The thatched-roof bamboo house with many useful uses for life has been around for a long time. With hot sunny areas, the thatched roof helps keep the house space cool, airy and close to nature. Explore with the beautiful designs of bamboo houses with thatched roofs of ancient Native Americans with strange shapes, and unique decorations with 1-0-2.

Design template for bamboo roof

The house is made entirely of natural wood, the front door is paved with beautiful patterned stone

Design template for bamboo roof

The leaf house helps keep your space cool with the air conditioning cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, the leaf house also helps to limit the noise of rain on rainy days that make you uncomfortable.

The natural woods are used to the maximum to design a bamboo roof house for the model shop quite simple and beautiful

These restaurant Currently also using ancient materials to attract customers, especially with regional specialty restaurants. It can be seen that when combining the leaf roof with wood materials and gentle light, it will create an extremely attractive and impressive space. 

A beautifully decorated statue is placed on a rock and surrounded by green grass

Bamboo piles are built upright and very sturdy

Design template for bamboo roof

A path surrounded by bamboo poles is in harmony with nature

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