short time. Waiting for the mortar and waterproofing agent to dry does not take too much time for the owner.

The surface of the encaustic cement tile is very hard thanks to the compressive pressure, so the worker does not have to spend too much time and effort when executing other types of floor tiles. Easy, quick construction means work cost of construction cheap. This is also a matter of concern for any homeowner when choosing paving materials. When using encaustic cement tiles for flooring purposes, homeowners no longer have to worry about dirty or scratched surfaces. Just in the construction phase, the master requires the worker to carefully tiling a little, sweeping the waterproofing agent is a perfect maintenance of the surface of the tile floor. Incredible, but the encaustic tile has a longer life expectancy than the ceramic tile.
Good temperature retention is the benefit of using tiled tiles. Therefore, when using encaustic cement tiles, the floor will be warm in the cold season and cool in the hot season. After a certain time, homeowners can apply more waterproofing to easily maintain their tiles. .

Above are the most popular types of floor tiles today. With the knowledge that we provide about each type of floor tile, hopefully you have chosen the most suitable and beautiful tile style for your home.

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