Many people still do not know what penthouses are, nor do they understand the characteristics and the formation of penthouses. Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI would like to give you the shortest definition, as well as the most basic characteristics of penthouses so that you have a complete knowledge about it.

What is penthouses


the porch of the penthouses

Penthouses is a term for an apartment located on the top floor of a building, and not necessarily a penthouse. Homeowners can use the open space of penthouses to enjoy the fresh air, and the surrounding beauty.

Where did PENTHOUSES come from?

Penthouses have been launched at the Plaza Building in downtown New York from the 20-30s. Originally, the architect Penthouses is designed to use spacious and spacious spaces on the top floor of buildings to fully enjoy the beauty of nature such as sunshine, wind, clouds, etc.

Dining room furniture and kitchen room of penthouses

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After a period of time, penthouses here quickly became a new trend of the upper class. From here, most high-rise buildings have built penthouses with modern and luxurious design, optimizing its space advantages.


One can easily distinguish penthouses from other buildings thanks to their lavish, splendid and luxurious beauty. This is reflected in the outstanding features such as:

penthouses tempered glass door system
  • Penthouses usually have 2 floors or more, and there are ladders to move between floors located inside the apartment.
  • Penthouses have a large balcony running along the house, creating a large outdoor space, comfortable for homeowners. Therefore, when designing penthouses, architects often pay great attention to this porch to bring the best experience to their customers.
  • The interior of the penthouses is well-ventilated, adjacent to the air, so the electricity consumption is also reduced.
  • Instead of window frames, penthouses use large glass panels with unobstructed outside views.
  • There are not any partitions in the apartment, the paintings are just thin walls. As a result, the space in penthouses is very airy which helps homeowners easily create their own apartments based on their needs and preferences.
  • Master bedroom is very convenient in interior layout thanks to the large space. Many places, make-up rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, saunas, etc. can be interconnected.
  • Penthouses are often designed with a large floor space like a skylight, bringing beauty to the whole apartment.
  • The kitchen is very focused in the penthouse. So the leading luxury materials and equipment such as stainless steel, granite, kitchen island, bar, ... are all gathered here.
  • The equipment in penthouses is also of the most advanced and the most modern.

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What is a penthouses apartment?

With such a sumptuous and luxurious style, it is not uncommon for a penthouses to be of very high value (possibly up to millions of dollars).

Above we have helped you answer the question what is penthouses? What are the characteristics of penthouses? Hopefully, you have more interesting information about interior design, work design for yourself.

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