Small spaces will always require creativity to optimize the space in the best way. Studio apartments or small premises often combine common living spaces to save space. So how to connect the living and dining areas and still keep the ventilation in the space? To answer this question, MOIVAONHATOI invites you to explore the adjacent dining room and living room designs below.

Design the dining table and living room together

To keep the space from being overwhelmed by furniture, choose the right colors for your home. The living area uses a luxurious dark gray color. And the dining area is made of rustic wood. This space uses dark green and white colors, so it is very lively and fun.

Design the dining table and living room together

The contrasting combination of gray and green is also not a bad idea. Although not too small and tight, the living room of the apartment is still designed adjacent to the dining table. The sepia wood floor is the perfect base to compliment all the furniture above.

Beautiful kitchen decoration

For small spaces, if you don't know how to use colors, you should choose monochromatic colors. Black and white can also create such an ideal space. This contrast helps the space not be overwhelmed by furniture and cramped.

Design the dining table and living room together

A design of the dining table and living room adjacent to the neutral color Nordic style. Large windows allow light to flood in through large windows, creating an airy space. The large dining table next to the window feels like an outdoor party.

Minimalist interior decoration

Continuing is the contrast of the black and white duo. The furniture is designed simply, so the space is very neat. In addition, it is stylized with accents such as chandeliers, bonsai, etc.

Design the dining table and living room together

A design suitable for Vietnamese tube houses. The space arranged in a straight line from the door is the living room, dining table and kitchen.

Nordic style interior decoration

Scandinavian design apartment with dining table and living room adjacent to each other. Soft light and neutral colors and natural wood make the space more compact.

Design the dining table and living room together

The thrones Japanese style house always received a lot of love for the efficient way of optimizing space. The natural wood color makes the room very bright and airy. The indoor green potted plants make the space lively and pleasant.

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The design of the dining table connecting the living room is a way to optimize the effective area. If you have a need for interior design and construction, please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately.

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