Old town house furniture


Address: Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Acreage: 26m2

Cost of construction: 1xx million

Construction time: 21 days

— 2013 —


The situation of the house in Hang Dao ancient lane:

Like most houses on the old town, the typical feature is the narrow alley, deep and dark ...

The house has deteriorated much, the ceiling is damp and moldy. The ceiling here is also very strange structure, no longer used in the market anymore: the upper layer is a ceiling made of bricks (the method of turning bricks) instead of concrete; the lower layer is straw-lime ceiling - which is now the replacement plaster ceiling ...

Let's start looking at the first perspective, go from the Status, to Construction, and Complete how!

Interior design of the living room of the old town house:

Construction started - main view into the living room space:

Old town house furniture
Old town house furniture

Moldy damp walls are lined with card tiles, with mold resistance almost forever. So just fix the house once, then there's no need to worry about the problem of repainting damp walls every year.

The process of executing the wall in the living room "interior of the old town house":

Construction method of Come In My House also aiming to the exacting standards and quick construction, so the brick circuits are aligned with the laser leveling machine, see the image below:

Old town house furniture
Old town house furniture

The interior of the house after completion - a completely different change:

The details of the house are synchronized in a classic style: yellow light, colored wall tiles, fake tiled floors, wooden stairs ...

Old town house furniture

Seen from the attic during construction of "interior of an old town house":

The loft is used in a house with a high ceiling (3.9m), making the house more lively. Not only that, this classic detail is reminiscent of many people.

Old town house furniture

This is the throne The house is tight narrow on the old town, but it also has a rather grandiose detail, which is often used in hotels, large villas! That's the "clearance" (the gap from the attic down) !!!

View from the attic during the completion of the "old town house" interior:

Old town house furniture

Clearance overlooking the living room - before and after completion:

Approximately floors after renovation, shimmering, luxurious and cozy.

From the status of the house before renovating:

Let's revisit some photos of the current state of the house, to the construction and completion process of the "old town house interior":

To complete the "old town house" interior:

New doors are more perforated (cockroach color doors), the space layout changes to be more suitable and more convenient to use.

Photo of the house changed after completing:

The house has changed a lot after repairs, from performance, transportation to aesthetics

Old town house furniture

It can be said, designed out the interior Modern apartment building or newly built villas, they are already popular, and the number of search results on google is quite a lot, but, the small projects, renovating old houses so little. Therefore, hopes to publish more useful articles to help people who are fixing and preparing their small houses.

Town house design In the old town will be limited by many factors, invite you to see more interior design of townhouse style Scandianvian beautiful and wider through the article: Interior design and construction of townhouses

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