Address: CT9A apartment new urban area Viet Hung, Hanoi

Acreage: 95 m2 - 3-bedroom apartment

Cost of construction Interior part: 105 million 

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

Construction time: 30 days

— 2014 —


Layout of apartment Viet Hung CT9 apartment 95m2:


Please see the total premises to visualize the space before going into the apartment details.

The apartment has a total area of 95m2, 3 bedrooms, but 1 bedroom (in the middle) is turned into altar, separated by a glimpse of glass wall overlooking the living room.

View from the entrance door Construction and Completion "Viet Hung apartment".

Entering the house, you will find the living room divided with space for shoes outside by a shoe cabinet combined with wood and glass decorative walls.

This apartment Viet Hung has a slightly unfavorable design because there is a main door that connects directly to the room ... so this wall creates a separation of space and a screen. Feng Shui for the dining area and the whole apartment ...

Looking from the living room to the main door "Viet Hung apartment":


Living room TV wall segment includes TV cabinets and simple bookshelves, the cost is not high, but has enough use and harmony with the overall interior.

Construction of living room from day to night "Viet Hung apartment":


Pictures of living rooms are constructed step by step from plastering ceiling installation to furniture installation. To complete the interior works, it must go through many steps with at least 7-8 teams of workers: mason, electrician, plasterer, painter, glider, laminator, furniture maker ...

Beautiful interior not only in overall but also small details, requiring coordination between teams of fine craftsmen

Picture of Ngo Gia Tu street seen from Viet Hung CT9A apartment from afternoon to night:

And the progress is also important. The above picture was taken from the apartment down Ngo Gia Tu street on the day of urgent construction. The photo was taken in the late afternoon and late night at 0 o'clock.

Living room apartment after completing "Viet Hung apartment":


Coordinate the above teams of workers to complete the beautiful apartment with a variety of materials ...

The above view is from the living room to the kitchen, it is synchronized thanks to the wood panels, the beams run from the living room (sofa back) to the dining room (the wall is attached to the refrigerator and kitchen cabinet).

The process of construction from paint to wallpaper:

You are invited to see the photos of the finishing process for the walls and ceilings, combining 2 materials: wall paint and accent wall stickers.

Interior design of Viet Hung apartment building upon completion of construction:

living room after completing Viet Hung apartment

The finishing materials for the ceiling walls become the background to highlight the furniture of Viet Hung's beautiful apartment design.

You can see the details of TV shelves, bookshelves are quite simple, if you put it alone, it will definitely not be beautiful, but placed in the plaster wall frame, stuck with highlight paper, then that simplicity becomes suitable. and be exalted, prominent.

Series of modern wall-mounted books "Viet Hung apartment":

Modern simple Vietnamese Hung apartment wall decoration phase

The bookshelves are designed with only horizontal lines, not fussy. These modern bookshelves are mounted on the wall by Ti-thread and iron expansion screws, so the structure is hidden, and the supporting structures are not exposed.

The kitchen area next to the living room "Viet Hung apartment":

kitchen area next to the living room of Viet Hung apartment

Living room furniture connects to the dining room and the kitchen thanks to a wooden array that runs continuously from the decorative partition behind the sofa running up the beams and towards the refrigerator. Making the inherent concrete beams of an apartment building no longer ungainly, but as was previously arranged.

Viet Hung apartment kitchen cabinets with youthful colors "Viet Hung apartment":

Vietnamese Hung apartment's youthful color kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are made of natural wood (oak), but bring a modern design from cubes to colors. The sides of the cabinet still have a paneled texture to ensure the shrinkage of the wood, but the lines are quite simple. The cabinets are simple and modern as well, together with open hinges using new accessories.

The green colored glass back panel of the kitchen cabinet creates a youthful, cool look when cooking ...

Layout of master bedroom "Viet Hung apartment":

3d premises for master room in Viet Hung apartment

Master bedroom layout in style Interior design of the apartment: neat, functional and fit ...

Also because the furniture is placed quite next to each other, so it needs to be done architect is to make them coherent, related and in sync with each other.

3D design and bedroom construction process "Viet Hung apartment":

From 3D design perspective image to construction process

By design, the details will be quite simple, just press a number of points such as the headboard wall, the strictness on the ceiling, and the integration between the lines and the colors of the furniture.

Master bedroom has finished construction "Viet Hung apartment".

master bedroom after construction of Viet Hung apartment

Bedroom furniture with the main color tone is green, suitable for the homeowner's age, with a less detailed design, placed next to a light-rich balcony, making the room airy and cool.

Lying on this bed, you will definitely feel comfortable, there is no narrowness in the area of the apartment design

View from the balcony to the bedroom of Viet Hung apartment "Viet Hung apartment":

bedroom view from Viet Hung apartment balcony

The sleeping furniture has simple, light and harmonious design lines, making the small room of 17 square meters larger and more airy.

Layout of bedroom 02:

Vietnamese Hung apartment in the 3d bedroom

Bedroom 02 has a design opposite to the master bedroom in classical Asian style

3D perspective and construction photos:

This bedroom is designed classic because it is necessary to make use of quite a lot of old natural wooden furniture of the owner, including: bed, wardrobe, TV shelf, bookshelf. Therefore, the design offers an option to use wood splints of the same color as the furniture, to link old items together ... Turn old furniture into new furniture for the new room.

Bedroom after completion:

bedroom after completing Viet Hung apartment

Although the bedroom uses the old furniture of the owner, entering this room you will not have that feeling. The room is still fresh and synchronous, thanks to the ceiling décor, drywall, and warm yellow light.

The old wardrobe of the house is used in harmony:

New furniture is used to make full use of Viet Hung apartment

The old wardrobe and bed placed sound against the plasterboard, as if it had been newly designed to fit the room.

Current status of master bathroom in Viet Hung apartment building and the completion of masonry:

The WC room has been changed a lot, the Old Apartment design becomes the bathroom of the hotel ...

Tiles constructed by moivaonhatoi always ensure the technique and aesthetics, from the selection of bricks to the construction. Construction using plastic platforms, illuminated by laser scanners, to achieve the accuracy of the brick circuit, in addition, moivaonhatoi often paving the floor first so that when finished, the brick circuit on the wall and ceiling is aligned in all 5 sides. of the restroom.

WC master when completed:

Viet Hung apartment building

In WC, the area is small, so the neatness is a very important factor in aesthetics. Therefore, the mirror cabinet system combines the granite face to create a space to make the room more tidy and beautiful.

WC space becomes even larger thanks to the large mirror ...

Pictures of Old and New shared WC rooms:

The image comparing the new and old WC of the apartment will help you see the difference, and evaluate whether to replace the bathroom when buying an apartment? A relatively investment (30 million / room) but effective in the long term?

This WC tiling style is also very beautiful and hopefully a suggestion for your future home ...

Please see more Interior design of Viet Hung apartment P2 area has the same area, with construction cost of 80 million VND


TOTAL105 million VND

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment) 

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