Interior design of 5-storey tube house in Scandinavian style

You have a hard time working interior design of 5 frequency tube houseg? You do not know how to design to have a spacious, simple but no less luxurious and modern space? Keep in mind a few design notes and suggestions that we share below.

Note when designing the interior of a 5-storey tube house

5-storey tube houses are usually built on rectangular plots, narrow, horizontal and deep. 5-storey townhouses usually have 1 front facing the road while the remaining 3 sides are adjacent to adjacent apartments and behind, limiting the circulation of air, natural light and wind.

Hence when interior design of 5-storey tube house, it is necessary to arrange cleverly, minimize elaborate and complicated details, so choose smart furniture products to save space. Preferred colors to use are deep neutral colors, creating airy, gentle, and serene, airy living space. At the same time, in the process of choosing and decorating the interior of the house, it is also necessary to be very careful, cleverly combined, creating a unified body, throughout the house.

The architecture of the 5-storey tube house is quite secretive, so choose a glass door system to take advantage of natural light and wind, helping the indoor air to be circulated better. To get the most relaxing and relaxing moments, you should put a few more pots of flowers and ornamental plants. Plants also help create accents, bring life to the house.

5-storey tube house uses white as the main color when designing interior
5-storey tube house uses white as the main color when designing interior

Scandinavian style 5-storey tube house interior design

Architectural space

  • First floor: parking lot, living room, kitchen, toilet
  • 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • 3rd floor: 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 toilet
  • 4th floor: 1 bedroom, 1 altar
  • 5th floor: Drying yard, gym room

As mentioned, the tube house has a relatively narrow area, so the selection interior design Scandinavian style is the perfect choice. Scandinavian aims to balance beauty and utility. That is, the decoration and decor are simple, light, minimalist with separate functions, bringing convenience but still exuding a bright and elegant beauty. Therefore, here we choose the main color tone is white and use natural wood furniture products.

Interior design of the living room

The special highlight that makes the beauty of the living room is the aluminum and glass doors that expand the space, create ventilation, make the most of natural light and wind. The main colors chosen for the living room are light yellow oak, black aluminum and glass, iron, felt cushions and white for ceilings, walls, and TV shelves. The colors are combined together in a harmonious way, with light highlights, creating a sense of spaciousness and airy for the room.

Scandinavian-style living room interior design for a 5-storey tube house
Scandinavian-style living room interior design for a 5-storey tube house

The wall behind the sofa has decorative wood panels, adding trees to bring more green space into the house, showing the sophistication and meticulous care of the owner.

Interior design of a stylish 5-storey tube house Scandinavian for the kitchen

The kitchen is connected to the living room, the height difference is lower than the living room to prevent spatial estimation, creating depth, giving people the feeling of wanting to explore the spaces in the house.

The closing cabinet is designed in a simple way, with a white color that matches the wall paint color to expand the view, for a more open, brighter room space. Standing out on the pale yellow floor is the pristine white of the dining table and chairs with very special decorative lights. All work together to form an extremely well-matched whole, avoiding boredom and monotony.

Scandinavian-style kitchen design for a 5-storey tube house
Scandinavian-style kitchen design for a 5-storey tube house

Bedroom interior design

Special point in interior design of 5-storey tube house This is a staircase to go up to the floor which is made of steel-faced wooden skeleton. This helps the house look wider and clearer because it is not entangled by the concrete stairs. The concealed stair handrail is replaced with 16-inch non-fiber steel, which is extremely little detailed, does not disturb the view.

Bedroom furniture is designed with modern lines, creating a feeling of openness, relaxation, and lightness, giving us a wonderful relaxing moment. Here, the architect has completely omitted sophisticated and complex details, minimizing objects and decorative details. The design of a built-in wardrobe helps to save space in the room, giving us an ideal resting space after stressful and tiring working hours.

Design a 5-storey tube house staircase
Design stairs with wooden-faced steel skeleton

5-storey tube houses usually have a relatively limited width so when interior design of 5-storey tube house need to be especially careful to avoid confusing eyes, creating a feeling of clutter, cramped, uncomfortable. Hopefully, the Scandinavian-style tube house design that we give above will help you have the best design idea for your home.

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