Interior design neoclassical apartment style luxurious, beautiful

Interior design of the apartment neoclassical style selected by many families to create their own highlight. Simple, sophisticated but still exudes incredible harmony shown on the lines, the furniture. This has created the undeniable appeal of those who love this school.

Neoclassical apartment living room design

With this style, the living room should be focused on using soft, moderate curves. The living room uses a delicate cream-tone sofa set. The small table creates a new touch for the space. Pay attention to neoclassical style architect has focused on the walls with the magical light that makes a difference.

Interior design neoclassical style apartment
The living room is designed in a neoclassical style

The emphasis on decorative textures creates unique and new apartment space. Yet neoclassical apartment interior design Does not make people feel overwhelmed but brings a pleasant feeling, feeling the subtlety in every detail. People see the courtesy and elegance in each way of choosing and arranging things in the room.

The neoclassical apartment kitchen

The dining area is no exception, bringing the beauty and lightness, the details are designed delicate, minimalist, harmonious for the space. Here we see the ingenuity in choosing dining tables and chairs. Use a slightly curved backrest to create a sense of comfort. In addition, the layout also helps space more luxurious and refined.

Interior design neoclassical style apartment
The apartment kitchen is designed in harmony, using elegant colors

Friendly design dining table with neoclassical details. Above is the warm yellow lanterns that create a sense of closeness and friendliness, bringing people closer together.

Apartment bedroom design in neoclassical style

Interior design of bedroom apartment in neoclassical style should give priority to lightness. The design is not too picky but still retain the aesthetic. Moreover, we should also focus on the use of items in the bedroom.

Design bedroom 1 for parents

Interior design neoclassical style apartment
Interior design bedroom parents style neoclassical

The bedroom of the parents can use a bed with neoclassical design with soft curves. The black mattress brings elegance and elegance. The furniture is also stylized design adds to the aesthetics of the space. We are also impressed with the decorative wall panels, curtains with fancy and elegant patterns.

Designing a neoclassical apartment bedroom interior design you should also pay attention to light. The light used is warm yellow light for comfort. Also if you have a habit of reading, work Before you go to bed, you should also have a work light beside. This will help protect the eyes better.

Interior design bedroom for children neoclassical style

Interior design neoclassical style apartment
Bedroom design for children

Bedroom design for children to take simplicity, leading the way. Using creamy white tones brings a relaxing space. Do not use curves, but use the wall squares to create vivid accents to the room space. The solution uses a ceiling light to create a wall for the house. Along with that is embellished in the space items such as chandeliers, ceiling lights will increase the aesthetic beauty.

Above are the overview of interior design of neoclassical style apartment. Hopefully with this information you will have more ideas and suggestions for me. If you are in need of beautiful interior design, reasonable cost please contact us for advice.

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