Features of interior design of Japanese style apartment

Design apartment interior Japanese style towards simplicity, simplicity, closeness to nature but no less subtle, luxurious. Therefore, this is the first choice of young families when designing apartments in recent times. So what is the special interiors of Japanese style apartments that many families prefer?

Interior design Japanese style apartment towards simplicity

The house is a home for the whole family, a place to find the balance, to relax every time you return to become the most characteristic element in style. interior design Selling Japanese is that simple. With this style, the design of interior items in the house is as minimal as cumbersome winding details, preferably using straight lines. Since then, the interior is often rustic, the style is simple and neat. That is why every home furnishings are smartly arranged, convenient and almost no leftovers in the house. The room was so small and spacious.

Apartment buildings often have small spaces, so choosing Japanese-style designs is the perfect choice to save space, for a more spacious and comfortable living space.

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Interior design of the apartment Japanese style towards simplicity

Interior design Japanese style apartment using natural wood

Natural wood is not only known as the timeless material but also gives homeowners a warm feeling. More specifically, each product is created from natural wood through skillful and meticulous hands from skilled artisans, bringing unique sophistication and elegance without losing the elegance. friendly, close of the house. Usually the ceiling and ceiling walls of traditional Japanese houses are made from light woods, natural colors, and furniture made from cedar, maple, bamboo, etc.

Bring nature into the living space

After a long and stressful working day, surely everyone wants to be in harmony with nature to rest, relax, forget all sorrow and worry. In addition, condominiums are often cramped, urgent, stuffy. Therefore, Interior design of Japanese style apartment by bringing nature into the house is a very smart choice. Accordingly, in addition to planting bonsai trees, arranging vases, bonsai, indoor aquariums, design large windows, use glass doors to expand space, welcome light and natural wind.

  Interior design of apartments brings nature into the living space
Apartment interior design bring nature into the living space

Use sliding door systems

If paying attention, in Interior design of Japanese style house, Japanese rarely use open doors but instead are sliding door systems. According to their explanation, sliding doors not only save space and space in the house, but also have the main effect of providing privacy when needed and creating the connection between interior spaces. when opening. 

In addition, the Japanese sitting culture over the years, most Japanese wooden furniture is designed to be placed low on the ground. The main color of the house is the brown color of wood, the green color of plants, the use of wooden floor or gray stone tiles or carpets.

 Interior design Japanese style apartment using natural wood
Interior design of apartments Use natural wood

Can see that, Interior design of Japanese style apartment Bring luxury beauty, sophistication, close to nature. At the same time helps to save the maximum area, expand space, bring comfort, newness, losing the sense of mystery and crampedness of an ordinary apartment. If you are looking forward to owning a beautiful, unique Japanese-style apartment design for yourself, please contact us immediately.

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