Shophouse is what not everyone knows. Shophouse has appeared in the world since the early years of the 19th century in townships and downtown. In Vietnam, this type of shophouse thrived from 2015 - 2016 and became a new trend in the real estate village in 2017 - 1018.

What is the actual shophouse object? What characteristics do they have that appeal to real estate circles? Let's find out in MOIVAONHATOI right in the article below!


What is shophouse

Shophouse, also known as commercial townhouse, is defined as the type of real estate combining residential apartments and commercial shops. Shophouse is usually located at the ground floor (1st floor across the street) of commercial townhouse projects. Shophouse apartments are also often planned in a central location, densely populated to ensure the best business and rental interest rates.


As mentioned at the beginning: the shophouse model has been around since the 19th century. Shophouse is considered a symbol of Southeast Asian architecture because it was built on a large scale in some Southeast Asian countries during the colonial period. geography. Shophouse and similar models around the world are also found in Latin American countries and the Caribbean islands.

What is shophouse

What are the typical Shophouse - typical 19th century? MOIVAONHATOI has listed the most basic features below:

  • Shophouse units are built in adjacent order - next to each other, forming a row along a street. Between 2 Shophouse next to each other there is no space in between.
  • Usually the shophouse is quite low, only 2-3 floors.
  • Although the shophouse facade is not too big, the depth is extended inside.
  • Terms "Five foot way" mean "5 steps”With a length of 1,524m is almost mandatory for shophouses in the 19th century.
  • As the name implies, shophouse is very multifunctional to use. At the shophouse, we can combine the activities of residents with commercial and business activities.
  • The ground floor of this model is often used for store operations.
  • And the upper floor will be the living space, living of the owner.

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So far, shophouse apartments still retain the pure characteristics from the last century. However, it also has the necessary transformation to accommodate the diverse needs, and the development of the times.

Currently, the commercial business activities in Shophouse become more limited (less diverse) than the common business townhouses because it has specific characteristics associated with project and urban planning. Therefore, the service and business items in Shophouse are also highly specialized (based, office company, ...), and population, locality.


Prime location of the shophouse

Shophouse is often located in projects, urban areas that have been fully planned. And it is also given priority to build in locations adjacent to the main road (internal roads) of the urban area.


For both business and living needs, Shophouse is designed with a unique architecture that creates a unique brand of this type of combination. Specific design features of a shophouse apartment are:

Design of modern shophouse
  • Floor design:  Like Penthouse or Duplex, Shophouse apartments are also designed through floors. Inside the shophouse apartment often have stairs to connect the floors with beautiful aesthetic design.
  • Multi-function use: The penthouse apartment ensures diverse functions as both a residential system and a place to develop and trade services. All business activities such as shops, cafe, fashion cosmetics, ... are usually arranged neatly on the ground floor. The upper floor will be for living activities, relaxation, ... of the head of household.
  • Service and commercial center area: Shophouse is designed into a chain of townhouses or a commercial center with a modern, complete complex with utilities, space, entertainment area also included.
  • Change the design architecture when licensed: Due to the building architecture, and the design of Shophouse is planned according to a unified framework in the project, it is not possible to adjust and change the structure. However, you can still apply for a permit to rebuild your shophouse in a different architecture without affecting the structure and planning of the adjacent houses.


Like any other type of real estate, Shophouse apartments have their own advantages and disadvantages. So what are the pros and cons of a shophouse? Let's take a look at each of these pros and cons to MOIVAONHATOI to see if the shophouse really suits your needs!

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busy commercial center
  • Prime location: Shophouse has a very favorable position to bring good business profits for investors such as: located on the front of the main road, on the ground floor of large apartments, located in the center of service - big consumption , densely populated population creates high consumption.
  • Convenient transportation: Shophouse is usually built in apartments located on the main road, with easy location for parking on the road, helping customers freely enter and exit shopping.
  • Limited number:  Shophouse usually only accounts for 2 - 5% on the total number of apartments of the project. With the prime location of the whole project area: located in the center of planning, the scarcity of Shophouses is understandable. But this limitation of quantity offers great value potential.
  • Potential investment opportunity: Shophouse has a large area to help you business in many diverse areas. Moreover, the shophouse has an extremely good ground advantage due to the beautiful location of the project area planned for a large scale. The projects of reputable investors building and selling Shophouse will gather all the good requirements about good location, methodical planning, leading brands, ... which bring good investment value to investors. .


What is shophouse
  • High price: Shophouse is usually located on the ground floor, the number is limited, and its area is also larger than normal apartments so of course, the price of a shophouse is also quite high.
  • Ownership: Legally, a shophouse - Shophouse is issued a pink book but like the Officetel apartment, it has a maximum shelf life of 50 years. Instead of being permanently owned like a house, this is also a disadvantage of a Shophouse apartment
  • Community factor: The community of the whole project is the deciding factor to invest in Shophouse to create good profits. Therefore, a real project with a large community, the Shophouse can develop well.

Above is the basic knowledge about the type of Shophouse apartment. Hope you understand what the shophouse is, and have yourself a lot of new information to easily make a decision about whether to use this type of real estate.

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