Duplex apartment is a relatively new concept to many people. There are even people mistaken between dplex and penthouse. So, what is duplex apartment? How to distinguish these two types of apartments? MOIVAONHATOI will help you answer all that.


Duplex apartment is a form of designing a flat apartment between at least 2 adjacent floors in the same building. Duplex apartments are often designed in the attic of a high-end apartment and commercial center project. Therefore, Duplex apartments can open up to the viewing angle with a large, airy view, and toughened glass design in outdoor exposed areas to make the most of the abundant natural light.

What is duplex

Owning Duplex apartments, you will have the opportunity to live in open space in harmony with nature. In addition, thanks to the pine floor design, Duplex apartments make us feel more comfortable and airy than ordinary apartments. That's why, Duplex apartment is suitable for large families. With the large area of Duplex apartments, homeowners can comfortably up ideas on interior design, and entertaining space for the whole family.

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What are the characteristics of duplex apartments? Please read the following to understand:

duplex apartment living room furniture
  • About area: The area of a duplex apartment is often quite large. However, the area of Duplex apartments depends on each project. But in general, Duplex apartments today, usually have an area of over 100 m2.
  • Location: Like a Penthouse, Duplex is usually located on the top floor of an apartment building.
  • About architecture: Duplex apartments are designed through floors, with at least two floors, inside closed stairs to move between floors. The space of the duplex is maximized thanks to tempered glass, so the homeowner can enjoy the beauty of the blue sky, and the bustling city below. Thanks to the open space, Duplex apartments also help you realize your dream of being close to nature.
duplex apartment furniture in scandinavian style
  • About the interior: In accordance with Duplex's superficial beauty, the interior of the apartment is not only carefully selected from high quality materials from the most prestigious brand but also the safety factor is on the top. . Thus, when living in Duplex apartment, you can not only enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life, but also peace of mind and comfort with the most safety.
  • About the price: Usually Duplex has a much higher price than a normal family. On average, to own Duplex apartments you have to pay from 38 million / m2 or more.

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Many people still confuse Duplex apartment with Penthouse. This is easy to understand because these two types of apartments have many similarities. So, what is the way to distinguish a duplex apartment from a penthouse? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI now:

  • Apartment Penthouse always on the top floor of a high-end commercial apartment project, while Duplex apartments are not always in the attic position. Duplex can be interspersed with other common apartment floors.

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Luxury duplex living room furniture
  • Apartment Penthouse there is always a separate space outside the apartment under the eaves, and Duplex apartments do not. Duplex apartment space is closed. But you can still blend in with the outside scenery thanks to the transparent tempered glass.
the porch of the penthouses

With the basic knowledge about Duplex apartments above, hope you understand what a duplex apartment is, and can distinguish it from penthouses, or other regular apartments. Do you like owning a Duplex? Please understand it carefully before choosing!

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