mulberry lane apartment entrance gate. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

Apartment layout 88.96m2, design status of Mulberry Lane apartment Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Hanoi:

mulberry lane apartment premises. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building


Address: Mulberry Lane Apartment, Mo Lao New Urban Area, Ha Dong

Acreage: 88.96m2 - 2-bedroom apartment

Cost of construction Interior part: 85 million

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

Construction time: 35 days

— 2014 —


3D layout of the whole apartment:

Master plan of 3d mulberry lane apartment

The apartment is arranged quite reasonably compared to the other Interior design of the apartment Another, is the living room placed outside, the kitchen hidden in the interior.

3D interior design and current living room handover of Mulberry Lane apartment Mo Lao Ha Dong:

Living room with large windows, wood paneling combines modern and luxurious light on the ceiling Interior design of the apartment.

After completing the living room:

Living room after finishing mulberry lane apartment

This image is somewhat different from the 3D version. Because the wooden wall panel behind the sofa, and the TV wood paneling have a large cost, these two segments, during the construction process, the architect discussed with the landlord and proposed other solutions to reduce expenses. charge but try to keep it as beautiful as a 3D drawing.

From the living room overlooking the main door - workers are constructing electrical parts:

From the main door to enter is a shoe cabinet system combined with a wine cabinet. This wine cabinet system is also close to the dining area table, convenient for the living space and convenient for the family dining space.

Mulberry Lane living room furniture after finishing:

mulberrylane apartment living room

From the current state of handing over the apartment to the living room interior finishing:

Empty apartment handover mulberrylane apartment

Interior design Mulberry Lane apartment handed over with concrete ceilings (no plaster ceiling), single layer walls, unpainted, and unpainted concrete floors. Therefore, there are also many things to do to complete the interior of this apartment.

Simple luxury living room mulberrylane apartment

The white wooden panel on the back of the TV is now replaced with a white paint panel. Therefore, a wooden brace with white border was added to create a border, highlighting this white piece compared to the wallpaper array. It can be said that the design has changed, the cost is reduced by 90%, but aesthetically, it is still relatively stable and reasonable compared to the original 3D version.

Dining room with 1 space:

The wall that presses the dining table is also the wall array for the altar. The altar is placed here not too exposed, and is also close to the family living space

The interior of the dining room of Mulberry Lane apartment is completed:

Completed dining room mulberrylane apartment

Small pictures, simple, but arranged in the right place will bring space and beautiful views to the house.

3D perspective of kitchen area with kitchen cabinets close to the ceiling:

The design of the kitchen cabinet is close to the ceiling, but with the color scheme, it feels like this is still a normal height kitchen cabinet, bringing lightness to the kitchen. At the same time, to make the most of the current height of the design status of Mulberry Lane Mo Lao apartment building, only 2.6m high.

The kitchen after finishing:

The kitchen has completed the mulberrylane apartment

Kitchen cabinets are covered with tempered Glasskote, with green color making kitchen cabinets youthful and bright. And create a cool, joyful feeling when the chef works art !!!

Perspective layout of master bedroom:

3D perspective of master bedroom apartment mulberrylane

Master bedroom with closed toilet. This WC room is separated from the bedroom by a large glass array, making the room larger and beautiful modern.

Bedrooms changed from Existing, Construction and Completed:

WC glass wall makes the whole bedroom interior more modern, sleeping here every day, luxurious apartment like sleeping in a hotel.

master room finishing mulberrylane apartment building

Do you see the bedroom larger than the current status? Read the following paragraphs for moivaonhatoi.com to explain in detail and details!

Bathroom with glass wall in master bedroom:

Glass walled bathroom in mulberrylane apartment master room

In the image above, a small window was previously designed for a WC room. But to optimize the area, WC area is narrowed, WC devices also change position. Therefore, the WC floor section is reinforced with a higher foundation to hide the drainage pipe. Under the chalkboard is also a part of the drain hose, hidden away. Through the image above, and the explanation, maybe you can only imagine a part ...

