Address: VOV Me Tri, Luong The Vinh street, Hanoi

Acreage: 80m2 – 2 bedroom apartment

Construction cost of interior part: 150 million

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

Construction time: 30 days

— 2014 —


Layout of VOV Me Tri apartment building 80m2 - living room, kitchen:

premises vov Me Tri apartment

In the face of this 80m2 VOV Me Tri apartment building, the main door is at the bottom right corner of the picture. That means entering the door, we will meet the kitchen first. Due to the original design of the apartment building, each apartment has its own characteristics such as area, price, house direction, and different traffic arrangement. Entering the door to meet the kitchen at this close location is also a disadvantage of the apartment, and moivaonhatoi will take you on a step-by-step tour and see how to handle each problem of the apartment to make it beautiful, Everyone moving home will feel comfortable and proud with friends and neighbors !!!

Construction process - from the main entrance to the Me Tri apartment building:

The kitchen is at the door, but in this house, moivaonhatoi will not design a door partition as usual. Because the room area is quite narrow in width (the total area of the whole house is 80m2). But the architect will handle it differently ... the modern vov apartment

After completing the kitchen in vov Me Tri apartment building:


... here, the architect designed to attract the eyes of visitors entering, being deviated from the left side, the dining room and living room.

When looking to the left, we will have a large, airy space and beautiful, neat decoration details, with wallpaper accent arrays ... fully meeting the basic elements to create a design. beautiful model apartment

Kitchen cabinets with shoe cabinets and partitions:

The kitchen of the apartment vov Me Tri

In addition, the kitchen area is also covered by shoe cabinets incorporating decorative CNC walls. Create a compartment to divide the interior space, the kitchen is not empty out straight out the doors.

Design status of VOV Me Tri apartment building when handing over and 3D perspective from balcony to inside:

Completed living room in vov Me Tri apartment building

It can be seen that there is not much difference between the 3D drawings and photos of the apartments after completion. Demonstrating the design and construction standards of the design company, as well as the right way of thinking of the owner in respecting and pursuing the design to the end.

Wall decoration TV - 3D version and the construction process of vov apartment:

TV decorative wall array after finishing:

Overview of living room in Me Tri apartment vov

In the pictures above, we see the change of interior design of VOV Me Tri apartment from purchase to construction, and completion, to achieve the result of being comfortable when sitting in a new house.

Overflow cabinets cum shelf for tv in Me Tri apartment

The furniture in the design are useful items and must be purchased in the house. For one thing, self-buying and hiring a synchronized design will produce two different results, on the same amount of money that is often the same. Not sure if buying from outside is cheaper, because the outside value is also extremely valuable, but when assembled, it is not certain to be in sync with each other, with walls, ceilings, etc.

TV shelf is decorated with wooden cabinets to display modern furniture in vov Me Tri apartment building:

Me Tri vov apartment living room

Have you seen this TV wall in anyone's house yet? TV wall array is a simple design but brings a novelty

Layout of master bedroom:

Layout of master room in Me Tri apartment building

Current status of master bedroom furniture of VOV Me Tri apartment building and the process of furniture installation:

When finished:


from the current state, to construction and completion. A month has passed, now you can go home!

Bedside bookcases block 1/2 windows:

Due to the original design of the building, this interior design master bedroom of VOV apartment has a window at the head of the bed, dividing the headboard into 2 parts. This is a pretty big disadvantage.

Bedside bed, bookshelf after finishing:

Bed adjacent to the study desk in Me Tri apartment vov

Therefore, the design introduced a system of bookshelves that blocked half of the windows. And this bookshelf has a wooden array running to the right, making the bed area appear actively decorated, not constrained by the old design.

Layout of bedroom in vov Me Tri apartment building:

vov Me Tri apartment building

Current status and the process of construction of the child's bedroom headboard:

Not only is it unreasonable in the current design of the master bedroom, the child's bedroom also has a similar situation when the headboard is divided by windows. If the headboard is placed in this position, it will be unfavorable in feng shui, so the bookshelf system is designed to cover and calm this headboard.

Baby bedside bed and bookshelf after finishing:

vov Me Tri apartment building

The child's bedroom, with a bed and desk, closet, is quite tight for transportation. Therefore, the design of the horizontal flying desk, without the table legs helps to save space. Below the table are two drawers. Underneath the table are two brown built-in cabinets. Therefore, it saves space but brings a lot of convenience, quite a lot of places for stuffing.

Study desk with bookshelf, wardrobe:

After completing a child bedroom apartment with furniture:

vov Me Tri apartment building

In the photo above, we see that the wardrobe is a bit off-color compared to the overall. Because this is a wardrobe taken from the old house, the architect designed a plaster ceiling layout that also matches the old one.

Some wooden furniture details look closer so you can see the construction of moivaonhatoi.com:

Kitchen cabinets with neat details hiding the hood:

vov Me Tri apartment building

The upper kitchen cabinet is made of natural oak, close to the ceiling, to make the most of the 2m6 height of VOV Me Tri apartment design.

Surface of the kitchen cabinet on the vov apartment:

Vov Me Tri apartment kitchen cabinets

The upper kitchen cabinets are white and brown. The brown part is indented compared to the white, creating a different shape style compared to conventional kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors are made of natural oak, so they are still closed in a simple, panel style, almost flat. The paint is also quite smooth.

CNC wall and shoe cabinet combination:


The original status of the interior design of VOV Me Tri apartment building 80m2 has the layout of the kitchen outside, so the CNC wall and shoe cabinets are included to shield the kitchen. Shoe cabinet is also intelligently designed when there is an empty box below to put on shoes or daily use.

CNC wall:

Partitioning vov Me Tri apartment

CNC wood wall is cut sharp shape and painted smooth.

Industrial wooden children's bed:

drawer bed in the bedroom vov Me Tri apartment

Children's bed with drawers below creates space saving, increasing usability. The drawer hand is also hidden to make it safe to use, instead, the user will hook his hand under the drawer to pull out.

Modern industrial wood study desk in Me Tri apartment vov:

Wood study desk in Me Tri apartment vov

Study desk with hanging design, creating a spacious, airy table foot. The table structure is designed with a special recessed skeleton, so it is still sturdy and durable. "Me Tri vov apartment"

Wooden bookshelves on wall:

vov Me Tri apartment building

Through pictures of interior finishing of VOV Me Tri Hanoi apartment building, you can understand more about the design of moivaonhatoi and construction details.

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Hope you will enjoy the works, so that Moivaonhatoi can cooperate with you in the near future ...


TOTAL150 million VND

(Raw construction cost: subject to handover conditions per apartment)

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