When asked what is a townhouse? Perhaps a lot of people know. But if you ask specific information about a townhouse, not everyone can fully understand it. So what are the characteristics of the townhouse? How to build them? MOIVAONHATOI would like to give you that knowledge.


Town houses, also known as tube houses, are adjacent houses with a narrow facade and modest length. The townhouses are usually built close to each other with only one or two sides adjacent to the road.

What is townhouse
  • Townhouses are a form of housing that are abundant in urban areas, where the population is quite crowded, streets and transportation systems are developed, convenient for travel and business. The common name of a townhouse is a Town house.
  • There are many types of townhouses such as: street houses, alleys, garden townhouses, green townhouses, commercial townhouses, etc.


We have helped you answer the most exactly: what is a townhouse? So how is a townhouse built? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI right away


2 modern townhouses
  • Town house area is usually not too large, wide in width, narrow in width. The houses are often adjacent to each other, so it is hard to avoid the space that is quite cramped. Therefore, it will be practical if you create a green space for the house to increase airiness and comfort. You can exploit the corners of balconies, skylights, stairs, terraces ... to plant your favorite seasonal flower pots.
  • Because of the small area, the townhouses are often built in multiple floors synchronized with each other, facing the street, creating the beauty of the urban area and the city in general.
  • For wealthy homeowners, the townhouse can be built with a more spacious area, surrounded by a green garden. The size of the house horizontally and vertically is relatively comfortable. Around the house planted many trees to create green space, combining aquariums, waterfalls, creating a sense of integration with nature.
  • For commercial townhouses, the area and ground are often in beautiful frontage areas, crowded with people, so it is very convenient for trading and doing business.
  • There are townhouses very uniform, almost the same in design, giving the city a harmonious, scientific, high aesthetic value.

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3D townhouse design template
  • Town houses were born to meet the needs of human use, which can be combined to live and live with business.
  • Town houses are often in sync, not monotonous, discrete. Therefore, the whole town thrives to confirm that the city is also growing.
  • The population is growing, but the area of town houses is often small. Therefore, townhouses were born to increase more and more to save area, but still meet the high demand of people.
  • Because of the high life in urban areas, many people have moved away from villages and countryside to come to the city to live. It is at these times that the need to build houses is growing.

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What is a townhouse building step by step? MOIVAONHATOI is fully listed in the following section:

beautiful townhouse designs
  • Basically, the steps to build a town house are similar to the regular houses, but with a larger scale.
  • Want work with the architect, and the construction company, you need to prepare the necessary paperwork and procedures such as a townhouse building permit.
  • First of all, you need to determine the area of construction scale and estimate the necessary funds to build the project. You also need to understand the use and requirements of your aesthetic to discuss with the architect to achieve the desired work.
  • You must work with the architect to design the building drawings and set up the construction records of the works.
  • After agreeing on everything, ensuring the rights between the two parties, we will come to work with the construction (contractor).
  • The construction party will quote each item for the construction work, preliminary quotation step by step and the overall quotation of the construction work.
  • After reaching an agreement on the price of the house, you can sign a contract with the constructor and proceed with the construction of the townhouse. A small note that before signing the contract, do not forget to read the terms again, to make sure everything is ok.
  • The construction party will immediately deploy the personnel, machinery and equipment necessary to carry out the construction. The construction unit will rely on the work drawing to carry out the construction, to ensure the progress, accuracy and quality requirements for the work.
  • There are usually two parts in the construction of townhouses: rough construction (foundation, foundation, framing, columns, walls for the house, room, kitchen area, auxiliary structures, roof concrete). ..) and complete construction (tiling the wall, painting walls around the house, around the rooms, finishing the kitchen area, roof, and other auxiliary constructions).
  • After the construction step is interior design, this can be done by the owner, or by the contractor, because construction companies often have the package. Interior design services housing for you. But our advice is that you should hire a professional interior designer, because if you choose yourself can lead to asynchronous condition, or not suitable for the whole house. Furniture can be ordered or purchased in the market, depending on the preferences and needs of each family member, as well as according to the predefined design.
  • After completing all the above steps, the homeowner will proceed to the final stage of acceptance to see if there are additional problems, or costs. Complete the payment of backlog costs to the contractor, the contractor hands over the finishing work to the homeowner, so everything is done.
  • You should choose reputable construction companies, long-term in the profession so that after finishing the work, there is still a policy of maintenance and remediation for the house when it is degraded or having any problems.

Above is the basic knowledge to help you understand: what is a townhouse? Features and ways to build this type of home. Townhouses are very popular today, it could be the goal of the future housing you aim to. Therefore, please read this article carefully to get more information before building or designing a townhouse for you.

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