The bedroom is viewed with a special view - through the glass wall wc:

the bedroom will be wider when the WC partition is mulberrylane

Standing in the bathroom to wash your face, the homeowner will feel spacious, airy, thanks to the glass wall overlooking the bedroom area. That also creates more special spaces, when moving to a living apartment. More special than their previous home, and even more special, than the original design of the Mulberry Lane apartment

From the door to the master bedroom:

master room when handing over mulberrylane apartment

Step into the bedroom, the eye catcher is the WC room and the narrow passageway leads to the bedroom. The inside of the bedroom is narrow (in terms of depth - on this photo). Therefore, the newly introduced design is to turn the WC wall into a glass wall to be able to see through the sleeping space, creating a lively and airy feeling. Of course, this glass wall only opens up the washing space. In addition, the WC area was also pushed back, increasing the bedroom area.

This is a much change from the original design of the building. Although the building's design is standard (applied to floors, and surrounding buildings), moivaonhatoi.com also makes a separate and quite reasonable change (for the view of the architect only. and the owner's needs)

Larger after completion thanks to the glass wall:

mulberrylane apartment

This is the view from the door to the bedroom, the interior design of the apartment is usually simple, but there are highlights in the decorative areas of the wardrobe, under the TV shelf, tight ceilings ... create a special highlight. special. And in fact, instead of using tube lights, buffalo eye lamps with strong, direct light, using these indirect lights will make the bedroom not dazzle, creating beautiful furniture, making The homeowner feels more in love with his beautiful home.

At night, looking through this window is the panorama of Mo Lao Ha Dong new urban area.

Design of boys bedroom furniture:

Child bedroom with lively lines with synchronized patterns on wardrobes, bookshelves, beds

Wardrobe with study desk:

3d child bedroom mulberrylane apartment

Design of high-ceiling wardrobes, connecting to desks and bookshelves. Tailor-made furniture that fits the room

The children's bedroom has not been constructed yet, later on there is a chance to construct it, moivaonhatoi.com will update and hope you come back to see it!

Mulberry Lane apartment design with modern WC:

Modern wc condominium mulberrylane

WC is equipped with full amenities and neat: the mirror is wide on the wall, the stone sink, the heated ceiling lights ...

Compare with initial WC status:

Wc status of handover mulberrylane apartment

Bathroom / toilet furniture after completion:

Wc completed mulberrylane apartment building. Design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

The shared WC room of the apartment is also very luxurious, the apartment's interior design is no less than the hotels.

Mulberry Lane is a high-end apartment complex, with a beautiful campus landscape, invite you to take a look around!

Swimming pool for residents of Mulberry Lane apartment complex:

mulberrylane apartment building swimming pool. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

The swimming pool is placed in a beautiful landscape environment, highlighting the beauty of the buildings. The swimming pool also uses beautiful tiled decorative materials.

The aisle on site:

mulberrylane apartment campus walkway. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

The lakeside grill:

kitchen grill along the lake mulberry lane apartment. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

Chess area for the elderly in Mulberry lane apartment:

chess board for old mulberry lane apartment building. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment

Walkway in the design of Mulberry lane apartment building:

walkway in mulberry lane apartment campus. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

Mulberry Lane apartment garden construction design has a modern style with materials such as iron, aluminum, glass, and the main color is black and white, making people enter the feeling of being abroad.

mulberry lane apartment yard. design and construction of mulberry lane apartment building

The water wall on the outside of the building, is both beautiful and has elements Feng Shui... "Construction of mulberry lane apartment"

Funny pictures at the end of the article:

luxury living room design mulberry lane apartment construction

At the end of the article are funny pictures of Construction Supervision - Architect Do Duc Anh, sitting with the host to experiment with a cup in a new beautiful home space !!!

Also in this Mo Lao Ha Dong area, another apartment Interior of Mulberry Lane apartment 153m2 with a larger area and different interior style, for your reference.


TOTAL85 million VND

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

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