Designing containers from simple rectangular containers to cargo warehouses, it is now transformed into a "container restaurant" that both saves costs, saves time and keeps you on schedule. Super nice container restaurant is a combination of innovative technology thanks to the creative discoveries of professional construction engineers giving people the novelty and the most sophisticated thing. I invite you to introduce to you the very beautiful and impressive design: 

Container house designs

The space of the container restaurant area is designed with eye-catching decorations, shimmering, brilliantly filled with LED lights racing from above. 

Container house designs

With the design of a container house, it is designed as a rectangle with steel plates surrounding the body, wrapped with iron pillars, painted red, and very attractive to customers.

In the middle of the rectangle is carved a hole, fitted with clear colored glass, as an order area for guests. 

Container house designs

One coffee shop container được thiết kế dựa trên lối trang trọng, lịch sự đẳng cấp. Tông màu chủ đạo là màu đen, có 6 khung cửa sổ kính, cùng với mảng tường được trang trí bằng lưới sắt, từ mái nhà các cây mọc leo và tên quán rất nổi bật. 

Customers can choose from low iron chairs, or high iron frame chairs to look inside the shop.

Container house designs

Bar space cafe Two-storey container, the main color is cream gold, the stairs and the 2nd floor railing are made of tallet wood, very cost-effective. The wall of the shop is painted very vividly and impressively. 

Container house designs

The front of the shop space gives us a feeling of stepping into the lovely souvenir shop. Large windows and glass doors, the chairs can also be used as a wooden table, shaped like a late coil. 

In another corner, we can see the whole space inside the restaurant, because it is made of containers, it is convenient to change the style of the shop as well as their design. In addition, the restaurant has a yard with green grass, eye-catching. 

Container house designs

Beautiful and impressive designs of the Container cafe, black tones, yellow borders, large glass doors, and the order area is also very modern, in particular, very large signs. Tables and chairs are neatly displayed outside for guests to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. 

Simplicity and convenience are what this architectural style brings. 

Container house designs

The space of a souvenir shop is designed from cream-yellow container, striped roof roof, the outside is decorated with images of cute and funny animals. 

Container houses form a zoo garden, white wooden fences, smooth green lawns and animals playing around. 

Container house designs

Modern style brings a new feature in this architecture, the design is made up of two arrays, the upper array is the name of the shop GFG with black tones, the lower array is the shop space with the shape of a small box, yellow brown Therefore, customers can only sit outside with wooden tables and chairs of different colors. 

Restaurant design Simple container style but does not make customers uncomfortable.

Container house designs

Container Bobii Frutii milk tea shop space, designed as a beautiful grocery store in Korea, the dominant color is green, the decoration is also very simple but does not cause a sense of monotony. 

Decorate the bar with a striking glass of glowing water, or a very strong and impressive wooden lightning bolt. 

Container house designs

The space of a container restaurant is modern, the glass windows of the container are designed very logically arranged to let light in and moderate. Part of white brick wall brings unique and modern features that are still rustic and close. 

The wooden tables, 1 iron leg, are designed to stick to the wall of the restaurant. create a feeling of a soaring table, gentle. 

Container house designs

The design of the restaurant is shaped like a container with a thick, wide, rectangular box, lights throughout the location that make the restaurant stand out unexpectedly. 

The space surrounding the sides of this container house is designed with white brick wall and gray paint below, creating a very reasonable layout. 

Container house designs

The front of a container restaurant is lined with wooden dividing into two parts, 4 short glass doors to oder, with rectangular borders, black. 

With this container house design, the rear of the container is almost obscured, bringing a new and unique point. 

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