Interior design classic style apartment is nothing special?

Classic style with mysterious beauty, elegance, class should always be the number one choice when designing interior for luxury apartments. So design apartment interior classic style What is special and what to note when designing?

Interior design classic style apartment is nothing special?

The classical style is the European art school in the 17th to the 19th centuries, expressed through literature, music and especially architecture. Classic interior design style is often chosen by the rich, sophisticated aesthetic, love the values of traditional culture.

Features of classic style interiors

The most typical characteristic of classic style is the dome, embossed pattern. Pillars, large door, decorated with many motifs, clear contour. Furniture products designed in this style are usually rectangular, using soft pastel colors.

Interior design classic style apartment

In Interior design of the apartment classic style, the spaces will be decorated with unique ancient image sculptures and classical decorations. The paintings hanging in the house are usually portraits, landscape paintings of famous artists of the seventeenth century or the famous religious paintings. These paintings are nested with wood carvings with extremely ingenious and meticulous.

How to use the material

Classic style furniture that reflects the image of previous centuries. They are often used high-quality materials such as felt, leather, natural wood, marble, ... to match the sophisticated design. From that creates luxurious space, superficial, noble.

The pillars are usually made of marble, the wall is lined with high-quality printed paper or natural wood cladding, the wooden floor feels warm and close. Crystal chandeliers, metal watches, gold-plated frames add elegance. In addition, textile materials also create charm for the space.

Interior design for living room apartment style classic
Interior design for apartment living room

How to use colors

The colors used when Interior design classic style apartment It is olive, beige, cream, light green or light yellow, ... These are very smooth, neutral colors with classic nuances and contrast. The colors combine harmoniously to create a perfect space, lightness and background. In particular, yellow and white are the two colors most used, combined with the brown color of natural wood to create accents, bringing a luxurious and magnificent space.

How to use light?

Lighting is extremely important factor in the interior design of apartments. Light can come from nature or artificial light. You can use some sophisticatedly designed chandelier designs, providing gentle yellow light, giving a cozy and artistic space.

The large window frames should be glazed so that natural light can creep into the nooks and crannies of the house, helping the house to be full of vitality and bringing fortune to the owner.

Interior design bedroom apartment classic style
Interior design bedroom apartment

The note when designing interior classic style apartments

Classic architecture only suitable for spacious apartments. So before deciding to choose interior design in the classical style, you need to make sure your house is large enough, suitable for this style. By classical furniture is often superficial, sumptuous, sophisticated, many curved patterns. If not too small will make the room cluttered, mysterious, cramped, causing stuffy, uncomfortable feeling.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid overusing different color tones. Because it will cause confusion, overall confusion, incompatible, loss of science. Should choose two main color tones for the design, white and yellow.

Learn about Feng Shui, understand the actual space before proceeding to the design

Ensuring balance, unity, creating harmony between spaces in the overall house

Condominium design classic style exuding luxury, class, showing status, sophisticated aesthetic taste of the homeowners. However, be sure to grasp the specific characteristics of this style and keep in mind the notes shared above to avoid cliché. To own luxurious and comfortable interior designs, do not forget to contact for advice and support today.

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