Special point in interior design of Korean style apartment

Korean culture has crept into every corner of Vietnamese life, from exciting period, romantic dramas, typical dishes to interior design style of houses. Interior design of the apartment Korean style become the first choice of Vietnamese families. So what is special about this design style?

Korean style apartment interior design

Each redesigned style wears its own unique and distinctive beauty, suitable to the preferences of each family. If the European style is designed with sophisticated curving patterns, bringing elegance and power. Then the Korean-style design tends to be simple, gentle, close, arranged in a comfortable and intelligent space, but exudes a sophisticated, modern and luxurious beauty.

Simplicity in Korean style apartment interior design

 Home is a place for us to return to rest, relax after hours workStressful study should be the most comfortable, airy, neat and tidy. So the decoration is not too cumbersome and complicated but towards simplicity, reasonableness and necessity is always a criterion in the way. Korean style apartment interior design.

This style of apartment interior is extremely reasonable, choosing products with the simplest design, cleverly combining together in a harmonious way, creating a unified whole, adorn each space. with some expensive highlights. Since then, bringing comfort to members, the house's space is light, spacious, airy, and exudes a sophisticated and modern beauty.

Designing Korean-style apartment interior with direction towards simplicity
Interior design in Korean style towards simplicity

Korean-style interior design uses gentle colors

Korean style interior design using a variety of colors, but the main color is still soft, soft neutral tones. exuding the elegant beauty of the land of Kim Chi. In which, milk brown, white, and light yellow are the most used colors. Besides, the architect Do not forget to accent the space with some striking colors or green plant pots. In addition, making the most of natural light combined with a reasonable curtain system and lighting system also makes the home space more warm and closer.

In addition, ventilation is also an indispensable factor in Korean style interior design. The interiors of the indoor spaces are arranged seamlessly together, the living room is usually uninterrupted with the reading room or dining room and divided by a layer of translucent glass. This helps the rooms to be expanded, eliminating the cramped, pressing, stuffy, uncomfortable rooms, and showing harmony and comfort.

Korean style apartment interior design towards ventilation
Interior design towards ventilation

Korean style apartment interior design

Korean interior design clearly shows the typical elements that are simple, well-ventilated, and elegant and elegant. The following is the specific design for each space.

Korean style living room interior design

Normally, the living room of Korean families is decorated with a neutral leather or micro fiber sofa or felt such as ivory white, cream color, gray, ... to exude courtesy, elegant. The above is usually placed a few pillows with outstanding colors to create an accent, youthful and modern beauty.

Besides, by way Korean style apartment interior design, the living room is given priority to use natural materials to subtly reproduce the natural beauty while continuing the traditional values of the ancient Koreans. So it is not surprising that Koreans only use wood, rattan, and bamboo for the interior

Korean style apartment kitchen design
Korean style apartment kitchen design

Korean style apartment bedroom interior design

In Korean style, the bedroom is made from modern style combined with classic details to decorate. The bed is the main detail in the classic bedroom with a dark color blanket. The cabinets and curtains are usually in the same color tone as the wall paint to stand out the bed. All the furniture in the bedroom is used natural wood with beautiful wood lines combined with bright colors to create elegance and elegance.

Korean style apartment kitchen design

In the kitchen space of the way Korean style apartment interior design, the architects often use the ceiling and floor kitchen cabinets for the kitchen to be comfortable, to arrange household items neatly and tidy. The color used is black - white for the kitchen space to be clean as well as to create the most comfortable and airy.

The interior design of the Korean-style apartment building is simple, light, elegant but no less comfortable and modern, so it is the first choice of young families in Vietnam. If you love the beauty in interior design of the country of kimchi, please contact us for advice on the most beautiful, unique and convenient design for your apartment.

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