The beautifully designed Ewha Korean Women's University is famous for its underground sound library.

Outside of college

EWHA is the world's largest women's university located in the Korean capital Seoul, designed to be built on a campus of nearly 60 hectares with many trees covered.

Outside of college

Campus with large green grass and many trees planted around the walkway. The area is large enough to meet the living and learning of nearly 20 thousand students

The architectural design outside the school is a green color of grass and tall green trees, wide and straight paths convenient for moving.

Outside of college

Built in 1886, the architecture of Ewha University also has many unique features. It is the intersection between modern architecture and ancient architecture like a castle. Early buildings are still in use today.

Outside of college

Gray is the main color of the exterior of Ewha Girls' University buildings

Ewha Girls' University

One of the school's functional buildings was designed with many small windows with ancient gray bricks.

Ewha Girls' University

All buildings have small windows above to create ventilation inside and get natural sunlight.

design university

And can not fail to mention in the Korean Women's University EWHA, which is an underground sound library.

Ewha Girls' University

Surrounding there are many trees that create landscape as well as create a fresh environment

This building features a modern architecture with steel frame and stacked transparent tempered glass doors

The walkway inside the building uses a smooth, seamless brick, surrounded by a layer of many small glass doors that catch the natural sunlight

The entrance to the 2nd floor is entirely steel and positioned in a reasonable position for moving up the floor

The whole path is viewed from above, surrounded by a fence designed with large glass panels on top of each other

Ewha Girls' University

The glass door is the main material of this modern building. Above is a view of the building's skylight

Ewha Girls' University

Ewha Girls' University is a school with green tree design with the most coverage in Korea

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