Secret of interior design of modern, beautiful and luxurious tube houses

With the features of a narrow facade, deep length, the interior design is complete and comfortable but still must ensure a spacious, comfortable space, highlighting the elegance and modernity. hard. So, in this article we would like to share the secret Modern tube house interior design, providing a perfect living space for families.

Principles when designing a modern tube house interior

The tube house is characterized by a deep length, narrow frontage, so it often gives a feeling of being pressed and cramped. Therefore, when designing the interior, it is necessary to consider carefully, ensuring the most scientific and intelligent. Make sure the house is airy, luxurious, modern and convenient in everyday life.

  • Choose simple furniture with modern style, and minimize sophisticated and sophisticated decorative motifs
  • Choosing the aluminum frame glass door system to take advantage of natural light and wind, helping the air circulate, the house is more airy and cooler.
  • Determine the focal point for the house to attract all eyes. If the space has no accents, it becomes blurred and unimpressed. Even if Modern tube house interior design Having too many highlights will make it feel boring, weird, and lose its own originality.
  • Use bright colors but should incorporate contrasting colors instead of using too many neutral colors, making the space dull and lifeless.
  • Coordinate furniture and accessories according to size. Because when using many pieces of furniture that are too large or too small compared to the area, the space will look cluttered and cluttered.
  • Determine the main idea, living room, bedroom, kitchen must come to a unified idea
Interior design of the modern tube house living room
Interior design of the modern tube house living room

Modern smart home interior design solution

Interior design of the living room

With a tube house living room having a limited area, the interior layout is relatively difficult. Should choose bright colors or use some decorative objects such as mirrors, natural paintings to create a more spacious and airy effect. When arranging furniture, take advantage of the length of the room to arrange it vertically. For example, folding the sofa and TV shelf on both sides of the room creates a comfortable relationship in the middle, while creating a close connection between the spaces.

Sofa should be placed in the L shape to create ventilation for moving. In Modern tube house interior designPeople prefer to choose carpets under the small sized drinking table. Because if you use large carpets, you will accidentally make the room look even smaller.

To create a highlight for the room, keep the gaze longer and reveal the homeowner's personality and style, we can add some accessories such as pillows, wallpaper, ... Priority for square cubes and limit as much as possible elaborate decorative details. This helps the area of the room not be narrowed down but brings elegant, modern and sophisticated beauty.

Design of kitchen dining table set for tube house
Design of kitchen dining table set for tube house

Interior design of the tube house bedroom

The bedroom needs a simple design, ensuring full functionality to bring the homeowner the peace, tranquility when resting, relaxing after stressful and tired working hours. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with interior decoration products for the bedroom, to avoid feeling stuffy, uncomfortable because there are too many things.

The bedroom if there is only a bed, wardrobe and vanity table, it will be too monotonous so you can hang a few more pictures to refresh the space. Or a suitable set of curtains, a bed with outstanding color tones is also an extremely smart choice.

Interior design for the kitchen

The kitchen cabinets of the tube house are often designed in U or L shape to make the most of every corner in daily cooking. An industrial wooden furniture with modern design in natural wood color combined with milky white color creates a youthful and attractive beauty. This is also a special highlight, creating a modern, luxurious and cozy place.

Bedroom interior design for modern tube houses
Bedroom interior design for modern tube houses

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