Designing and constructing neoclassical villas in Ninh Binh



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Neoclassical style for housing which express the regal, class of homeowners. Therefore, it is also known as interior style for the upper class. Today, you are invited to see a neoclassical villa in Ninh Binh designed and executed by MOIVAONHATOI over the past time. How to turn a mansion with neoclassical style showing true luxury and nobility without having to be cumbersome, mixed with too many details is a significant challenge for architects. But with our experience, as well as our dedication to meeting our customers' needs, we have come up with a sample design Villa Neoclassical reasonable and put into construction.


Neoclassical villa in Ninh Binh is designed with an overall 3 floors. Please see the overall 3D design of each floor made by architects of MOIVAONHATOI.


Overall design of the first floor of neoclassical villas
Overall design of the first floor of neoclassical villas

Overall 1st floor includes: large lobby, living room, dining room and 1 bedroom. In the middle of the 1st floor is the stairway to go upstairs.


Overall design of 2nd floor
Overall design of the 2nd floor of a neoclassical villa

2nd floor consists of 3 bedrooms all with separate toilet. From the stairs in the middle of the house, you can immediately see the altar on the 2nd floor.


Plan to add more rooms to the 3rd floor

The 3rd floor is located on the roof of the building, which is being planned by us to add a new room as desired by the owner.



Perspective black roof

This is a Thai roof villa with a large area. In order to match the luxurious white wall of a neoclassical villa, we decided to design the roof in dark blue to create a modern, attractive accent.

Perspective of dark blue roof for neoclassical villas

From a distance, the villa looks really classy with brick fences surrounded by white paint, with subtle floating lines, eye-catching.

Perspective black roof

The neoclassical gate and door system is also an impressive highlight in the design, making it difficult to take your eyes off when you come across this mansion.

Perspective red-green roof for neoclassical villas

The front of the villa is still very prominent with red roof. This is the option we add if homeowners like the traditional, bright beauty of their 'home'.


Garden design for neoclassical villas in Ninh Binh is also our special focus to give homeowners a relaxing space, mingling with the most beautiful nature.

neoclassical garden garden design
neoclassical garden garden design

The walls around the garden are made of copper brown stone with intricate carvings carved into bananas, lotus ponds, storks, ... All of which evoke the beauty of the rural people of Vietnam. But when it is made of high-quality stone, combined with the superficial scenery of the neoclassical mansion, these specially designed wall panels contribute to the sparkling beauty of the garden. wide.

garden design
neoclassical garden garden design
Modern style garden

The yard of cars is paved with small stone bricks assembled into a fan shape. Although it is just a yard for cars to go back, we also elaborate with a design that is not boring and monotonous.

neoclassical garden garden design
garden lawn

Surrounding the yard is green grass. Stone basins next to the wall were also built in the area where the grass was. Those small, beautiful plants are where homeowners can grow their favorite plants.

neoclassical garden garden design viewed from above

Day or night, you can still enjoy the view of the lush garden at this neoclassical villa thanks to the yellow light system designed in the garden corners.

neoclassical garden garden design
neoclassical garden garden design

Along the grass are rectangular stone tiles to help you more convenient when walking around the garden, as well as increase the aesthetics of the overall space.


Traditional style living room furniture

The appearance of the mansion is primarily reflected in the expensive wood furniture. Living room tables and chairs with 2 single chairs, chaise longue, 1 tea table and 4 small stools are suitable choices for this large space.

Living room interior design for neoclassical villas

Even the wall where the TV hangs in the living room is surrounded by wood with vertical lines and extremely sophisticated carved carvings. Because wood will increase the beauty of luxury when combined with marble, the floor and the TV wall in this neoclassical mansion are made of yellow white marble as in their design. I.

Living room interior for neoclassical villa

Wood also exists not only in the solid door frames but also in the ribs of plaster ceiling. An interior space with the main wood material does not make us feel stuffy, mysterious thanks to the pure white background, elegantly covering the entire home space.

Living room interior overview for neoclassical villas

With a classy neoclassical villa like this, it is indispensable for the buffalo eye lights to surround the ceiling, and the gold-plated crystal chandelier highlights the striking design of the living room.


Lobby design of neoclassical villas

Before ascending the stairs in the middle of the house, there was a large hall. This is also the space connecting the living room with the dining room and where guests and homeowners first arrive when entering the house. Therefore, the lobby design is also given our special attention. Surrounding the lobby is a charming glossy black glass tile. And in the middle of the hall is a square tile with unique decorative motifs. It is a good idea to place a round table with a flowerpot to create a balance in the design and to revitalize the house.


neoclassical dining room

Dining room furniture includes: dining sets, kitchen cabinets and wine cabinets are also made of warm wood. Dining tables and chairs have strange curves that are typical of neoclassical style. The seats are not only beautiful in appearance but also smooth in feel thanks to the luxurious cream-colored seat cushion.

Dining room furniture for neoclassical villas

Kitchen cabinets include cabinets, cabinets, and a separate cupboard with space designed specifically to fit a refrigerator 2 wings. The table top is made of clean, elegant white marble. Cabinets also have flat lines and bold classic decoration.

Interior design dining room for neoclassical villas

Wine cabinets include many cabinets and empty compartments to hold the wine or souvenirs collected by the owner. In particular, we also design a system of yellow LEDs at each cabinet to help homeowners can conveniently take items whenever needed.


