Asked what level 4 houses, almost everyone knows, but not necessarily someone has a thorough understanding of it. Even today there are many misconceptions about grade 4 houses. Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI would like to give the most accurate definition of grade 4 houses, as well as answer you about the basic characteristics of this type of house. .


According to the traditional view, the house of grade 4 is a house with solid structure, good bearing capacity, with a service life of about 30 years. Houses can be made of bricks or wood and have brick walls or fences. The roof is made of tiled roofs or roofs made of synthetic cement, more simply, the level 4 roof is also made of bamboo, neohouzeaua, straw.

What is level 4 house

Currently, the concept of house level 4 has been issued on the text. According to the Government's Decree No. 209/2004 / ND-CP of December 16, 2004, grade-4 houses are houses with floor space of less than 1,000 m2 or less than 3 storeys in height. According to this Decree, most houses in Vietnam today are grade 4. Specifically, the Government's Decree No. 209/2004 / ND-CP of December 16, 2004, specify:

Level 1 houses have a height of 20-29 floors or a total floor area of over 10,000m2

Second-class houses with a height of 9-19 floors will have a total floor area of over 5,000 m2

Level 3 houses have a floor height of 4-8 floors with a floor area of 1,000m2

Grade-4 houses have a height of under 3 floors and a floor area of under 1,000 m2

However, according to the Circular No. 03/2016 / TT-BXD on decentralizing works based on bearing structures of works for decentralization, grade-4 houses are defined as houses with a building height of 1 floor or more. down and they are built on areas smaller than 1000 m2. This is the best definition one can understand about level 4 houses

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Because only 1 floor, relatively small area, construction materials are also simple, level 4 houses are often suitable for low-income families, rural families.

Modern model house level 4

In general, Level 4 has the following characteristics:

  • Low construction costs
  • Time to complete quickly
  • The construction process is simple, without requiring complicated technical questions
  • Minimalist architecture, not picky.


In addition to level 4 houses, we often hear the terms such as level 1, level 2, or level 3. So these types of houses are different from houses of level 4, and actually level 1, level 2 , what is level 3? MOIVAONHATOI would like to be answered for you:

  • Level 1 houses:
model of level 1 Thai house

Grade-1 houses are constructed of reinforced concrete or brick materials, so it has a good bearing structure with a service life of over 80 years. Between the rooms in level 1 houses are separated by walls. The roof can be tiled, or made of reinforced concrete. Level 1 will give you a sense of stability in architecture, and comfort in life.

  • Level 2 houses:
Modern level 2 model house

Like level 1 houses, level 2 houses also use reinforced concrete, or bricks as the backbone of the building. It has a shelf life of over 70 years. The rooms in grade 2 are separated by walls made of reinforced concrete, and bricks. The roof part can be either a tiled roof or a flat roof. The advantage of a secondary house is not limited to the number of floors.

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  • Level 3 houses:
beautiful house model

Bearing the same characteristics as the above two types of houses, but the level 3 houses have lower use time, with a life span of only about 40 years. Grade-3 houses use common materials and have normal living facilities. This type of house usually has 2 floors or more.

  • Housing level 4:
Realistic level 4 houses

The lifespan of a grade 4 house depends on the materials selected. The reason that grade 4 houses in Vietnam are preferred over these types of houses is because the structure of grade 4 houses is suitable for construction in both rural and urban areas. Moreover, the architecture of level 4 houses allows ventilation, getting better light than other types of houses. Besides, the cost of construction is also moderate for Vietnamese people, but the completion time is also fast. Typically, the cost of finishing a 4-level house is in the range of 150 - 600 million depending on the architecture and construction area.

So, above, we have summarized for you what is level 4? In general, grade 4 houses are those with a height of 1 floor or less and built with an area of less than 1000 m2. Hopefully, with the knowledge that MOIVAONHATOI has provided, you have a better understanding of types of houses, especially grade 4 houses, to make your choice about the most suitable type of housing!

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