Interior design of apartments according to feng shui welcome peaceful air sand

Besides aesthetics, comfort to use, design apartment interior according to the Feng Shui is a factor that many homeowners are interested in. Feng shui suitable apartment building will bring homeowner more gas, luck, peace and create the most comfortable space. So how is the interior layout of the apartment? The answer will be in our shares below.

Designing the interior of the apartment according to feng shui ensures room location

Location of interior design of the apartment according to feng shui
Location is an important factor in Interior design of the apartment
  • Living room: Phòng khách là trái tim của ngôi nhà. Không nên bố trí phòng khách đối diện cửa chính.Bởi trong phong thủy nhà chung cư điều này sẽ khiến năng lượng bị phân tán, vận xấu từ bên ngoài sẽ vào.
  • Kitchen: Designing the kitchen of the apartment in feng shui should choose a reasonable kitchen. The kitchen symbolizing the Fire element has detrimental gas repressing properties. Here Hoa Thuy converges, so do not place the kitchen opposite the railing to avoid drafts, causing unsafety.
  • Bedroom: Do not put the bed next to the toilet because it is susceptible to air pollution that is not good for sleep and affects your health.

Doors, windows in feng shui apartment building

For balcony windows, you should choose a design to catch the sun and wind, natural light to help open space, the air is in harmony with nature.

The layout of the apartment's interior is suitable for feng shui

Almost all apartments have the same sample layout, so the right apartment interior layout is not simple. Interior design of apartments according to feng shui is often towards a modern, simple style, reducing cumbersome details to create an airy space.

Choose the right color feng shui apartment building

Color not only ensures aesthetics and highlights, but also contains feng-shui meaning. In Interior design of the apartment The color chosen will depend on the owner's destiny. Choosing the right interior color and wall painting color will bring good luck and good luck to the family.

colors in the feng-shui apartment interior design
Feng shui apartments ensure the color of the homeowner

Dựa theo ngũ hành phong thủy để lựa chọn màu sắc tương sinh, tương hỗ với bản mệnh của chủ nhà. Ví dụ người mệnh Hỏa nên ưu tiên chọn màu xanh lá cây thuộc hành Mộc, người mệnh Kim nên ưu tiên sử dụng đồ gỗ màu sắc thuộc Thổ,…

Interior presentation of the apartment for each room

Layout of living room: You should place the sofa close to the wall to create a solid fulcrum. Avoid placing the sofa under the ceiling because it will create energy inhibition, a feeling of restraint and discomfort for the occupants. Room Narrow area is a feature of apartment living room. Therefore, you should pay attention to arrange reasonable furniture to ensure neatness, ventilation and comfort. A small note is not to set the tea table too high, which is not good for the homeowner.

The interior of the living room in feng shui
Apartment living room furniture

Layout of kitchen space: The stove represents the Five Elements of Fire, the vegetable sink represents Thuy. But in Feng Shui - Fire is similar, so when designing these two areas should be a little apart.

Interior design of the apartment kitchen according to feng shui
Interior design kitchen apartment

Layout of bedroom space: The bedroom is a place to rest and relieve stress. It also helps members recharge their batteries to prepare for the new day. The head of the bed should be placed close to the wall, not facing the door, window or toilet. This helps homeowners avoid toxic air flow. Do not place a mirror opposite the bed because it will create a feeling of insecurity and discomfort.

Interior design bedroom apartment
Interior design bedroom apartment

Interior design of the apartment according to feng shui is a way to help homeowners have more luck, prosperity, and a more fulfilling life. Although this is a spiritual element, we cannot deny its importance. Hope the above sharing partly helps you understand more about the feng-shui of the apartment building. Please share the article for everyone to know. And don't forget to contact us if you need advice.

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