Church room design for neoclassical mansion

When you step up to the 2nd floor, right before your eyes is altar. According to the Feng Shui, the altar is inherently Fire par, so the design of the altar must ensure warm, solemn elements. So we decided to use the dominant brown wood tones for this church. The altar, the altar and the vase on both sides are made of wood. Walls where the main background for the altar are also tiled with intricate carved lines with profound spiritual significance.

Church room design for neoclassical mansion

In particular, the church was designed by us according to the principle of symmetry to create a balance and harmony in the housing architecture, as well as bring peace and luck to the family. Door systems on both sides are symmetrically designed with similar carved lines. The walls on both sides are decorated in a uniform way with vertical ribs hanging from the picturesque wooden picture frame and warm brown-painted wood carvings.

Church room design for neoclassical mansion

At the altar, the light element is also particularly interested. Therefore, the system of ceiling buffalo-eye lamps and the crystal chandelier mounted on the ceiling will be a good idea. Adding a rug before the altar so that you and your family can pray to the ancestors and the gods that we have completed a church room that is both beautiful and true to feng shui and spirituality.


This neoclassical villa consists of 4 bedrooms. 1 bedroom on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor.


Bedroom design for neoclassical villas

Bedroom 1 on the ground floor stands out in white tones - wood. The wood is shown through the floor, the wall behind the bed has a soft headboard. White cardboard is for the wardrobe, bedside table and small chalkboard with a simple design.

Luxury bedroom furniture

What makes it easy to impress upon entering this room is that the wall behind the bed has a central space decorated with vertical wood veins, and symmetrically on both sides are two small single windows with glass and sections. The way the wooden door is slit helps to coordinate the lighting effectively.

white cardboard bedroom furniture

The wardrobe with many highly designed closets creates a great storage space for homeowners. Next to the closet is a long cabinet with 5 empty niches for homeowners to store books or favorite decorations. TV shelves with 3 drawers and the TV are hung on the walls in the cells with the surrounding lines. This is a convenient, space-saving design.


Bedroom design for neoclassical villas

Bedroom 2 back in favor of white brown tones. Do not take advantage of too many wooden furniture like in bedroom 1, this bedroom focuses on the typical decoration features of neoclassical style with eye-catching embossed lines on the wall.

beige brown bedroom furniture

The cream brown soft mattress will definitely help you get a good night's sleep. In a spacious space like this, the furniture does not need too fussy just a table work Small, 2 nice little bedside baths with an impressive lacquer painting and a fur carpet lining the bed are enough to make you unable to take your eyes off this room.

Modern bedroom furniture

We also did not forget to retrofit this large room with a high ceiling, following the new design trend today. This bedroom will be suitable for those who love the beauty of zooming, streamline, comfortable.


Bedroom design for neoclassical villas

Bedroom 3 is not too different, but it gives us a feeling of coziness and youthfulness.

Modern bedroom furniture

The difference we can mention is that the mattress-covered bed with the polite light-colored headboard, the cream beige body is very delicate. This bed is also equipped with a soft seat at the end of the bed for you to rest or put necessary items on it. Next to the 2 beds also have 2 long drop lights to make the space more bright and more modern.

white cardboard bedroom furniture

The position of the chalkboard has changed a bit. The chalkboard in bedroom 3 is again placed near the shelf so that the TV creates a seamless, convenient design. Dressing table is also equipped with a beautiful small round mirror mounted on the wall.


Grandparents bedroom design for neoclassical mansion

His bedroom is more traditional and warm. Therefore, we decided to choose all furniture made of wood. The bed, the headboard, the wardrobe, the T shelf and the back wall are made of 100% wood.

Grandparents bedroom design for neoclassical mansion

Simple rough lines are also used in the furniture here to show neatness.

Bedroom furniture with brown wood tone

However, the room is still decorated with a set of 3 unique lacquer frames to add more vividness to this living space. And because all the furniture is made of wood, the floor is converted to white granite tiles, not wood floors like other bedrooms. Thus, the room of grandparents did not become secretive, or too dark.

Wooden bedroom furniture

The wood details are still utilized in bare feet or on TV shelves. Everything reminds of a very traditional and very traditional beauty but still has the breath of the times.


To be a sparkling neo-classical mansion as in the design, we must first undergo the process of arduous construction. Although at first there are also disordered, hard work, but the results that the owner receives will be extremely satisfying and durable. Please see the construction images of the neoclassical villa project in Ninh Binh through the series of photos below that we took.

neoclassical villa construction design

The neoclassical villa project in Ninh Binh has been rough built to the end of the second floor

neoclassical villa construction

The villa from the gate to the house was built by solid bricks.

executing the neoclassical villa on the top floor
roof construction

The roof of the neoclassical mansion has been constructed waiting for the roof tiles as in the design

part built in the mansion

Inside the building, the stairway is also built by bricks and cement.

Wood scaffolding system
Wood scaffolding system

Scaffolding are strong wooden pillars made by our workers to support the ceiling to create a solid structure between floors.

neoclassical villa construction

Concrete floor has been poured.

neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
The building is constructed of raw materials
The building is constructed of raw materials

Balconies of the floors have been completed, just waiting for repainting, tiling and adding railing system as in the design.

neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction

The electrical system is built into the wall.

neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction

We try to do as much as possible, tidy up and move there.

neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction

System of wooden door frames are assembled from this stage.

neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction
neoclassical villa construction

Looking at these actual construction images, you probably know how carefully and professionally our workers are. We are trying to complete the works of neoclassical villas in the fastest time and still ensure the absolute quality.

Do you like the MOIVAONHATOI neoclassical villa designs? Let us know!

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